“Mr. Carmen, thank you for taking care of Syaoran and Sakura in the dream world.” In Yuuko’s living room, Clow Reed first expressed his gratitude to Jerry.

Jerry smiled and waved his hand: “Mr. Clow Reed, you’re welcome. I have benefited a lot from your Clow card in the dream world. It’s nothing.”

The so-called dream world refers to his initial visit to the world of Cardcaptor Sakura, which is also the world where Clow Reed was born.

What Clow Reed was referring to was his care for Sakura and Syaoran, not the Sakura and Syaoran in front of him, but the Sakura and Syaoran who were learning magic with him.

“Let me tell you everything. After all, the root of all this lies with me.” Clow Reed nodded. Although there was a smile on his face, everyone could feel the sadness in his heart.

The feeling of guilt slowly washed over Clow Reed’s face; no matter how hard he tried to hide it, everyone could see it clearly on his face.

“The inability to resurrect the dead is the most fundamental law of all worlds. However, I was the first to break this law, which caused subsequent tragedies, including Sakura, Syaoran, Fay, Kurogane, and countless people in many worlds.”

“Can’t people be resurrected after death?” Jerry couldn’t help but mutter in his heart after hearing Clow Reed’s words.

“Every world has many similar laws, as well as unique ones. There are ordinary laws that can be altered, and there are fundamental laws that can never be changed.

The inability to resurrect a person after death is the fundamental law of this world, serving as the basis for the establishment of a series of worlds like the Magic Card. If forcefully reversed, it causes distortion because all the worlds of Magic Card resist such alterations.”

Jerry comprehends these situations well, having grasped numerous laws of the world. Much knowledge has become clear after understanding these laws.

Simultaneously, he knows that the creator god of the Magic Card series of worlds sets this so-called fundamental law.

However, stating that it cannot be changed applies to the inhabitants of the Magic Card worlds, and it isn’t a difficult matter for him.

Because the fundamental law that people cannot be resurrected after death is only applicable to the series of worlds called Magic Cards, not extending to other worlds.

Whether in the main Marvel world, his own dimensional world, or other smaller worlds, resurrecting the dead is not particularly difficult.

“Who did you resurrect?” Jerry looked at Clow Reed with a serious expression.

Before Clow Reed could say anything, Yuuko answered first, “It’s me, and you can’t say I was resurrected. When I was about to die, the man with glasses had the idea in his heart that he didn’t want me to die.

And his powerful magic interfered with the laws of the world, causing my time to freeze forever at the moment when I was about to die.

Because of his behavior of disrupting the fundamental laws, Fei Wang was born.

Fei Wang is the condensed existence of Clow Reed’s idea himself that he doesn’t want me to die. Everything Fei Wang has done in these years is to resurrect me truly.

The root of all does not lie only within Clow Reed but also me.

Only by killing Fei Wang and allowing me to die smoothly can everything be resolved. Returning to normal is what the man with the eye and I have always wanted.” Yuuko explained with a sorrowful tone, followed by a bitter smile.

Jerry was suddenly enlightened after hearing this. No wonder he sensed such powerful time magic in Yuuko when he first met her.

No wonder many of the magics used by Fei Wang are the same as those used by Clow Reed.

It turns out that Clow Reed froze Ichihara Yuuko’s time, and Fei Wang was transformed by Clow Reed’s obsession with not wanting her to die.

In this way, Clow Reed’s strength is stronger than he imagined.

After all, one of his obsessions is so powerful that it can stop a person’s death.

“That’s not right. Suppose Clow Reed and Miss Yuuko are joining forces. King Fei shouldn’t have any chance of winning, right?” Jerry exclaimed while looking at the both of them.

At this moment, Jerry suddenly thought, since Clow Reed is so powerful, why not directly confront the root of this problem? Why doesn’t Clow Reed take care of Yuuko’s mortality matter into his own hands?

Or he could find an opportunity to kill Fei Wang. After all, Fei Wang, despite his elusive nature, has appeared several times and is not completely untraceable.

Clow Reed shook his head with a wry smile, “If I could kill him, I would have done so long ago. Fei Wanh is extremely vigilant and possesses a formidable escape ability. Defeating him is easy, but killing him proves to be challenging. Moreover, we’ve never managed to locate his lair.

Of course, the most crucial factor is that even with the combined strength of Yuuko and me, we have no means to defeat him outright.”

“After stopping the time for me, over half of the magic power within him was also divided.

Upon leaving the dream world, he took a portion of his soul for reincarnation, and the remaining magic power was shared between the two reincarnations.

Therefore, what you see now is essentially an ordinary person without any magical abilities.” Yuuko took a puff from her large pipe, glancing at Clow Reed with a slightly teasing tone.

As Jerry knows, ordinary people should not be described in such a manner, as even without magical power, understanding the secrets of the law would still set someone apart from being ordinary.

However, without the support of magic power, the individual’s strength would inevitably regress significantly.

“Fei Wang is unaware of this fact. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have orchestrated so many conspiracies but could have directly achieved his goal. As a single entity, I am not his match.

This is why every time I engage with him, it is based on negotiating terms rather than attempting to kill him directly, much like when he placed a death mark on Sakura, imprisoned the wings, and created copies of Sakura and Syaoran. Hopefully, that makes sense for you!”

Jerry couldn’t help but curl the corners of his mouth.

His earlier sensing of no magic power in Clow Reed’s body was not due to him being stronger than Jerry and thus imperceptible, but because there genuinely was no magical power.

“Fei Wang has gradually come to realize this, which is why he seems somewhat audacious. Otherwise, he would never dare to appear in the world where you were just now.

However, even if he becomes more certain, as long as I remain alive, he still won’t dare to confront me directly. He fears that there’s even a one in a billion chance that I might be feigning weakness.” Clow Reed smiled, his demeanor exuding gentleness.

Despite Fei Wang’s constant claims of surpassing him, deep down, he is most apprehensive of Clow Reed and acknowledges his true strength.

With everything clarified, Jerry pondered for a moment and eventually provided his response, “In that case, let’s bring this tragedy to an end. I will take you directly to Fei Wang’s current location and confront him.”

He decided to eliminate Fei Wang not only to facilitate the smoother absorption of the laws of other worlds later on but, more importantly, to foster a good relationship with Clow Reed and Ichihara Yuuko.

He had been contemplating a significant issue—specifically, how to amass sufficient energy to initiate the initial functioning of the entire dimensional world once his ring world law surpassed the 50% mark.

He was opposed to the idea of gradual accumulation over thousands of years, a method akin to what Odin and others had employed.

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