“In less than ten minutes, I gained the laws of two worlds. I am truly fortunate today!” Jerry exclaimed as he opened his eyes, handing the feather to Syaoran.

Inwardly, he sighed, recognizing the immense value of the deal he had struck with Ichihara Yuuko.

He considered the transaction to be highly favorable.

Not only could he effortlessly traverse different worlds, but he could also swiftly acquire the laws of a world directly through Sakura’s memory feather.

Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the mysterious enemy behind Yuuko, acknowledging that this adversary, by sending Sakura’s memory feathers to various worlds, had inadvertently saved him a considerable amount of time.

“The police are here!” Masayoshi swiftly warned, retracting his clever decision.

The recent clash between the two gangs and Jerry’s summoning of the 100-meter-tall patron saint had drawn the attention of the city’s police, with numerous police cars converging on the scene.

“I found you, Miss Yuuko’s guests!” declared a man and a woman who suddenly appeared.

Wary of their sudden appearance, Kurogane questioned, “Who are you?”

“I am Kong Tai, and this is my wife, Lan. Miss Yuuko entrusted us to take care of all your living needs, including food and accommodation here,” explained Kong Tai.

It became evident that these two individuals were the guests who had made a wish to Ichihara Yuuko. As part of their deal, they were to wait for Syaoran and the others at Broken Bridge and assist them in leading a normal life in this world before departing.

After learning that Kong Tai and his wife, Lan, were also guests of Miss Yuuko, everyone followed them to their home without hesitation, where they planned to stay temporarily.

Despite Jerry’s success in finding the feathers in this world, the recent travel had left both Syaoran and Sakura, as well as Mokona, in need of rest. Additionally, Sakura required a secure environment to absorb the two feathers into her body.

The decision was made to spend two days at Kong Tai’s house before embarking on their journey to the next world.

Jerry had no objections to this arrangement, having already gained the laws of the two worlds. Taking advantage of the break, he decided to explore the surroundings.

“Since you guys are fine, I’m going home!” said Masayoshi, the kind junior high school student, bidding farewell to Jerry and the others at the door of Kong Tai’s house.

Jerry patted him on the shoulder before departing. “Actually, your skill is pretty good. With more confidence, it can become very powerful.” Jerry had earlier taken out the feather from Masayoshi’s body, discovering that his clever judgment was not at the fifth level as claimed but at the special level.

Masayoshi’s low self-esteem led him to limit the power of Kudan, showcasing only the strength of level five.

The next morning, Sakura finally awoke after absorbing the two memory feathers.

However, she is almost a blank slate, with only a few memory fragments brought by memory feathers. Due to the price Syaoran paid to Yuuko, she can no longer remember Syaoran at all.

Fortunately, because of Syaoran’s heartfelt concern for her, she still has a good impression of him and is dependent on him.

“We’re leaving in the afternoon. How about we go out for a walk and relax?” Jerry suggested, standing at the door and observing the couple in the house.

Compared to the sweetness of Sakura and Syaoran in the Cardcaptor World, Sakura and Syaoran in this other world are obviously much more miserable.

“Mokona wants to go out for a walk too!” After hearing Jerry’s suggestion, Mokona happily jumped onto Jerry’s body.

“I have no objection!” Kurogane nodded.

Fay also smiled and nodded.

Syaoran hesitated for a moment but finally nodded.

He felt that Sakura had been unconscious for a long time, and maybe she needed to move appropriately, especially now that she had lost her memory.

After saying goodbye to Kong Tai and his wife, everyone started walking around the city together.

The level of civilization in this world is about the same as that of modern society, except for the addition of the superpower of clever judgment, and even the difference in many foods is not very significant.

After walking around for a while, the five of them sat down on a bench on the street, each holding a box of takoyaki.

“Mr. Carmen, how do you have this world’s money?” Syaoran asked curiously while guiding Sakura to eat Takoyaki.

Not long after everyone went out for a walk, they discovered a significant problem—they did not have the local currency.

Coming from three different worlds, the currency they used in their respective worlds had no resemblance to the paper currency of today’s modern society, and the characters were different as well.

The reason everyone could understand the local language depended more on Mokona’s own translation magic.

Just when they were grappling with the embarrassment of wanting something but having no money to pay for it, Jerry surprised everyone by pulling out a handful of the local currency and paying the vendor.

“It’s just a little practical magic,” Jerry smiled, then snapped his fingers, instantly producing a stack of banknotes from this world.

Seeing this, everyone was not only surprised but also couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows.

Could magic still be called small magic if it could directly create money?

In any world, currency holds paramount importance, even in worlds with magic and superpowers.

Money solves most problems, and having the ability to use magic to create an endless supply is considered one of the most powerful feats.

“Princess Tomoyo!”

Just as everyone was enjoying takoyaki and taking in the city scenery, Kurogane, who had been relatively quiet, suddenly jumped up from the bench in excitement and ran straight toward the girl in front of him.

“What happened to Mr. Kurogane?” Syaoran looked surprised.

This was the first time he had seen the usually composed Kurogane so animated, and he seemed as excited as he was just a moment ago.

“I must have met an acquaintance. Didn’t Ms. Yuuko say that there are many people who look the same in every world? They have different family experiences and lead different lives,” Fay explained with a smile.

Jerry turned his head and looked at the girl Kurogane was chasing, saying, “It turns out to be her, no wonder!”

He also recognized the girl in the high school uniform as Miss Tomoyo, or, to be more precise, the Tomoyo of this world.

According to Kurogane, she should be the royal princess loyal to him in that world and the one who sent him to Yuuko.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Kurogane to come back dejectedly.

“She is not the princess. She just looks the same,” he explained. He had chased after her and asked, only to realize his mistake.

After calming down, he also remembered what Yuuko had said before.

Tomoyo in this world was not a princess but the eldest daughter of the richest financial family in the city.

For this reason, he was even confronted by Tomoyo’s bodyguards. If he hadn’t been agile and fast, he might have ended up in the police station.


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