“Next step, the Soul Stone.”

After checking again that there were no problems with the structure of his ring world, Jerry opened the panel and returned to the main world.

“Search the news about this city in recent years and find people who may meet the requirements.” Above the capital of a certain country, Jerry ordered the bracelet on his wrist.

“Please wait.”

In an instant, a virtual pop-up window appeared in front of him, and then, news reports flowed through one after another, and hundreds of news reports were selected. The events, people, processes involved in the news, and the people’s current telephone numbers, addresses, and information are all clearly listed.

The Soul Stone is the only one among the six gems with its own mind.

They must sacrifice the person they love most in order to get it. For this reason, it even specially captured the Red Skull to be its guide. Jerry is not stupid enough to trade his lover for the Soul Stone. His idea is to catch a pair of evil couples who love each other.

He then uses the Imperius Curse to control them to sacrifice their son and then grabs the Soul Stone after they get it. He thought about it and concluded that there should be more people in the country below him who met such conditions.

“Time to check them one by one.”

After checking the first news that met the criteria, Jerry directly apparated and disappeared on the spot.

The first news thing he read just now was that three months ago, a son of a certain company group was prosecuted for multiple crimes, including beating and killing. It was reported that he was acquitted because the victim either withdrew the accusation or disappeared, and all the evidence was proved to be false.

The things reported in the news are not necessarily true. He can only be sure after he reads their memory and confirms it.

“This seems to be a good one.”

Ten minutes later, Jerry opened the portal and left the Earth, carrying a man and a woman.

The man is a plutocrat. He is under twenty years old and has committed several times more crimes than reported in the news.

The woman is his mother, a company boss in her forties. Through her own money and connections, she settled all the crimes committed by her son and allowed him to be free.

They fit well with what Jerry wants.

On Vormir, a portal suddenly appeared. Jerry held one in each hand and stepped out.

“It’s really empty.”

Looking around, he found that the entire planet, Vormir, was not that big. It might have experienced a devastating war, and only some ruins were left on the entire planet. Almost no life can be seen except for occasionally seeing some lizards that are extremely vital in the universe.

Although Vormir looks desolate, it was once a prosperous small planet. Even now, the environment is still suitable for human survival. Even if ordinary earthlings come here, they will have no problem adapting to the surroundings, but it will probably be very difficult for them to live.

Through the interstellar map, he can accurately locate Vormir. But he didn’t know exactly where the Soul Stone was on the planet. There was no specific explanation in the movie. He only knew that it was on a mountain.

However, this is not a problem.

He spread his wings, flew directly into the sky, and flew around Vormir at supersonic speed. Vormir is slightly larger than the moon. It would only take him a few minutes to go around.

“Found it.” Four minutes later, Jerry quickly felt the energy of the Soul Stone on a mountain.

“Welcome, Jerry, son of Tom Carmen.” Just as Jerry carried the mother and son to the top of the mountain, a figure wrapped in rags quickly flew over.

“Hello, Mr. Schmidt.”

“You know me?” The figure was stunned when he heard Jerry calling his name.

Seventy-two years ago, after he was sucked, he appeared directly on this planet, and then his soul was imprisoned to become the guide for Soul Stone. At the same time, he also gained the ability to know the name of someone he saw instantly.

When someone came to ask for the Soul Stone, it was he who called out that person’s name. Today was the first time that someone called him by name.

“I knew Steve, who is the Captain America. He said he knows you very well.” Jerry released the spell on the mother and used the Imperius Curse to control her.

“He’s alive?” When he heard Jerry’s answer, he immediately knew that Jerry was from Earth and that he also knew Captain America, his nemesis in his previous life.

A somewhat complicated look appeared on his face, “If you see him next time, please say my words for me and say that I’m sorry.”

During the seventy-two years he was imprisoned by the Soul Stone, he was no longer the Red Skull who wanted to rule the world but a cursed person.

“No problem.”

Jerry waved his hand and used the Imperius Curse to control the mother, dragging her son toward the cliff’s edge.

When the Red Skull saw this, he quickly stepped forward to stop him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? This mother loves her son deeply and wants to get the Soul Stone. According to your rules, she must exchange her son for it, right?” Jerry pointed to the mother dragging her son.

The mother was under the control of Jerry’s Imperius Curse. She smiled and nodded to the Red Skull. He couldn’t help but twitch his mouth when he saw this.

“Very well.”

Although there was nothing wrong with what Jerry said, and according to his observation, the mother and son met the requirements for obtaining the Soul Stone because he felt something was not quite right.

Over the years, every time someone came to sacrifice the person they loved most to obtain the Soul Stone, they felt sad from the bottom of their hearts, but the mother was not sad at all.

Furthermore, she was dragging her son roughly. She didn’t even care if her son’s head hit a stone on the way.

Just when Red Skull got out of the way, and the mother dragged her son to the edge of the cliff and was about to throw her son down, Jerry frowned.

At this moment, a burst of energy rushed out from under the clif

f, swept across the mother’s body, and lifted the Imperius Curse cast by Jerry on her.

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