“His power is somewhat similar to the power of the Reality Stone.”

Walking inside the spaceship, Jerry felt the power emanating from the entire spaceship and soon discovered that this power was similar to the Reality Stone by turning imagination into reality. They all belong to creative energy, and anyone can convert this energy into anything.

This ability is very difficult to learn. Ego has mastered this ability for countless years and has already become proficient in it. Jerry has mastered countless types of magic, including Transfiguration, which was similar to this ability, and has understood many principles of magic.

Ego is dedicated to studying this power and amplifying it to the max.

The two can be said to be on two different paths of becoming stronger. Jerry is more varied, while Ego is more focused, and both are likely to reach their peak later.

There is no right or wrong in either path; you must decide which suits you better.

Because Jerry can travel through worlds and learn a lot of magic from those worlds, it is normal for him to learn more than one magic. This is also the reason why he was able to reach his strength in a short time.

After walking around inside the spaceship, Jerry returned to the guest room. At this time, Quill, Drax, and Mantis, who had helped Ego fall asleep, were all sitting there, seeming to be chatting. Nebula, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket are on the side.

“Hey, can I ask you a personal question?” Quill coughed and spoke to Mantis.

Mantis blinked her eyes and replied with a slightly curious tone, “No one has ever asked me a personal question. Just ask me.”

She was picked up by Ego when she was a child and grew up on Ego’s planet. Apart from using her abilities to help Ego sleep, she wandered around the planet alone. Seeing so many interesting people today was rare, and she felt very happy.

“What are the things on your head used for?” Quill pointed to the two long antennae on Mantis’ head.

But before Mantis could answer, Drax answered excitedly, “I made a bet with Quill that if you use it to walk through a short door, your antennae would sense it, and you wouldn’t get stuck.”

“Oh, don’t say this that kind of thing in front of her.”

Quill complained but soon looked at Mantis, “But yes, if those weren’t used to prevent getting stuck in the door, then I’ll win the bet.”

“Well, they’re certainly not for doors.” Mantis replied with a blank look on her face.

“She’s not a cat where she needs to use her whiskers to sense her surroundings.” Jerry laughed at the bet between the two and conjured up a chair for him to sit down.

“It’s not to prevent you stuck at the door? That’s impossible.” Drax’s tone was full of disbelief.

Nebula and Gamora showed a hint of helplessness. Rocket sat on Groot’s shoulders and laughed at Drax, “I knew you would lose your bet with Quill.”

To be honest, although the Guardians of the Galaxy are unreliable many times, they are indeed fun.

“My antennae can indeed be used to sense things, but not for space. It is used to sense emotions. When my hands touch you, I can sense your inner emotions. I can even change your mood and make you calm. Master often misses his child and always needs my help to fall asleep. “Mantis shook her antennae and explained to everyone.

When Jerry heard this, he shook his head at the abnormality of Mantis’ ability. Even though she said it so lightly, it felt like she was a psychological hypnotist. If you think about it carefully, her ability can have an effect on strong beings, and you must know how terrifying it is.

As long as her hands touch someone’s hand and activate her abilities, people Ego and Thanos will be temporarily controlled by her and unable to move.

As for most people, as long as she touches them, they will immediately enter a deep sleep. This is just an ability she was born with. She doesn’t need to practice or learn. She just has it from birth.

In a fight, Mantis’s ability is really helpful. But her weakness is obvious: her physical fitness is average. If anyone wants to kill her, they can kill her with a long-range attack.

“Would you like to give it a try?” After Mantis finished speaking, she looked at Quill next to her.

Quill hesitated for a moment but still nodded. He felt that his heart was quite happy, and nothing was wrong with it. Mantis puts her hand on the back of Quills’s hand. The two antennae slowly lit up, and a smile appeared on her face.

“I can feel that your heart is full of love.”

“Of course, I have always had that kind of feeling of love for everyone.” Quill immediately puffed up his chest.

However, he was interrupted by Mantis halfway through his words, “No, no, not for that romantic love. But love in bed. You have a very strong feeling about that to her in your heart.”

Mantis raised her hand and pointed at Gamora, who looked confused. Quill moved his hand away and then hurriedly defended, “No, I didn’t. It was a misunderstanding.”

However, Drax and Rocket’s laughter had erupted. Even Jerry and Nebula could not help but laugh. Gamora flushed, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly.

As for Quill, he lowered his head amidst everyone’s laughter and murmured, “Okay, okay, I admit it. It’s just that this is super embarrassing.”

“Try me, try me!” Seeing that Mantis’ ability was effective, Drax smiled and pointed at himself.

It was also the first time Mantis used her ability on someone other than Ego. She put her hand on Drax without hesitation. Subsequently, like Drax, she laughed immediately. After touching Drax, she wanted to touch Gamora, but Gamora pulled her hand.

“If you dare to use your thing on me, the only thing you will feel is the pain of a broken jaw.” Gamora didn’t want Mantis to read her inner emotions at this time.

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