“This is the mirror dimension. Although they exist, it is difficult to detect them. Everything that happens will not interfere with reality. It is the best way for us to practice large-scale magic and monitor the outside world. Of course, sometimes we also use it to avoid danger.”

Ancient One instructed Stephen to learn and use this magic in the mirror dimension. A portal appeared, and then Jerry’s figure walked in.

“Long time no see, Ancient One and Stephen. Not bad, he has gotten his blue robe.”

Sorcerers of different levels in Kamar Taj wear different colors of robes. The most basic one is the gray-white robe, which is only worn by new students. Then, there is red, indicating that you have a preliminary understanding of magic.

The blue robe that Stephen is wearing now shows that his magic level is considered good, and he is a Kamar Taj sorcerer.

“Long time no see, Master Carmen.” Ancient One was not surprised by Jerry’s appearance. Jerry did not hide his aura when he came over, so she could sense it when he appeared on the training ground.

Stephen was surprised by Jerry’s appearance. He stepped forward to shake hands and said, “Thank you, Mr. Carmen. For allowing me to find a way to heal myself and know about these things.”

When he was in a car accident, and his hands were broken, it was Jerry who showed him the way to Kamar Taj. It enabled him to become a Kamar Taj student and healed his hands. So, in his heart, he was very grateful to Jerry.

“I just helped you a bit. You’re the one who pushes yourself up to this point.” Jerry smiled, then looked at Ancient One.

“Please continue; I just came over to take a look at the situation.”

Ancient One nodded. She knew that Jerry had something on his mind, but it seemed inconvenient to say it in front of Stephen. After giving Stephen some lessons, she asked him to go back and study alone.

“Tell me, do you have anything to say?”

“I appreciate that you understand me. I have a vision that a big crisis is coming, and it comes from Kamar Taj, so I want to ask your advice.”

Jerry rolled his eyes when he saw Ancient One making a cup of tea with a smile.

Hearing this, Ancient One was stunned for a moment and then sighed, “I see that you noticed that Kaecillius betrayed Kamar Taj with a group of his admirers and became followers of Dormammu. I thought he would change, but I didn’t expect him to go to this extent.”

“So, that crisis means Dormammu is going to invade Earth?” Jerry asked, pretending to be curious.

She nodded, “Yes, Kaecilius sneaked into the library before to get a book that can contact Dormammu and establish a connection for Dormammu to come to the Earth. Now they have successfully performed the ritual, they have become followers of Dormammu and gained power from him. Their next step is probably to destroy the three sanctums.”

Dormammu has invaded the Earth many times, but Ancient One used the three sanctums to repel it forcefully. The three sanctums are important for Ancient One for expelling extraterrestrial threats. Her strength would increase exponentially if the sanctums were there.

If Dormammu leaves his dimension to invade the Earth, his strength will be greatly weakened, and he will not be a match for the Ancient One. But if the three sanctums were destroyed, then Ancient One’s winning rate against Dormammu would be very low, even if all Kamar Taj’s mages were helping her.

“With your strength, even if Kaecilius and the others absorb Dormammu’s power, they are nothing to you. To add, you have the Time Stone that can see the future. Even if they hide, they can’t escape you. Do you have any plans for it?” Jerry went straight to the point.

Kaecilius’ strength is good; even if he absorbs Dormammu’s power, he will be slightly stronger than most Kamar Taj pupils. In comparison, Ancient One is at the Heavenly level and has the Time Stone. If she really wanted to kill him, it would be as simple as squeezing an ant to death.

Ancient One looked at Jerry and smiled, “I guess I can’t hide it from you. I originally planned to ask you to help me with this. I’m going to die, and I plan to pass the position of Sorcerer Supreme to Stephen before I die. Kaecilius and Dormammu are the last test I left for him.”

“But just in case, if he is unable to complete the test, I hope you can help fend off Dormammu out of the Earth. Odin has said his words to me, and he will help when the time comes.”

Kamar Taj knows that Ancient One is powerful, but they don’t know how powerful she is. So they had no doubts about why Ancient One didn’t find them and dealt with them after Kaecilius rebelled.

But Jerry is different. Ancient One learned from Odin that Jerry was creating a dimensional world and knew that Jerry’s strength was no worse than hers. So, the gap in strength between her and Kaecilius is clear.

However, she had no intention of hiding it from Jerry. Even if Jerry hadn’t come over, she might have to look for Jerry in a few days. Although she is proficient in magic and has used the Time Stone to check various possibilities in the future, the results are all according to her liking. But Dormammu has already interfered with the future.

Hence, the results she sees now are not necessarily the accurate results. So, she also needs to add an extra layer of insurance for Stephen’s test to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

Originally, the insurance came from Odin because Earth also belongs to the nine realms. Odin promised her that if Stephen couldn’t deal with it, Odin would help when Dormammu invaded. But she was unsure if it was enough relying only on Odin. After all, Odin’s strength will decline a lot after leaving Asgard.

With the addition of Jerry, she now has nothing to worry about. So, Ancient One told Jerry all about her plan.

Jerry did not hesitate to hear this and agreed to help Stephen because this was the purpose of his coming here.

“Stephen is the most talented student I have ever seen besides you. I believe he will become a qualified Sorcerer Supreme in the future and lead Kamar Taj to protect the Earth.”

Jerry didn’t reply, but he knew in his heart that if he didn’t have the panel or red stars, his talent would actually be far inferior to Stephen’s.

In less than a year since Stephen joined Kamar Taj, he has gone from being a new student with no magic skills to becoming a blue bubble mage, and he can even initially master veteran mage such as Mordo. The magic of time that no one can master.

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Published On: February 11, 2024

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