In actuality, Mrs. Belle is not to fault for this. After all, Mrs. Belle is only in her 20s and has just earned her degree after three years of college. It would be unrealistic to expect a girl of this typical age to be very adept at housework.

Living independently and being able to support oneself are both respectable goals, and from what Jerry can tell, Mrs. Belle’s family should enjoy excellent living circumstances—otherwise, she wouldn’t be a teacher of young children. She can’t possibly drive a Hummer to school every day.

Although Mrs. Belle is Jerry’s teacher and future stepmother, Jerry is actually 10 years older than Belle in terms of mental age. So it’s similar to looking after an older sibling.

“She’s still asleep. She must have been worn out from playing yesterday. The classes start tomorrow. Give her a bit more time to sleep.” Jerry responded indifferently, raised his head, and addressed Mrs. Belle.

“Feel free to eat everything, teacher. I’ve placed it in the kitchen to stay warm for Aisha and Dad’s breakfast, and the table is all yours.”

“Oh God, are you an angel sent to this world in a previous life?”

He not only finished all the housekeeping when he got up early, but he also made breakfast. The breakfast was incredibly tasty and thoughtful for everyone.


The door suddenly opened, revealing Haas within with a drained expression.

“Hello, Jerry, and Belle. Oh, the breakfast for today looks delicious. I’ve had a hectic night and am about to die of starvation!”


“The situation is as it is. Although we have always been in charge of Dr. Banner’s trail, we are still unable to determine the wizard’s real identity.” Agent Hill gave Director Fury a full report on the New York operation.

Fury groaned as he sat in a chair, tapped his fingers on the table, and watched videos that were displayed on the wall, including one of Jerry fighting the monster and another of soldiers being saved from grave danger. “Despite being young, this little wizard is not easy to catch, huh?”

Since Fury first met Captain Marvel more than ten years ago, he has become entangled in the conflict between the Kree and the Skrulls and has discovered that there are other more intelligent races in the universe in addition to the Earth. He’s been working on an Avengers plan that can withstand alien attacks.

Jerry, a young wizard who is skilled in magic, was initially taken into account in his strategy. In reality, managing the Hulk was all that was required before asking Hill to travel to New York to look into Jerry. It’s what S.H.I.E.L.D. does on a daily basis.

But after experiencing this scenario, Fury believed that even though the young wizard didn’t quite fit the bill for his Avengers plan because he was too you, he considers him as one.

First off, Jerry has been acting as a vigilante and battling crime ever since he first arrived. Even though he always demanded payment, it was only a nominal sum. Generally speaking, it satisfied his most fundamental standards for Avengers members in terms of character.

Looking at his approach to things once more, he is brave, cautious, and watchful. It is obvious that even S.H.I.E.L.D. is unaware of his true identity. Of course, the Avengers need courageous and resourceful individuals, not irresponsible ones.

The only issue is that Jerry is a young child, and it seems a little unfair for him to be involved in such activities. However, based on the current evaluation of Jerry’s skills, it appears that he doesn’t need to take center stage and that it would be beneficial to position spells that can control the Abomination.

The fact that Jerry temporarily maintained a dying soldier’s wounds using magic at the end of the incident is, of course, the most significant aspect and what Fury cherishes most right now.

The miracle healing magic, which allowed him to persevere until he was saved in the hospital, is a particular talent he is currently searching for among the Avengers.

“Perhaps, it’s time for me to find some time to meet this little wizard in person.”


Mrs. Belle had already left by sunset. Haas slept in after breakfast because he had a hectic night and hasn’t woken up yet. Jerry and Aisha were watching TV while seated on the couch.

On the TV at this time were some hazy videos. The journalists risked their lives yesterday to cover some battle scenes involving the Abomination, the Hulk, and Jerry.

Some reporters who were not afraid of dying did not flee yesterday when faced with such a frightening circumstance, instead hiding in some nooks and crevices and discreetly filming some footage. Jerry can only bemoan the nation’s people’s sense of adventure. There’s no wonder the population hasn’t grown much.

The Abomination is destroying devastation as you can see in the film, and Jerry also makes an appearance to draw the Abomination’s attention so that the audience has time to flee and team up with the later Hulk to defeat the Abomination.

It is predicted that following this episode, the term “wizard” will become well-known throughout New York, and even the entire country.

“Aisha, I’ll go get something from the house and I’ll be back in a moment. You can continue to watch the TV here.”

Seeing the reminder that the cooldown was over on the panel, Jerry’s eyes lit up, he greeted Aisha and returned to his room. Given the lessons learned last time, he can’t make the same mistake again. If Aisha sees something brought out of the small world, the explanation will be hard for him.

After entering the room and closing the door, Jerry reached out and took out the guitar bag from under the bed, took out the anesthesia sniper rifle inside, and took out a glass bottle filled with powder from the drawer.

Sitting on the bed, with thought, he clicked the button to enter the Harry Potter world and the current world suddenly came to a standstill.


He had already arrived in the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts when he opened his eyes once more.

“Let’s set this sedative sniper gun here for the time being!”

Jerry recalled that, in accordance with the Ministry of Magic’s rules, wizards are not permitted to utilize Muggle objects, and the Ministry of Magic seemed to have established a separate department for this purpose.

Ron’s father serves as the director of this organization, which goes by the name Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office.

Now that he has a Muggle item in his possession, it is also a highly hazardous Muggle item. Even if he is a good student with good morals and grades, once caught, he will suffer harsh punishment.

He made the decision to conceal the tranquilizer sniper rifle in the Room of Requirement, a designated location for hiding items, and to retrieve it when needed.

Jerry gently slipped out of the Room of Requirement with the wand and the glass bottle containing some type of powder, placing it behind a chest beneath Ravenclaw’s diadem.

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