After the conversation with Ancient One, Jerry stayed at Kamar Taj, waiting for the development of the situation. According to her words, nature will take its course.

Although Stephen is studying magic at Kamar Taj, he still wants to go back and be a doctor after his hand is completely healed. If he is willing to stay in Kamar Taj and take on the responsibility of the Sorcerer Supreme, he needs to go through many things, and whether it is Ancient One or Jerry, it is best not to interfere with it.

Once they intervene, things may not achieve the results they want.

A week later.

In Kamar Taj’s living room, Jerry was discussing time magic with Ancient One.

Due to absorbing and comprehending a large number of laws and having nothing to discuss magic with Clow Reed, Jerry’s understanding of the laws of time has made great progress. If he and Ancient One had discussed magic before, explained some magic principles to him, but now the two are discussing the main intrinsic point of maher.

“Kaecilius attacked the London Sanctum. All the people guarding it were killed, the Sanctuary was also damaged, and Stephen is missing.” Mordo and Wang rushed in.

Ancient One stopped her discussion with Jerry, stood up, and gave instructions to them, “Take people to guard the Hong Kong Sanctum. Mordo, follow me to the London Sanctum to rescue Stephen.”

She looked at Jerry again, “I’m sorry, Master Carmen. It seems that today’s discussion must be stopped here. I must leave.”

“Are you sure you want to go?”

He knew that when Ancient One left, he was not leaving Kamar Taj but leaving this world. In the past few years, he has learned a lot of magic knowledge from Ancient One, who can be regarded as his magic teacher.

It’s a pity that Ancient One has decided to leave and no longer wants to be bound to the position of Sorcerer Supreme. She just nodded lightly and smiled, “Master Carmen, I may trouble you more in the future.”

“I will be looking forward to that.” Jerry was startled for a moment and then smiled.

As a friend, he never likes to force himself on others or impose his own vision on others. Since Ancient One feels that it is a kind of liberation for her soul after her death, he should respect Ancient One’s choice.

Even if he feels it doesn’t make sense, he will never give up on himself.

Immortality is indeed something. Judging from the many Marvel universes, there are probably much more powerful beings out there. What he wants is freedom and uncontrollable strength. In the future, he will continue to become stronger, even beyond immortality.

Seeing Ancient One and Mordo leave, Jerry no longer stayed at Kamar Taj, but apparated in a hospital in Manhattan, New York. This is the hospital where Stephen worked, and it is also where Ancient One died.

But now, Stephen is still fighting with Kaecilius men in the hospital.

“He is talented and worthy of being selected as the next Sorcerer Supreme.”

Jerry couldn’t help but think to himself as he watched Stephen ask his ex-girlfriend Christine to shock his body with an electric shock device, thus strengthening his soul and taking down Kaecilius’ men in one swoop.

Soul magic is an extremely difficult magic to master. Many Kamar Taj mages without talent may be unable to master this in their lifetime. It only took Stephen less than a year to learn it all.

Sometimes, Jerry thinks about a saying that has been said countless times: A person’s genius is 99% hard work + 1% talent. But it seems that the reality is much more different than that.

Most of the inspirational quotes in this world are just to comfort those with no talent because only in this way can they cope with reality.

Stephen defeated Kaecilius’ men, and after simply saying goodbye to Christine, he opened a portal and returned to the London Sanctum. About half an hour later, a mirror dimension magic emitted from the New York Sanctuary.

Jerry gently moved forward, making a gap in the mirror dimension that could be viewed without damaging it so it could still operate normally.

In the mirror dimension, Stephen and Mordo were running away frantically, and behind them were Kaecilius and others who had absorbed a large amount of power from Dormammu.

Jerry did not help because Ancient One had already appeared in the mirror dimension. She seemed to be aware of Jerry’s presence, smiled in the direction of Jerry, and started fighting Kaecilius and his men.

Moments later, Ancient One was pierced through the abdomen by Kaecilius, kicked out of the mirror dimension, and fell hard to the street by the roadside.

Jerry had been watching what happened and couldn’t help but cover his eyes.

It’s not that seeing Ancient One dying is hard. It’s just that the way Ancient One designed her own death is a bit too much.

Ancient One is a Heavenly-level being. She is domineering and borrows magic power from Dimensional Gods, so powerful that she can cross the multiverse alone. It was too early for her to die like this.

Not to mention being penetrated through the abdomen, falling from a tall building, or being torn into pieces and beaten into a pulp. He felt that the Ancient One could avoid this death if she wanted to.

With Jerry’s current ability, as long as her soul does not die, he can easily recreate her body using more than a dozen methods and restore her to her peak.

There is no law in the main world that no one can be resurrected after death.

“Stephen, Ancient One has arranged for you to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.”

Seeing Stephen taking the dying Ancient One to the hospital and wanting to perform surgery to save Ancient One, Jerry slowly landed on the roof of the hospital.

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