“This Room of Requirement is really amazing!”

Jerry shut the door of the Room of Requirement, and as he watched the smooth iron door slowly vanish and the white walls return to their original state, he couldn’t help but exclaim heartily.

He had the impression that the Room of Requirement had been magically created using Extension Charm, Legilimency Spells, and Transforming Spell. It has the ability to understand the entrants’ thoughts and then summon various necessary materials in accordance with the conditions while also expanding the rooms.

One of the four great wizards who created the school may have made it secretly.

Whoever created the Room of Requirement doesn’t important, though. The crucial thing is that now that he is the owner of the Room of Requirement, he will always have a location where he may study and use black magic.

After spending so much time learning about magic, Jerry is fully aware of how difficult it is to become a powerful wizard. Even with the cheat of “Refreshing,” he still needs to put in a lot of effort to succeed.

Of course, it must be quite easy if all he wants to do is study for seven years and graduate with honors like regular wizards. But in that situation, he has almost the same strength as some Aurors working for the Ministry of Magic.

This is undoubtedly not what he hoped for.

Before finishing the seventh grade, he desired to be at least as powerful as Grindelwald and Voldemort.

He aspires to match the peak power of two magical wizards, who are extremely uncommon and only appear once every thousand years. It can only be completed with a lot of hard work.


It’s the middle of the night, past twelve.

The entire castle of Hogwarts was silent. Even the trolls who were chasing the wizard in the enormous room opposite the white wall and the wizard who was teaching it to dance were sleeping or laying in the grass.

However, not all of them fell asleep, such as a pair of restless Gryffindor twins.

“Good evening!”

“Good evening!”

Jerry awkwardly ran into the Weasley brothers as they exited the Gryffindor common room as soon as he got to the stairs on the eighth floor.

Wizards are not permitted to venture outside the dormitory after curfew to take nighttime castle tours, according to Hogwarts school regulations. If they are discovered, they will lose points and be given detention.

But after midnight, the Weasley twins, two seniors in Gryffindor, and Jerry, a Slytherin freshman, collided on the staircase leading to the eighth level.

“You said there was nobody on the eighth floor?” In a quiet voice, Fred questioned George.

“The Marauder’s map currently indicates that Mrs. Norris is on the sixth level and Filch is on the second floor, but there are no Slytherin people.” George shrugged blankly.

They were unaware that Jerry was still in the Room of Requirement at this time. Since the Marauder’s Map was unable to display anyone in the Room of Requirement, George was unable to see Jerry at this time.

“The two of you want to go downstairs since you can’t sleep, right?” Jerry pondered the matter for some time. Since everyone broke the rules, there isn’t really a major issue.

“Yes, you are Jerry from Slytherin, right? What are you doing right now?” Fred obviously thought of something with Jerry, and his expression immediately relaxed.

“Like you two, I’ve been trying to sleep and went outside for a stroll, but now I’m heading back!” Jerry smiled as he answered.

Since Fred and George had also learned something from their younger brother Ron regarding Jerry, a first-year Slytherin freshman, they did not express their hate of Slytherin in light of Jerry’s positive attitude.

“So, let’s go together.”

“Okay, then.”

Thus, following a lengthy conversation, Jerry and the two brothers descended the magic steps.

“Meow~” A familiar cat shadow blocked their path just as the three of them descended to the seventh floor.

As the three of them were discussing, Mrs. Norris, who was already on duty on the sixth level, entered the building.

‘Okay, you’re back, and there are two more people. I’ve just had two fish so far, yet I’m already stuffed. You won’t be able to bribe me off again. I’ll report you to master and have you all taken into detention.’ What Mrs. Norris had just uttered in her heart.

After giving Jerry a quick glance, Mrs. Norris turned back to locate Filch on the second floor.

“No, it’s going to find Filch, quickly run!” The Weasley twins, who undoubtedly possess a wealth of experience in this matter, rushed to the Gryffindor common room to seek out other possibilities before leaving.

“Don’t worry, I have a solution.” The Weasley twins can dash to the Gryffindor common room, but since Jerry belongs to the Slytherin house, he cannot follow them there.

He was fortunately well equipped for this. Without flinching, he pulled the prepared glass container out, took a handful of the green powder, and dusted it over Mrs. Norris.

Mrs. Norris, who was about to go, suddenly felt her body freeze as she smelled something. She turned around and sprinted towards the green powder that had fallen to the ground behind her, licking it swiftly.

‘What is this? Meow! I feel strange.’ In her heart, Mrs. Norris said.

After that, Fred and George were astounded to witness a different side of Mrs. Norris that they had never seen before.

Mrs. Norris licked the green powder, first shaking her head like she was dancing after too much alcohol, then rolling on the ground as her face gradually fell. She eventually collapsed on the ground feeling helpless, her eyes gradually growing hollow.

“What just did you give her? Will she be alright? Filch will murder us if something happened to Mrs. Norris!”

In addition to gazing at Jerry’s glass bottle with curiosity and trepidation, Fred and George glanced at Mrs. Norris as if they had just stumbled upon a whole new world.

“A particular herbal powder that cats enjoy. It is not harmful to the body. She will take some time to enjoy it before things get back to normal. Let’s go!” Jerry said nothing more and continued to make his way straight downstairs after passing Mrs. Norris.

The green powder in his container can also be considered a type of herb, but unlike rare herbs in the wizarding community, catnip is widely available to cat owners in the Muggle community. He prepared it especially for Mrs. Norris.

In the future, Jerry will frequently practice magic in the Room of Requirement at night while in his “Refreshing” state, allowing him to ignore squibs like Filch.

No matter how far away he is, Jerry can always hear well because of his footsteps. But unlike Mrs. Norris, whose catwalks silently and has sound-canceling cat mats on her feet from birth. Even with excellent five senses, he might not be able to anticipate it.

He took some time in the real world to go to the pet store and get a can of catnip powder in order to deal with Mrs. Norris. This was unexpectedly useful as soon as he returned.

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Published On: March 15, 2023

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