“What happened here? It’s so messy… Did a war happen here?” Syaoran and Sakura surveyed the city around them, now reduced to complete ruins, skepticism in their eyes.

Judging by the residual traces, this modern world resembled the original Hanshin Republic. However, the landscape was littered with ruins, devoid of any signs of life.

“It doesn’t look like a war. Look at these buildings; it seems they’ve been corroded by something,” Kurogane remarked, touching the nearby stone and swiftly drawing his own conclusion.


Everyone examined their surroundings closely and soon realized the accuracy of Kurogane’s observation.

The various large and small structures didn’t appear to have been shattered by explosive force or magical attacks.

Instead, they seemed to be corroded and melting away. Even the stones lacked sharp edges and corners upon touch.

“It’s not a war; it’s a natural disaster!” Jerry declared at that moment.

“A natural disaster?”

Confusion clouded everyone’s expressions. However, the reason behind his statement became apparent before Jerry could elaborate.

The sky began to drizzle lightly, but this was no ordinary rain—it was highly corrosive acid rain.

With each drop capable of leaving a red mark on the skin upon contact, it became evident that staying exposed to this rain for an extended period could lead to a swift and perilous demise.

Obviously, these dilapidated structures had endured the prolonged assault of acid rain, resulting in their current state.

“Protego!” Jerry commanded, waving his hand. A transparent magic shield materialized above everyone’s heads, shielding them from the highly corrosive acid rain.

Upon arriving in the new world, Jerry’s initial actions involved sensing the laws governing it and then delving into Sakura’s memory feathers.

Once he attuned to the world’s laws, he discerned a particular law that had seemingly been added later.

Upon further contemplation, he uncovered the law’s purpose.

Periodically, this law released a substantial amount of energy, transforming it into highly corrosive acid rain that blanketed the world.

This revelation led Jerry to categorize it as a natural disaster, a phenomenon he could replicate within his ring world.

However, his world’s operation lacked natural disaster laws for the benefit of the creatures inhabiting it, maintaining a perpetual state of favorable weather.

This anomaly suggested that there was an issue with this world. The Creator God responsible for its inception likely modified certain laws, resulting in the current perilous situation.

“It seems that we have to find feathers and leave this world as soon as possible,” Syaoran remarked with concern, pulling Sakura closer and glancing at the acid rain obstructed by Jerry’s magic shield.

Standing on the side, Fay smiled and said, “With Mr. Carmen here, I believe this will not be difficult.”

Having experienced several worlds together, they were well aware of Jerry’s remarkable speed in locating feathers.

“In the building over there!” Jerry declared, not bothering with formality.

After more than ten days of camaraderie, their relationship had grown solid.

He pointed towards the lone building in the distance that appeared to be untouched.

He had just discerned that Sakura’s memory feather lay beneath the structure, and it was the feather’s power that shielded the building from the corrosive effects of the acid rain.

Sakura’s memory feather not only encapsulated Sakura’s soul and fragments of her memory but could also imprint the laws of the world, naturally possessing magical properties.

As for why Sakura’s memory feathers wielded such potent effects, it might be linked to Sakura herself.

During their time together, Jerry had noticed that despite Sakura’s lack of magical knowledge and apparent fragility, she possessed numerous magical qualities.

Her exceptionally strong luck was a prime example – she invariably won at gambling and would secure the grand prize when buying a lottery ticket, even without understanding the rules of the games.

Moreover, she demonstrated the ability to communicate with ghosts and inanimate objects, portraying an innate connection with the supernatural.

In essence, she seemed like a child of luck, a person favored by the God of Creation.

This might explain why the elusive mastermind utilized Sakura’s memory feathers to gather the laws and energy from diverse worlds.

“This is not my world; let’s go!” Kurogane shook his head in disappointment. Despite traveling through several worlds, none of them matched his own.

What a stroke of bad luck.

Jerry nodded and waved his hand to open a portal.

Everyone passed through it, and upon reappearing, they found themselves at the location of the memory feather beneath the building.

Typically, Jerry would follow their routine – detecting the feather’s scent, exploring the new world for two days, and then retrieving the memory feather through various means once Mokona regained its ability to travel.

However, due to the corrosive acid rain and the desolation of the surroundings, there was no need to roam this time.

Jerry opted to skip the wandering and directly opened a portal to the location where he sensed the feather.

The plan was to obtain the feather first and then wait for Mokona to regain its shuttling ability.

But as soon as everyone stepped through the portal, a figure attacked them at incredible speed.

Before Jerry could react, Kurogane swiftly drew the long knife he had acquired in the previous world and faced the assailant with excitement.

“I haven’t fought in more than ten days, and my body is already rusty. Let me come and meet you!” Kurogane exclaimed. He engaged in daily battles against people and monsters in his own world. In other worlds, due to Jerry’s overwhelming magical prowess, Kurogane rarely had the chance to lift a finger.

Finally, he had acquired a quality knife in the last world. Seeing that today’s opponent seemed formidable, Kurogane decided to take the initiative and face the challenge.

Observing this, Jerry dispersed the magic he had been about to cast and stood aside, anticipating the unfolding spectacle.

The Memory Feather was located in the underground water nearby, making escape impossible.

Moreover, once retrieved, they had to wait for two days before moving on to the next world, so there was no need to rush.

Their assailant was a strikingly handsome young man, possessing features that leaned towards the feminine side.

His agility allowed him to leave afterimages in the air, and his rapid healing capabilities meant that he instantly recovered from the cuts inflicted by Kurogane’s long Kurogane knife.

However, even with these abilities, he proved to be no match for Kurogane.

As the most formidable ninja in his own world, Kurogane had dispatched hundreds of monsters with a silver dragon sword, showcasing his unmatched strength.

“I will never let you hurt Subaru!” After being slashed away once again by Kurogane, the young man roared. His eyes turned golden, fangs emerged from his mouth, and his ten fingernails morphed into sharp weapons.

In a swift motion, he disappeared and reappeared behind Kurogane, gripping his heart fiercely.

“He is actually a vampire!” Jerry, standing aside, refrained from intervening but sighed at the young man’s transformation.

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Published On: January 30, 2024

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