Three weeks later, within the Ring World.

“Finally done!” Jerry exclaimed as he gazed at the soul gem in his hand, its self-awareness now completely eradicated. He nodded in satisfaction.

Leveraging the combined power of the four gems and the Ring World, Jerry had spent a week dismantling all resistance within the soul gems. Subsequently, it took an additional two weeks to entirely refine the consciousness of the soul gems.

Much like the other five, the present soul gem was now under Jerry’s complete control, eliminating the risk of accidental escape.

Exiting the Ring World, Jerry returned to Vormir.

“Thank you!” The refined consciousness of the soul gem allowed the once-imprisoned Red Skull’s soul to be liberated.

Grateful, the Red Skull thanked Jerry sincerely before being sucked into a rift and vanishing.

“Has he entered the realm of death?” Jerry pondered as he witnessed the Red Skull’s soul being drawn into the rift.

He was aware that in Marvel’s primary world, unlike the Magic Cards universe, there was no concept of reincarnation. Once a person died, they remained deceased.

Without specific beliefs, the soul after death would be drawn into the realm of death, not the underworld of Heim among the nine realms or the hell of Mephisto. Instead, it was the ultimate destination for all souls across the entire universe.

Certainly, if one holds specific beliefs, the afterlife takes a different turn.

For instance, devout followers of Mephisto have a high likelihood of being drawn into hell by the demon god upon death.

Similarly, those who believe in Dormammu may find themselves pulled into the Dark Kingdom.

Dormammu’s influence is even more potent, as believers may be transported to his realm while still alive.

Demon gods, possessing their own dimensional worlds, have the ability to deport individuals into these realms through faith.

In the past, Odin spoke of the Hall of Valor in Asgard, which served a similar purpose. Although Asgard itself may not be deemed a complete dimensional world, Odin’s later addition of the perfected Hall of Valor essentially achieved this status.

With the existence of the Hall of Valor, deceased Asgardians who believed in the divine realm could be transported to the Hall after death.

This dynamic is a key reason why Odin surpassed his father and grandfather, reaching the peak of the Heavenly Father level and approaching the single universe level, eventually unifying the nine realms.

In the future, if Jerry’s ring world achieves perfection, a place akin to the Hall of Valor could emerge to extradite the souls of its residents after death.

This development would mean that individuals like Haas, Elsa, Belle, Charlie, and Belle’s relatives, upon their demise, could have their souls led into Jerry’s own dimensional world, provided they are willing.

They might even assume roles as future managers, guides, or other significant positions within their newfound dimensional world.

The myriad laws governing the soul within the soul gem present a unique opportunity for Jerry to enhance the ring world and construct a realm akin to the Hall of Valor.

Simultaneously, these laws prove instrumental in Jerry’s pursuit of creating a genuine life.

Demonstrated by powerful dimensional entities like the ancient god Gaia and the god of black magic Chthon, these beings have the capability to fashion life itself.

Ada, the intelligent robot, delved into Chthon’s Book of Darkness, acquiring similar knowledge.

Through extensive research, Ada successfully transitioned from an intelligent robot to a bona fide human being.

Previous instances of life creation by Jerry resulted in artificial existences, not authentic life forms crafted from the ground up.

Utilizing activation spells, Jerry brought forth entities such as small steel cannons, magic robots, and stone guardians—entities that don’t possess true life.

Considered as magical iterations of intelligent robots, they were endowed with an intelligent program extending from Jerry’s knowledge system, not genuine souls.

Magical creatures like the Four Sacred Beasts share a similar paradigm, featuring the attribute of growth and the capacity for independent evolution.

Over time, their souls gradually become perfect, potentially evolving into complete souls.

While the souls of Keroberos and Yue closely resemble those of real people, the four sacred beasts require time for their growth. Consequently, Jerry has not yet reached the point where he can directly fashion human beings.

Even Foster, considered a complete human being, wasn’t brought into existence by Jerry.

Rather, he created her by utilizing Lily’s hair and employing her genes for cloning.

The core essence of her soul doesn’t originate from Jerry; it is an extension of Lily Evans’ soul.

In essence, there’s no fundamental distinction between the souls of Evans and Foster. However, disparate life experiences have imbued them with distinct personalities and perspectives.

Analogous to children growing up in different environments, though two individuals may possess disparate life experiences, their souls remain identical.

Jerry’s current magical prowess and technological proficiency empower him to fabricate a physical body and even resurrect a person easily.

Nevertheless, a prerequisite always exists for him to resurrect an individual—the person’s soul must still be present.

In the absence of a soul, Jerry cannot spontaneously generate a new soul unless provided with the person’s genetic material, such as hair, bones, or blood.

Only then can he resurrect Foster in the form of a clone.

However, such a resurrected individual, like Foster, shares the same soul but is inherently different.

This is because the soul of the truly deceased person has traversed to the realm of death.

What Jerry has to do now is to study the soul gem, master the deeper soul laws, and see if he can create a new soul from scratch.

If he can, then he can truly create life from scratch without needing anything as the base of it. The body and soul of a living being is possible to create through Jerry’s power.

“He’s not dead yet. He’s quite tenacious. Let’s continue living here!” The son exclaimed

After the Red Skull dissipated, Jerry discovered that three weeks had passed and the mother and son he brought here from the Earth were still alive.

However, compared to the splendor and arrogance before, he is now much more embarrassed.

Despite Vormir having a living environment resembling Earth, it remained desolate due to the aftermath of a previous war.

The mother and son managed to survive until now by hunting magical lizards and scavenging tools in the ruins to collect water.

“God, save us, save us!” The Mother repeatedly cried out.

Upon spotting Jerry hovering in the sky, the mother and son believed a savior had arrived. Hastily abandoning the bloody lizard, they sprinted toward Jerry, shouting fervently.

Among them, the son outran his weaker mother, who urged him to wait but was instead kicked away.

Jerry, however, merely cast a brief glance at them before opening a portal to depart.

Neither the mother nor the son were virtuous individuals. Possessing wealth and power, they had caused the direct or indirect demise of numerous innocent people.

By refraining from killing them outright, Jerry exhibited a degree of mercy. He chose to let them eke out a slow existence on this uninhabited planet.


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