“What happened?” Ego discovered something strange outside the planet and immediately mobilized all of his power to get rid of the suction force.

However, before he could take action, he was stabbed in the back by Quill.

“How dare you kill my mother?”

He was struck by Quill’s hands, who was floating in mid-air at this time, and he was blown into pieces with one blow. Before he could realize why Quill stabbed him, he heard Quill say something that frightened him.

“I know your brain is at the center of the planet. I’m going to blow up your brain now and kill you completely.”

Ego no longer cared about the black hole sucking his own planet outside, nor did he care about moving the planet to escape the black hole. He immediately mobilized all of his power and began to attack Quill. Because even if the black hole sucked him in, nothing serious would happen since he still has his power.

But the brain in the center of the planet was his vital organ. Once the brain is destroyed, he will die completely, especially because his brain is not as powerful as the entire planet. A bomb may cause devastating damage to his brain.

Ego’s current course of action is exactly what Jerry wants.

The first step in his plan is to use Quill to lure Ego’s energy and swallow Ego into the ring world. As long as he enters the ring world, he can suppress Ego with all his might. With Mantis’ cooperation, it is even more foolproof.

Otherwise, he could not complete his plan without damaging the entire planet.

“Still want to resist, huh? Well, it’s too late.” Just when the entire planet was sucked into the ring world, Jerry felt a strong resistance from the planet itself.

He estimated that Quill lost to Ego in the battle and was suppressed by him, allowing Ego to use his mind to control the planet. However, this was within his expectations.

Quill has just mastered his power, so it is impossible for him to use it against Ego and win. But now, this situation won’t help Ego at all. As long as part of the planet enters the ring world, Jerry can exert all of his power.

“Lock them up for me!”

Everyone in the ring saw Jerry shouting loudly and countless magic, one after another. They were quickly entangled together and turned into two extremely huge chains, which were embedded on the planet.

At the same time, the Pope immediately issued an order for all his followers to jointly activate their magic power when he saw the huge planet and chains appearing in the sky. Clow Reed and others in the Eastern Continent also used their magic power to grab another chain.

Everyone exerted their power at the same time. Ego suddenly stopped his movements again and started a tug-of-war with the chains. Unlike Dormammu, who was just an energy clone, Ego is a planet about the same size as the moon; this still made him a little problem.

At this time, Ego had just suppressed Quill and looked confused. He still doesn’t know what the situation is and what the black hole-like suction outside is going to do to him. He instinctively felt that if he was sucked into the black hole, something bad might happen, so he used all of his strength to resist it.

Seeing that Ego was still resisting, Jerry let go of the ring in his hand and used his mind to exert more force. He once again apparated to the other side of the planet. Because of the huge size, the power contained in it is extremely powerful. However, its large size also makes it hard for Ego to dodge this.

After moving to the other side of the planet, Jerry immediately activated an Enlargement Spell. His body rapidly grew in size at a speed visible to the naked eye and grew as big as 10,000 meters giant.

Although he has been collecting magic power to build the ring world over the years, it does not mean that his strength has not grown.

Countless followers of the Holy Fire of the Meownian Way are cultivating his magic power. The various magic he has learned over the years is the essence of magic, so his strength never stops growing.

Now that he has cast the spell with all his strength, his body has reached a terrifying height of 10,000 meters.

Five pairs of huge wings appeared. Jerry flapped his wings fiercely and used all his strength to hit the planet star with a big blow. Powerful physical force erupted on the planet. Like a golf ball going into a hole, the planet was completely thrown into the ring world.

Jerry saw that the first step was successful, quickly returned to normal size, and entered the ring world.

Ego was obviously unwilling to surrender. Even though two chains locked him, he struggled fiercely, trying to break free from the chains with his power. He is struggling more and more fiercely, and he sees his chance of getting out of there.

Jerry knew that Ego must have reacted and began to use the power in Quill’s body forcibly.

Ego has two options for dealing with Quill. If Quill were willing to cooperate, everything would be easy. If not, he will force Quill to use him as a power bank to provide himself with the power to complete the plan.

Jerry held his breath, and his figure flashed back onto the planet where everyone was residing.

“Mantis, it’s your turn to make the move. Try to hold him for ten seconds.”

“He is too powerful now, but I’ll do my best.”

Gamora and others protected Mantis, pressed her hands to the ground, and began to use her abilities on the planet. With the use of her ability, the planet that was about to break free from the chains suddenly stopped struggling. The clone of Ego, who had absorbed Quill’s power, let go of him and closed his eyes.

“Well done!” Jerry smiled and disappeared again.

The place where he appeared again, this time, was the location of Ego’s brain in the center of the planet.

Standing in front of the brain that concentrated all the power and soul of Ego, Jerry began to condense his magic power without hesitation and released the advanced magic that he learned, the Fairy Law.


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