How could Jerry didn’t prepare a backup when plan Facing a being like Dormammu? Don’t forget that in addition to Ancient One, there is also Odin, whom he knew well.

Odin suppresses Hela and his age makes it difficult for him to exert big strength, but he is still at the Heavenly level. He does not want him to leave Asgard yet, since he needs to help him at this critical moment.

Sure enough, a huge rainbow of energy appeared and hit Dormammu across the space. This blow was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, sending Dormammu directly into Jerry’s ring world.

It turns out that Odin directly used the power of the Rainbow Bridge to launch this long-distance attack. The Rainbow Bridge is not only a teleportation device that can connect the Nine Realms, but also one of the most powerful weapons there is.

Loki planned to use it to directly blow up Jotunheim, but Jerry stopped him and kept it intact.

“Thank you very much.” After waving towards Odin, Jerry dived into his ring world.

Jerry disappeared with Dormammu, the marks on Kaecilius and his men also disappeared, and then they knelt on the ground helplessly, “This is impossible!”

As soon as he entered the ring world, Jerry immediately used all kinds of magic to suppress Dormammu, who was seriously injured for the second time.

At the same time, the Pope of the Holy Flame of Meownian Way held up his scepter and ordered to the countless followers who had already formed a formation below, “The holy flame is burning crazily, and the holy light is shining brightly. All followers must obey the orders, help the God to slay the demon.”

He saw countless followers chanting spells together under the lead of the Pope, and a huge magic circle rose over the Western Continent pressing hard on Dormammu.

“Let’s help him.” At the same time, on the eastern continent, Clow Reed looked at the sky filled with dark energy.

Ichihara Yuko, Fai and King Asura nodded at the same time.

As a result, a magic circle in the Eastern Continent larger than that in the Western Continent slowly expanded and pressuring Dormammu.

If it was only Jerry suppressed him at this time, Dormammu could still struggle for a while even though he was injured right now. But now he is being suppressed by two giant magic circles and there is no possibility of escape.

Seeing that Dormammu could no longer resist, Jerry began to use all the magic to quickly channel Dormammu’s energy and transfer it into the ring world. As the energy in the ring world becomes more stronger, the magic that Jerry can use become more powerful.

“are you? What are you going to do to me? I won’t let you do it!”

Seeing that his dark energy was losing faster and faster and he was unable to resist at all due to the suppression of two huge magic circles above him, Dormammu was about to explode.

He is Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension. Ever since he merged with the Dark Dimension, he always devour other dimensions. Even if he was repelled by Ancient One a few times, he still live to this day.

Even if this body is taken away by Jerry, he will not die but will only lose small chunk of energy. But for him this is a great shame and humiliation to his name.

“My name is Jerry Carmen, known as the Wizard. What am I going to do with you? Let’s just say that you’ll be mine.” Facing Dormammu’s threat, Jerry was not afraid at all, and he even tried to provoke him as much as possible.

Because he wants Dormammu to lose his mind. In terms of power, Dormammu has been devouring a lot of things over years, and his power may have reached the peak of a Universe level being.

Unless he finished created his ring world, he could visit Dormammu’s dimension.

But if Dormammu continues to come to the Earth through rituals like today, Jerry will not be afraid at all because he could take his power later.

In this battle, he still has the Infinity Stones as a trump card. Of course, he deliberately kept this trump card, because the next time Dormammu comes, he will definitely not be as weak as today, will not be trapped by Strange’s magic so easily, and Odin may not be available.

The whole process took a whole week. Jerry, Clow Reed and others worked together to channel all of Dormammu’s energy. At this time, the power of the ring world is at least three times greater than before.

With this, even without the help of Clow Reed and others, he could suppress and trap Dormammu who had been seriously injured alone by himself.

After spending another day adjusting the balance of energy and laws in the world, rewarding his followers, and saying thanks to Clow Reed and others, Jerry left.

At this time, the Hong Kong outside was completely restored to normal under Strange’s time magic, and no one had any memory of what happened a week ago.

Jerry found the Hong Kong Sanctum that had been restored to its original state, and learned from the new people guarding it that after he took away Dormammu, the power given to Kaecilius and his men also disappeared.

Because he saw with his own eyes that the God he believed in was defeated, his faith collapsed and he gave up.

Now Kaecilius has been taken away by the new Sorcerer Supreme, which is Stephen Strange, and he was brought to Kamar Taj. Where he will be tried by the elders of Kamar Taj and imprisoned for life.

After learning about the situation, Jerry Apparated to Kamar Taj and found Strange.

There is one thing he has yet to do, which is to use the Time Stone to understand the laws of time. Among the six Infinity Stones, he hasn’t gotten the Time Stone and understood how it works.

Strange didn’t have any hesitation about Jerry wanting to borrow the Time Stone.

Mainly because Jerry had just helped him deal with Dormammu, and he had great trust in Jerry. The second is that Ancient One told him before she died that if Jerry wanted to borrow the Time Stone, he could lend it.

With this, Jerry stayed at Kamar Taj and studied the principle of magic in the Time Stone.

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