“I don’t require these items as an exchange price, but if you’re willing to do me a small favor, then I can help you fulfill this wish,” Ichihara Yuuko proposed.

Engrossed in a game, Jerry received the unexpected offer and raised his eyebrows in response. “Then it depends on what kind of small favor it is?”

“It’s very simple, Mr. Carmen. In a few months, there will be several wish-makers like you, and they also need to traverse various dimensional worlds. When the time comes, I will assist you in your journey. I hope you can ensure their safety along the way,” Yuuko explained with a casual wave of her hand.

After pondering for a moment, Jerry nodded gently and replied, “Sure, no problem. You scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours.”

“What a particular analogy, Mr. Carmen!” Yuuko, with her hand on her mouth, covered the surprised expression she had just made.

He sensed that the situation might not be as straightforward as Yuuko presented, but he remained unfazed. Jerry was confident in his own abilities, and if faced with an adversary he couldn’t handle, his strategy was simple—retreat.

Besides, he saw an opportunity to gather knowledge about the dimensional world’s laws, a task that aligned with his current need to acclimate to this new world.

“Then please wait patiently for another three months, Mr. Carmen. If you don’t mind, you can live here together with me. I still have plenty of empty rooms here,” Yuuko suggested.

Jerry didn’t even think twice. He nodded instantly at the offer of it while wishing that he would be one step closer to his goal.

Observing Jerry’s nod, though outwardly indifferent, Yuuko felt a subtle excitement within. Through countless time reincarnations, she had tried various methods to alter fate by running her store and fulfilling wishes.

Yet, every time, her efforts were thwarted by the formidable Fei Wang Reed, leading to a repetition of the same cycle.

This time, the arrival of Jerry, a magician of comparable skill to Clow Reed, held the potential to be the key to breaking the cycle—ending this endless reincarnation and rectifying the mistakes both Ichihara Yuuko and Clow Reed had made.

A sudden and thunderous noise interrupted their conversation, creating a sizable hole in the living room’s roof that opened directly to the sky.

“Maru, Moro, do your job properly!” Yuuko’s eyes narrowed, and a palpable sense of menace permeated the entire living room.

During Yuuko’s negotiation with Jerry, Maru, and Moro accidentally unearthed a Kree energy cannon from a pile of items, inadvertently triggering its firing mechanism.

“A guest is coming, a guest is coming!” Realizing their mistake, Maru and Moro hastily discarded the energy cannons and fled the living room.

Yuuko, sensing something, muttered, “There are no accidents in this world, only necessities. He is here!”

After seeing how clumsy Maru and Moro are doing their job, Jerry decided that staying together for three months with them would be counterproductive.

“On second thought, I will reject that offer… I will return in three months, Miss Yuuko.” Jerry declined, deciding against staying in the mansion. Unfamiliar with sharing living quarters with others, particularly someone with such formidable magical prowess, he opted for caution.

Unsure of Yuuko’s true nature, Jerry recognized that their current relationship was based on mutual benefit, far from friendship. Vigilance seemed only prudent.

“That’s a shame. I was hoping for the opportunity to share a drink with my future husband and discuss magic together,” Yuuko expressed, her disappointment evident.

“Let’s just see, if finding a place for me to stay is proven to be hard, then I will be returning here. But for now I’ll take on that offer of yours for temporarily.” Jerry remarked.

With a casual wave of his hand, Jerry retrieved all his belongings from the living room into the ring world and resumed his seat.

Under typical circumstances, he wouldn’t consider residing here, but the prospect of engaging in magical discussions with the dimensional witch before him altered his perspective.

Although the witch’s magical prowess fell short of his own, enveloped in a peculiar time law, her level of magic was undoubtedly substantial, comparable to Clow Reed.

Exchanging magical insights with a practitioner of this caliber promised significant benefits for enhancing his own magical strength. Thus, upon hearing her proposal, Jerry promptly changed his mind.

Puffing on her cigarette, Yuuko smiled and said, “Well, Mr. Carmen, so that you know. The offer is still available anytime you want to change your mind.”

As a dimensional witch with a history of fulfilling countless wishes, Yuuko possessed a keen judgment of people. Despite the limited interaction with Jerry, she inferred his profound fascination with magical research.

To encourage Jerry to stay, Yuuko subtly employed her magical prowess to captivate him, an approach that proved remarkably effective.


At that moment, the wooden door of the living room swung open again, revealing a fifteen or sixteen-year-old high school student dragged in by Maru and Moro.

When the high school student entered the living room and spotted Jerry and Yuuko, he waved his hands in embarrassment, offering an explanation, “By the way, I’m not a guest. I just tripped over a stone, put my hand on the wall, and something strange happened. The next thing I knew, I was in the yard, and my legs started moving on their own, leading me here. Why does it sound like I’m making excuses?”

After a prolonged attempt to clarify, the high school student suddenly realized that his explanation was far from common sense. Most people would find it unbelievable, causing his voice to fade gradually.

At this moment, Yuuko regarded the high school student with a gentle smile, “That wall is the barrier here, and it was your destined fate to come here. Now, take whatever is in your pocket out and give it to me.”

The high school student hesitated for a moment, then pulled out a golden pocket watch from his pocket and handed it to Yuuko.

She inspected the golden pocket watch briefly before tucking it into her arms.

“What’s your name? When is your birthday?”

“Watanuki, Watanuki Kimihiro. My birthday is April 1st, and that’s my watch.”

The high school student shared his name and birthday but watched as Yuuko took away his pocket watch. He quickly reached out to reclaim it.

However, Jerry interjected, temporarily diverting attention:

“Since Miss Yuuko still has guests, I’ll take my leave. Maru and Moro, would you mind showing me to the room?”

“Of course! Absolutely!” Maru and Moro enthusiastically responded, holding hands and jumping up and down with exuberance.

“Reparo.” Jerry gestured towards the roof, utilizing a repair spell to mend the sizable hole created by Maru and Moro with their energy cannons before his departure.

“Thank you, Mr. Carmen. Let’s share a drink later!” Yuuko smiled and waved to Jerry.

Meanwhile, the high school student with the peculiar name, Watanuki Kimihiro stood in amazement.

Upon entering the living room, he had been puzzled by the gaping hole in the roof.

Now, witnessing the foreigner wave his hand, emitting a blue light that magically repaired the damage, left him utterly astonished.

Had he not been accustomed to abnormal occurrences, encountering various monsters, his adaptability surpassing tha

t of ordinary individuals, he might have been terrified and fled at this remarkable display.

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