Although the Syaoran and Sakura before him aren’t the same as the ones Jerry knows, their familiar appearances naturally evoke a sense of affection in him. Moreover, Jerry had promised Yuuko to ensure their safety.

“Thank you!” Witnessing Jerry conjure a magical flying carpet, Syaoran promptly and gently placed Sakura on it, expressing gratitude to Jerry.

Meanwhile, Fay wore a pensive expression as he observed the scene.

He could easily discern the abilities of Kurogane, Syaoran, and Sakura. Still, Jerry, who seemed to share a close relationship with the Dimensional Witch, struck him as peculiar from the start.

Normally, individuals capable of interdimensional travel and willing to pay the price weren’t ordinary people.

Judging by the magic flying carpet Jerry summoned, it was evident he wasn’t an ordinary person but a magician like Fay himself.

However, what puzzled Fay was his inability to sense any magical fluctuations from Jerry. Even when Jerry cast magic just now, Fay couldn’t perceive it.

This situation could have two explanations: either Jerry was exceptionally skilled at concealing his magic, or his strength far surpassed Fay’s own.

Yet, Fay leaned towards the former option. He knew too well that his potent magical abilities only attracted misfortune.

“Since we’re embarking on this journey together, and it might take a while, let’s introduce ourselves. My name is quite lengthy, so you can simply call me Fay. I’m a magician. However, due to special circumstances, I can no longer use magic.”

“My name is Syaoran. I used to work in archaeology, so I have some physical skills. Please take care of me.” Syaoran politely bowed to everyone, holding onto the flying carpet.

Seeing this, Jerry smiled and introduced himself, “Jerry Carmen. Just call me Jerry. I have some knowledge of both magic and physical skills.”

After witnessing Jerry and Syaoran’s introductions, Fay turned to the silent and cool Kurogane, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

“And what about you, the big guy? Should I call you Little Black, or Black Steel?” Fay asked with a smile.

Kurogane’s face darkened instantly. “My name is neither Little Black nor Black Steel. Remember, my name is Kurogane!”

Fay continued with a mischievous smile, “Sure, Mr. Kurogane!”

Kurogane’s mouth twitched in response.

Just then, Jerry suddenly shouted loudly, focusing his gaze on a point in the sky, releasing a powerful surge of spiritual energy.

Simultaneously, in a specific time segment within the Clow Kingdom, Fei Wang Reed observed the magical mirror he had created shattering. His brows furrowed in confusion.

“What’s happening? A character who appeared out of nowhere possesses such formidable spiritual power!”

Originally, the fake cherry blossoms and wolves, created as clones by Fei Wang Reed, were under his constant supervision, and everything was going smoothly according to his plan.

“He went to the witch, but couldn’t pry due to the powerful barrier of her villa, as expected. However, the real surprise came when the two clones left the witch shop for the new world. Just as he was about to resume monitoring through the mental imprint, an unknown person suddenly appeared and destroyed it.

“Yuuko, is this another one of your helpers? Why do you persist in resisting? I only want to prevent your death. Just because there are things Clow Reed can’t do doesn’t mean I can’t!”

Fei Wang Reed murmured a few words and then addressed a woman in a purple dress behind him.

“Go and do a favor for me, dispatch people to all the other worlds. I want to know if their journey is progressing smoothly.”

Due to the presence of Clow Reed and the witch, he hesitated to leave the time period where he was hiding too easily.

Yet, as long as the two clones successfully complete their journey and collect feathers from all the worlds, his plan will not fail.

“Yes, Master!” The woman replied respectfully, turned, and left the room. Before exiting, she cast a glance at the glass jar filled with nutrient solution standing in the corner—the jar holding the comatose little wolf who had lost his right eye.

“What’s happening?” Jerry’s sudden shout and the powerful aura emanating from him caught their attention.

Kurogane, Fay, and Syaoran instantly became alert.

“Someone used magic to spy on us. It has been resolved for the time being,” Jerry smiled, then cast a discerning gaze back and forth between Syaoran and the unconscious Sakura.

The individual who was spying moments ago wasn’t weak, and Jerry sensed that the magical power fluctuations emitted at that moment surpassed even those of Yuuko.

However, he felt reassured upon gauging the opponent’s strength, as it fell within the range he could handle.

Jerry exceeded the opponent by a considerable margin in terms of magical power. Regarding methods, he had integrated magic from numerous worlds and possessed the added advantage of the unformed ring world.

How could he be inferior to the opponent?

When he agreed to Yuuko’s request earlier, he suspected that his opponent might not be ordinary.

If Yuuko could handle it by herself, why would she involve him in the deal? Fortunately, it seemed now that it shouldn’t pose a significant problem.

“Mr. Carmen, why are you looking at us like this?” Syaoran asked with some confusion, noticing Jerry’s lingering gaze.

“There are tracking marks on you. The individual who spied on us tracked us through these marks. If you don’t mind, I can remove them for you,” Jerry explained calmly.

Just as he dispersed the voyeur’s spiritual power, he noticed the spiritual imprint on Syaoran and Sakura that was connected to it.

Syaoran was startled when he heard this, immediately recalling the group of people who attacked him and Sakura.

“Then I’ll trouble you, Mr. Carmen.”

“Can you tell me about you and Sakura? You know, that guy just now was able to spy on us across dimensions. He’s quite powerful.”

Jerry nodded, stepped forward, and placed a hand on Syaoran. Another hand was placed on the unconscious Sakura’s head, and then powerful spiritual power spurted out, directly shattering the spiritual imprints on the two of them.

Although Jerry could roughly judge that the opponent’s strength was not as formidable as his own, gathering more information about potential adversaries was always beneficial.

Syaoran didn’t hide anything and slowly recounted his story.

It turns out that he was adopted by an archaeologist named “Fujitaka” when he was seven years old, and then came to a country called Clow Kingdom to engage in archaeological excavations of a massive ruin for the old king, Clow Reed.

But just yesterday, an enormous energy erupted in the ruins. Their country’s Princess Sakura was sucked into the ruins, and then countless feathers flew out of her body, causing her to lose consciou


Afterward, a large number of masked enemies appeared at the ruins and attacked them.

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