“Drax, what are you talking about?”

Gamora rolled her eyes at Drax and said to Mantis softly, “Mantis, don’t listen to him. You are not hideous. You are cute.”

“Gamora, isn’t she hideous?” Drax looked at her.

“You don’t have to comfort me. I realized how hideous I am today.” Mantis touched Drax’s body and found that the emotions expressed by Drax were sincere. She knew he was not lying, so she thought she was hideous.

Gamora wouldn’t let her touch her body. She couldn’t feel Gamora’s emotions and thought of what Gamora said.

“When you’re ugly, and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know who to trust.” Drax’s tone was full of emotion.

Mantis touched Drax’s body again, feeling the sincerity in his emotions, and seemed to feel some comfort in her heart:

“Well, then, I’m certainly grateful to be hideous.”

In the eyes of Mantis, only Drax among these people is willing to let her touch his body to read his emotions at any time. Quill did not dare to be touched again after the previous one. Gamora, Nebula, Jerry, and Rocket don’t want her to read their emotions.

Groot doesn’t think, but his thoughts are too simple, and she can hardly read any emotions. Only Drax didn’t mind letting her read his emotions; he was consistent with his words and spoke sincerely. He would not lie to her but would also comfort her. This made her feel that she and Drax were very compatible.

Obviously, Drax also thought that Mantis got along well with him, so he finally patted Mantis on the shoulder, “It seems that we can be good friends. Although you are ugly and innocent, but you reminded me of my daughter.”

Gamora was speechless when she saw Mantis and Drax. Rocket, who was sitting on Groot’s shoulder, was holding his stomach and laughing so hard that he was about to roll over. Only Jerry nodded with satisfaction, glad that he had not kicked Drax because of his intelligence.

For most people, people who can read emotions are scary. Even if you are not evil in your heart, there must be something you don’t want others to know. For example, Quill wanted to do unspeakable things with Gamora.

But there is one exception: a simple-minded guy like Drax has no twists and turns at all.

“Mantis, is there like other living beings on this planet?” Gamora could not understand the abnormality of Drax and Mantis, so she changed the topic to what she wanted to know.

After arriving on this planet and learning about the past told by Ego, she still felt that something was wrong. The biggest doubt is that since Ego is so powerful, why did he leave Earth, Quill, and his wife?

Why was he unwilling to pick up Quill in person but hired Yondu? Why did Yondu keep Quill back then? Is it just because Quill was so small that he could go to places where normal people couldn’t go and steal things for them?

She wanted to see if she could get some clues from Mantis.

“This planet is Ego’s body. He will not let other creatures live on his body, just like a dog will not let bugs live on their body.” Mantis explained.

“So, are you a bug?” Gamora seemed to realize something from this metaphor.

Mantis nodded and did not deny, “I am, but I am a valuable one. I can help Ego whenever he needs something.”

At this point, she hesitated and seemed to want to say something more but finally gave up.

“There you are, so this is where you all have been?” In the evening, Quill returned to the building where Jerry and others were staying with a happy look on his face.

Jerry clearly felt the power in Quill’s energy. But not long after, the sound of him and Gamora arguing could be heard in their room.

“Quill, I feel like something is wrong here. We’d better get out of here as soon as possible.”

“What? You told me to come here, and I have just met my family member. We were just playing together, and you asked me to leave?”

“You have family members on Earth; they are all on Earth, but you have never visited them.”

“But the Earth is the place where I watched my mother die, and since I have his power, I am no longer an ordinary human.”

“But the Earth is real, and this place is just an illusion. Ego is hiding something from you. I think what he said doesn’t make any sense.

After arguing like this for a while, Quill opened the door angrily and asked Rocket, Jerry, Nebula, and Groot in the living room, “What do you think?”

“I am Groot?” Groot tilted his head as if he still hadn’t figured out the situation.

As for Rocket, after checking and adjusting his weapons, his tone became serious, “To be honest, Quill. I agree with Gamora. My intuition tells me that there is indeed something wrong with Ego.”

“I also agree with what my sister said. He looked at us like we were looking at an animal. That is not the look a loving person should have. Maybe he just wants to use you, Quill.” Nebula said coldly.

“You are just jealous, jealous that my parents are a higher being. I tell you this: I will not leave, at least not now.” Quill didn’t expect that none of his friends supported him, so he replied angrily.

At this time, Jerry felt that Ego was watching this. Jerry stepped forward and snapped his fingers to lift the Forgetfulness Charm and False Memory Spell on them.

“Okay, we can officially start planning on something.”

Through what he saw just now, Ego has confirmed that Quill believes him fully, so he will definitely get Quill later tonight—hoping that Quill can use his awakened power to help him complete his plan.

When Ego lowers his defense, it’s the perfect time for Jerry to attack.

After Jerry’s brief explanation, everyone who recovered their memory quickly knew the full content of the plan and began to prepare for the next course of action.

At this moment, Drax, who had been chatting with Mantis outside, came back to them. Given Drax’s intelligence, Jerry felt lifting the spell on him would be best after the whole plan was over.


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Published On: February 19, 2024

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