“Cost?” Kurogane appeared bewildered, unfamiliar with the intricacies of witch laws.

Fairly versed in magical regulations, Fay promptly clarified, “The rule among magic practitioners is that to gain something, you must exchange it for something of equal value, correct?”

“Yes, the price of journeying to another world is steep. It might still fall short even if you trade the most precious things.” Yuuko nodded and continued, “However, if the three of you contribute together, it should be sufficient.”

“And him?” Kurogane gestured towards Jerry, who stood nearby. “Isn’t he also heading to another world?”

“Mr. Carmen’s price has already been paid; there’s no need for additional payment,” Yuuko replied casually.

“I am willing. As long as I can save Princess Sakura, I am willing to pay any price.” Syaoran declared resolutely.

Fay nodded, masking his true emotions with a forced smile. He was already aware of this arrangement before arriving.

Kurogane hesitated momentarily but ultimately nodded.

Thus, Yuuko commenced the collection of the required price.

Kurogane, the black ninja, offered his most potent weapon that never left his side. Fay surrendered the powerful magic circle inscribed on his back, and Syaoran, reluctantly, gave the most precious of all – his connections.

The price he had to pay was the person he loved most and all his relationships.

In essence, even if Syaoran successfully rescues his beloved Princess Sakura and she regains all her memories, she will lose the ability to remember anything about him.

Even if someone were to recount Sakura’s entire past to her, she would instantly forget it.

Henceforth, only Syaoran’s love for Sakura will remain unwavering, while Sakura will regard Syaoran as if he were a complete stranger.

Jerry, standing nearby, couldn’t help but flinch upon hearing this condition.

He found it utterly unnecessary. Learning some principles of equal exchange from Yuuko during this period, he believed that if it was an equal exchange, the price for traveling to another world could be the silver dragon weapon, Fay’s magic circle, or other items of equivalent value. There was no need to take away the so-called “connections.”

This request seemed to be solely based on Yuuko’s personal desires.

Was it a misguided decision? Was it truly something necessary to be paid in the first place?

However, based on his interactions with Yuuko during this time, despite her penchant for jesting, she was genuinely compassionate. She wouldn’t intentionally cause harm to others in such a way.

Jerry speculated that there might be some undisclosed reason, similar to how she was already aware of the impending arrival of these individuals.

“Since we all agree, let’s proceed!” Yuuko took the white Mokona from the returning Watanuki and then handed it to Jerry.

“It can transport you to different worlds, albeit randomly. It can also detect the presence of feathers within a certain range, and you’ll be able to understand the languages spoken in other worlds around it.” Yuuko explained.

“Mokona, you’re quite impressive!” Jerry expressed his surprise and extended his hand to poke Mokona, the chubby white creature. Mokona immediately hopped up in his palm with an air of pride.

Black and white Mokona were two adorable magical creatures in the shop.

According to Yuuko, she and Clow Reed designed them based on the appearance of the God of Creation they had encountered.

Initially, Jerry thought their primary functions were to be cute and enjoy drinks with Yuuko.

However, he didn’t anticipate that they also possessed the ability to travel to other worlds.

“Alright, if there are no issues, you can set off!” Yuuko extended an inviting gesture.

“Mr. Carmen!” At this moment, Yuuko, standing beside him and holding the black Mokona, Watanuki, looked at Jerry with a hint of reluctance.

With no past memories and almost no friends, Miss Yuuko, who teased him every day, and Mr. Carmen, who always assisted him, had become essential figures in his life.

They were crucial because he regarded them as friends.

Now that Mr. Carmen was departing, and Jerry wasn’t sure if he would return, the parting naturally weighed heavily on him, filled with reluctance.

“I’ll come back to see you when I have time. By the way, this is for you!” Jerry reached into the ring world and pulled out a large bottle, tossing it to Watanuki.

“Give your friend Himawari a drop of this every now and then. It can temporarily ward off her bad luck.”

Himawari, Jerry’s high school classmate and crush on April 1st, was born with a streak of misfortune. None of her relationships ended well.

She was often referred to as the Lone Star of Heavenly Evil.

Jerry had given April 1st an improved version of his magic potion, Felixir. Administering a drop of it to Himawari periodically could help her mitigate the bad luck that plagued her, allowing her to lead a more normal life for a while.

“Okay, let’s go!”

After bidding farewell to Yuuko, Jerry directly instructed White Mokona to activate its ability. A surge of powerful spatial energy spewed from White Mokona’s mouth.

In an instant, Jerry, Kurogane, Fay, Syaoran, and Sakura disappeared from the yard.

Once everyone had vanished, Yuuko raised her head and murmured, “Fei Wang Reed, I won’t let you succeed this time!”

In the endless cycle of reincarnation, she and Clow Reed had experienced countless failures.

However, this time, she felt that she might be able to achieve her wish—to thwart King Fei’s plan and correct the mistakes she and Clow Reed had made.

Because this time, the greatest variable had emerged—the enigmatic magician named Jerry Kamen.

This is a magician whose strength is not much inferior to Clow Reed at his peak.

In another world, the Hanshin Republic.

Perched atop a heap of abandoned cars and crumbling bridges, Jerry sensed the unique laws of different worlds, a smile playing on his face.

Judging by his instincts, this was indeed a new world. If he moved quickly, he could grasp all the essential laws within a month.

“Sakura!” A shout echoed at that moment.

It was the previously unconscious Syaoran who had awakened due to the space travel.

Traveling through space, especially between different worlds, was no easy feat.

Jerry, being exceptionally powerful, remained unaffected by any adverse conditions. The magician Fay and the ninja Kurogane, both formidable in their own right, only experienced momentary Faynting and quickly recovered.

Li Syaoran was the weakest among them. He had fainted during the journey through space and only now regained consciousness.

“Where are we?” Syaoran held Sakura close, surveying the unfamiliar surroundings with a puzzled expression.

Fay smiled and replied, “I don’t know, but I’m certain it’s not my world from before.”

“Nor is it my world!” Kurogane cast a glance at Syaoran and answered.

Jerry turned around, extending his hand and snapping his fingers, conjuring a flying carpet imbued with levitation magic, “Place

her on the flying carpet so you can all feel more at ease. This is a new world, but it seems a bit unsettled.”

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