In the passage of a mere three months, time slipped away like grains of sand.

In the early morning, Jerry awoke to the rhythmic ticking of raindrops. Rising from the tatami mat, he effortlessly used magic to freshen up and dress.

Pushing open the sliding door, he strolled towards the villa’s dining room.

Today marked the anticipated day when Yuuko had promised to transport him to other worlds.

Over these three months, Jerry had meticulously absorbed all the laws governing this diminutive world.

In reality, he had completed this endeavor within the first month, noting striking resemblances in low-level laws between this world and the Magic Card World he had previously visited.

Perhaps it was due to the common originator or creator behind these worlds.

Whether it was the Magic Card World, his current realm, or the future worlds he would explore, shared threads of similar laws intertwined them.

The Magic Card World and the current realm, crafted by the same entity, exhibited a greater convergence of laws compared to the divergent small world he traversed through the panel.

Worlds like Harry Potter’s, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Fairy Tail, created by different entities, showcased unique sets of laws distinct from the common threads uniting the realms of Cardcaptors and Jerry’s current dwelling.

Nevertheless, this approach may result in a smaller quantity of low-level laws gathered in each world compared to Jerry’s initial expectations.

Yet, this method boasts its advantages, namely a significantly reduced time investment.

Some worlds may harbor such repetitive low-level laws that Jerry can swiftly amass them within mere days or a fortnight.

This development didn’t overly dishearten Jerry. Numerous small worlds held the potential for collecting low-level laws, including realms he had yet to explore, such as the Fairy Tail world.

If he so desired, armed with his current strength, Jerry could return to the main world, navigate the multiverse, and delve into various parallel universes to amass laws.

Marvel’s main world itself featured numerous parallel universes, exemplified by the three distinct Spider-Mans residing in three different universes. Mutants and similar entities also occupied separate universes.

In reality, Jerry faced no shortage of law collection opportunities.

“Good morning, Mr. Carmen!”

Upon entering the living room, Watanuki, diligently preparing breakfast, greeted Jerry.

Meanwhile, Yuuko indulged in a different beverage – not sake, but the Harbin Beer gifted by Jerry, known as the Butterbeer of Harry Potter’s World.

In the last three months, the connection between Yuuko and Jerry has deepened significantly.

One notable factor contributing to this was Jerry’s ability to use magic to summon various wines that Yuuko had never experienced.

From Harry Potter’s wine to Asgardian spirits and those from Fairy Tail, Jerry’s magical expertise ensured a diverse array of beverages.

Jerry, in turn, absorbed a wealth of magical knowledge every time Yuuko indulged in these exotic drinks, making the exchanges mutually beneficial.

“Good morning, Miss Yuuko, you look exceptionally beautiful today!”

Jerry greeted her with a smile, offering a genuine compliment. Yuuko possessed a natural beauty, exuding the distinctive aura of a mature elder sister.

Her daily change of outfits added to her allure; today, she wore a mysterious and noble black dress.

“Mr. Carmen, your flattery knows no bounds! Seems like you know your way with words, huh?” Yuuko chuckled, covering her mouth, then swiftly downed the contents of her wine glass.

“Good morning, Mr. Carmen!” Sitting busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Watanuki hurriedly emerged upon hearing Jerry’s voice, offering a respectful bow and greeting.

His three months of working in the store had been filled with peculiar encounters and the generous assistance of Mr. Carmen.

While he often faced teasing from Yuuko, he held profound respect for Jerry and his enigmatic magical abilities.

“You don’t have to be so polite every time, Watanuki! Ease up a little, will you?” Jerry expressed helplessness towards Watanuki and took a seat opposite Yuuko.

Jerry had developed a positive impression of Watanuki, the high school student.

Despite being a bit naggy, Watanuki was enthusiastic, kind, and helpful, possessing qualities that many people lacked.

Over the past two months, after collecting the laws of this world, Jerry not only went shopping but also assisted Watanuki in dealing with troublesome monsters.

Watanuki was a high school student, and Jerry appreciated his company and contributions.

Monsters in this world were unique creatures, mainly categorized into two types.

The first type was a spirit body, an extension of human negative emotions, often lacking intelligence and acting on instinct.

The second type was cultivated from animals, possessing human-level intelligence and utilizing various special magics.

Regardless of the type, Jerry found them relatively weak opponents.

With a light magic, thunder magic, or soul magic, he could effortlessly eliminate them from this world.

“Miss Yuuko, when are we leaving for today?” Jerry, enjoying the exquisite breakfast prepared by Watanuki, asked Ichihara Yuuko directly.

Without hesitation, Yuuko nodded with a smile, “If nothing unexpected happens, your companion for dimensional travel will arrive in about two hours.”

“Well, that’s a great news for me.”, Jerry responded with a smile.

After more than three months, and especially the last two months of relative idleness, Jerry was now in high spirits as he could resume his plan to collect laws.

Across from him, Yuuko observed Jerry with an inscrutable expression.

Two hours later, in the living room, Jerry, wearing a slightly surprised expression, looked at Ichihara Yuuko and inquired, “Miss Yuuko, who are you?”

To his surprise, Jerry realized that Yuuko was not a real person at the moment but a magical construct, a body resembling a clone.

Rather than being taken aback by Jerry’s discovery, Yuuko smiled and explained, “One of the soon-to-arrive guests is cursed with a potent spell. Anyone encountering a person with a stronger magical power will uncontrollably attempt to kill each other.

I find it more prudent to greet guests using a phantom body to prevent the house from being demolished shortly.

By the way, Mr. Carmen, you might want to employ a magic that shields your own magical power from the outset. It’ll create a more harmonious atmosphere for a while.” Yuuko explained to Jerry with a mysterious smile on her face.

“Well, such a peculiar curse, that’s interesting.” Jerry mused to himself.

Upon hearing this, Jerry didn’t object and casually cast a spell to shield his magical power, “Protego!” preventing any unintentional conflicts.

Since both he and Ichihara Yuuko were victims of the curse, it was wise to avoid confrontation to prevent accidental harm.

Jerry, rather than feeling anxious about the person that’s soon going to appear before them with the powerful curse that Yuuko had explained to him, he is looking forward to meeting with the so called partner.

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Published On: January 23, 2024

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