Upon returning to Earth, Jerry consciously set aside all distractions, immersing himself in the ring world to unravel the intricacies of the laws within the soul gem.

In comparison to the Law of Space, the Law that bound the Souls it has proved considerably more challenging and, simultaneously, more fascinating.

This intensive research extended over three months.

The original plan to explore the laws in a small world was postponed due to Jerry’s deep engrossment in the study of soul laws and life creation experiments.

Knowing that entering the small world would render the Infinity Stones ordinary and halt his research, Jerry felt no urgency and dedicated all his energy to comprehending the soul gem’s intricacies.

Yet, in these three months, he achieved significant progress.

He finally accomplished the creation of a human being in the truest sense, entirely by his own efforts.

Jerry nodded in satisfaction, surveying the humans in the distance on the newly formed continent within the Ring World.

“Finally, success!” Jerry exclaimed as he managed to create the first human.

He extracted all comprehensible laws about the soul two months prior from the soul gem.

One month ago, successfully integrating his knowledge of the soul with the extracted laws, Jerry incorporated them into the system of laws shaping the ring world.

In the last month, he ventured into the realm of creating life from scratch.

After enduring a series of challenges, setbacks, and failures while continually learning and refining his approach, Jerry dedicated three intense weeks to the task of creating a fully-formed human being—complete with a soul and body.

Although the initial iterations of the human creations displayed a seemingly low IQ and moderate attractiveness, Jerry diligently addressed these deficiencies through ongoing improvements.

In the past two days, the humans he crafted not only possessed exceptional physical features but also exhibited elevated IQs.

To Jerry’s surprise, once these humans acclimated to their environment, they swiftly learned to cooperate with one another and utilize tools for hunting.

Initially, humans with slightly lower IQs were limited to picking fruits for sustenance.

“There are only few of them, I need to create more to see significant results!”

Currently, the population of the continent he formed with the Infinite Raw Stone comprised less than a hundred humans. This paled compared to the neighboring continent inhabited by hundreds of millions of Meow people, illustrating a substantial disparity.

Another week later, as Jerry grew more adept at creating humans, he once again brought forth four to five hundred new individuals on the continent.

However, with this development, Jerry encountered a new set of challenges.

The humans he crafted in the later stages, possessing high IQs, became too intelligent for their own good. They began forming factions and engaging in conflicts, each vying for leadership to avoid confronting dangerous beasts and securing an easier food source.

A revelation dawned upon him: even with his incredible abilities, creating an abundance of highly intelligent humans posed a risk. There was a potential for internal conflicts and strife that might lead to the demise of these nascent beings before they had a chance to develop.

He altered his original plan of crafting increasingly perfect humans with this realization. Instead, he opted for a more rapid but less precise approach.

This adjustment resulted in a variation in the IQ levels of the newly created humans, along with a mix of both attractive and less appealing appearances. However, the accelerated pace of creation became a significant advantage.

This shift in strategy brought to mind the tale of Nuwa’s creation of humans. In the beginning, Nuwa meticulously molded individuals, producing beings of exquisite appearance with high talents and IQs.

Eventually, finding the process cumbersome, she resorted to using tree branches to sweep mud into the water, from which new humans emerged. While not as high in quality as those shaped by her own hands, the sheer quantity compensated for the difference.

Jerry found himself in a similar situation. When the number of humans in the New World reached 10,000, he was struck with a sudden revelation and halted further human creation.

“I know I would see results by having more of them created, but this is more than what I’ve expected!” Jerry thought to himself.

Surprisingly, he discovered that the legal framework of the ring world had seamlessly integrated and extended many new laws without his direct involvement in the process.

Upon careful consideration, Jerry realized that his actions in this world, utilizing the power of its inherent laws to create life, were instrumental in promoting the evolution and perfection of the world itself.

While Jerry’s personal strength played a role in his ability to create new humans, the entire ring world bestowed its blessing on this endeavor.

Although it wouldn’t be impossible for Jerry to create humans outside the ring world, it would undoubtedly be more challenging without the support of the ring world’s power.

The creation of a certain number of new humans with souls and wisdom, facilitated by the power of the ring world, was, in essence, a process of perfecting the world.

This, in turn, triggered the extension of corresponding new laws in the feedback loop between Jerry’s actions and the ring world.

Previously, such occurrences had not taken place because the intelligent life forms within the ring world, such as the Meow Clan and the Death Eaters, were brought in by Jerry from the outside world—they were alien species.

In contrast, the new humans were created by Jerry using the laws intrinsic to this world, making them intelligent life forms that truly belonged to this realm.

Thus, this unexpected gain could be seen as a harmonious integration of Jerry’s efforts and the cooperative response of the ring world.

“Okay, it’s almost time to leave!” Jerry concluded.

Realizing that creating more new humans wouldn’t give rise to new laws, Jerry decided to conclude his work and move on to the next phase.

Originally planning to comprehend the laws within the soul gem in one month, unexpected circumstances extended the timeframe to more than three months, significantly surpassing the initial plan.

Continuing further might yield additional insights, but the efficiency would be too low. Jerry chose to proceed with the final step: allowing these humans to reproduce and develop autonomously.

This last step was straightforward. Hovering over the new humans, Jerry handed their leader a torch capable of burning for several years before departing.

Yes, the final step involved giving fire to these new humans.

Fire is fundamental to human progress. Jerry expedited the process rather than waiting for the new humans to discover it on their own. The future development of these humans would now depend on their own actions.

Although Jerry was their creator, he had no intention of indulging them like children, as it went against the laws of world development. Instead, he allowed them to multiply and grow, potentially promoting the self-improvement of the laws within the ring world.

Under the awed gazes of the new humans, Jerry implanted the basic knowledge of fire usage into the leader’s mind and temporarily exited the ring world.

Before departing, he sought out Sun Long and instructed him to keep an eye on these new humans using the monitoring mirror that covered the entire world.

While Jerry pledged not to interfere with their reproduction, he acknowledged that certain adjustments might be necessary if unforeseen issues arose. After all, creating these humans had taken several months of his time.


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