“Are we going to be fine like this? Or we should go find Yondu, find out the location, and kill him directly?” Quill was piloting the ship and nimbly dodging attacks from hundreds of Nova Corps aircraft behind them while suggesting to Jerry behind him.

Hearing this, Jerry smiled and shook his head, “I know where Ego is, but we can’t go there directly. Otherwise, your father will be suspicious, and you will be taken away to be used for him.”

The last time he left the planet where Ravagers were located, he already knew the location of Ego’s planet from Yondu. But if he just took Quill there, Ego would probably find something was wrong at that time.

So, they went to Xandar first, and asked an old acquaintance, the commander of the Nova Corps, for a small favor.

The plan is simple, letting Xandar spread some false news. One is that the Xandar exploration team found the Soul Stone from Vormir a few months ago.

Secondly, a Ravager named Peter Quill, or Star-Lord stole the Soul Stone, held the stone with his bare hands, and attacked all the pursuers. Now the ones chasing their ship are the Nova Corps’ aircraft.

Ego has always known about the existence of Quill, but after killing so many of his children and not finding a single child who inherited his power, he has given up hope in his plan. Since Yondu did not give Quill to Ego, he did not pursue to find him either.

At that time, if he wanted to take Quill, let alone Yondu, all the Ravangers would not be enough to save him and fend off Ego.

But now that Jerry has released the news, Ego will immediately know that Quill is a different offspring. If Quill had not inherited his bloodline, he would never be able to hold the Soul Stone with his bare hands.

The Infinity Stones all possess extremely powerful power. If ordinary people touch them, they will be reduced to atoms. Therefore, there is a specific device for each Infinity Stone so that normal people can handle them.

“Well, I’m not that interested in his power and things.” Quill had a look of disgust on his face.

After learning the cause of death of his mother from Jerry, he was full of disgust for Ego.

“There is no right or wrong in power, but people are. In the future, you will encounter a lot of dangers in your way. It is always good to have more power, and it is easy to know if someone is in the wrong or not.” Jerry stood up and patted Quill on the shoulder.

His face immediately returned to his usual cheerful look, “Don’t worry, I’m a good actor. When he sees me, he will think that I am his best child.”

“Though it might not be easy, but good to hear that you have the confidence.” Jerry stood up slowly with a smile on his face.

Ego is a Celestial. Although he is a failed one, he still has a strength that is very close to a universe-level being. It is still very dangerous to deceive him by acting alone. He can be sure by Quill’s acting, but he is not sure about Gamora’s, Drax’s, Rocket’s, and others.

Especially Drax, it won’t take a minute after they arrive, Ego will realize that this is a trap. So, Jerry chose the safest method, which is using the Forgetfulness Charm and the False Memory Charm.

With a wave of Jerry’s right hand, all the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy froze, and their memories started to be rewritten.

Right now, there is no longer any memory about Ego, nor the memory of their time on Earth, but a new memory.

In this new memory, after killing Ronan, they were hired by Jerry again and went to Xandar to steal the Soul Stone that was closely guarded by the Nova Corps. At this time, they were being chased by the Nova Corps.

“Gamora, where is the closest planet we can land on?”

Because they had just been affected by Jerry’s spell, Quill and Rocket were stiff for a second. It was this second of stiffness that caused the tail of the ship to be hit by the Nova Corps’ aircraft.

After waking up, Quill immediately asked Gamora to search for nearby planets where they could land. He planned to get rid of the Nova Corps’ aircraft and find an opportunity to hide.

“There’s a planet near here. We need to jump once. The entrance is seventy-five miles away from us. During this period, the ship cannot be attacked again or we will not be able to hold on to it.” Gamora quickly replied.

“As the most amazing pilot in this universe, I won’t make such stupid mistakes again. It was all Rocket’s fault!” Quill blamed Rocket for being hit.

Rocket was also assisting in piloting the ship and became unhappy, “My fault? I am an expert in mechanical dynamics and a master in piloting ships!”

“I am an expert in mechanical dynamics and a master in piloting.” Quill turned his head and mocked Rocket.

Rocket is a person not to mess with. He didn’t even think about it and immediately responded, “Quill, later tonight, when you were lying in bed, you might feel a little wet in your pillow, and you might think ‘Oh, what is this?’. Then you will find out that I put a piece of shit in it.”

“You little raccoon bastard, if you dare to poop on my bed, I will shave off all your fur!”

“Oh, correction. It’s not my shit, but Drax’s!” Rocket shrugged.

Drax burst out laughing when he heard this, “My shit? Quill, my shit is the biggest you’ve ever seen.”

Gamora and Nebula were a bit annoyed by this scene.

“Get your head together, it’s a life and death situation now. Why are you guys fighting each other rather than finding a solution?” Gamora shouted loudly.

Nebula turned to look at Jerry, “Mr. Carmen, can you help us?”

In Nebula’s memory, Jerry was a figure who could destroy Ronan’s fleet. As long as he was willing to take action, the aircraft behind them could be handled easily.

Jerry spread his hands, “The previous battle consumed too much of my magic power, and I haven’t recovered yet. I’m not strong like you think I was at the moment. So, you have to deal with it yourself. Besides, I’m paying you guys, so there is no reason for me to intervene and handle it myself as well.”

At this time, Jerry has cast a shielding spell on his body. Even if Ego comes over, he can at least protect himself from his sudden attack and proceed to do a counterattack.

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Published On: February 11, 2024

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