“No problem.” Hearing Odin’s request, Jerry agreed without thinking.

A decision that seemed like no loss at all to Odin was also a huge deal from Jerry’s perspective.

His world has now been filled with many things, but there is no clue yet about the energy that inspires these laws to complete their operation. The energy from the Eternal Flame should be a good source of energy, and it just so happened that his world still lacked a real sun.

Although the sun he made with magic can create the lighting effect, it is far inferior to the real sun. The Eternal Flame is a miniature version of the sun.

As for Hela, that’s not a problem at all. Perhaps with his current strength, it would be a little difficult to kill Hela without destroying Asgard.

But it is still nearly two years before Odin’s death, and Hela breaks the seal. The panel cooldown goes down once every month, enough for him to learn things from all the other worlds, even new ones that may appear.

His world will be almost complete by then, and it should not be a big problem. Moreover, after understanding the laws of other worlds, his strength will also be greatly improved.

Two years later, with his own strength and the blessing of the half-completed world. When he faces Hela, the outcome is already obvious.

“Thank you, King Odin.”

“Very well, I will take you to the treasure house to get the Tesseract and the Eternal Flame, and then I will teach you my experience building a world.” Seeing that Jerry agreed readily, Odin was also very pleased. He immediately got up and took Jerry towards the treasure house.

The person Odin was looking for at the beginning was Ancient One. She would seal Hela in Norway to isolate Hela from absorbing Asgard’s power and break through her seal.

Ancient One naturally knows this as the Sorcerer Supreme who protects the Earth.

So, it is best for Ancient One to kill Hela after he dies.

On the one hand, Ancient One is trustworthy. On the other hand, with the blessing of the three sanctuaries on Earth, Ancient One’s strength is at its peak, close to the Universe’s level, and it is easy for her to kill Hela.

Because Ancient One would simply do her duty, after Odin’s death, Hela returns to Asgard and will definitely launch a war. The Earth will not be spared, and Ancient One, as the guardian of the Earth, certainly does not want to see this happen.

However, when he went to find Ancient One, she told him that she would die a year earlier than him. So, he was confused at that time. That’s why his last plan was to activate Ragnarok and let Hela and Asgard be destroyed.

Fortunately, Jerry is here, he is trustworthy, and his strength is also very gratifying.

He felt that the most right thing his Thor had done in these years was probably to make a friend like Jerry. Otherwise, he would be furious if he heard Heimdall’s reports about Thor’s recent situation every day.

Sometimes, he really feels that activating Ragnarok is not a bad thing. At least it can make Thor feel motivated. If that doesn’t work, maybe he can consider releasing Loki.

At the same time, on a beach somewhere in New York on Earth. Thor was playing with Jane with a water gun when he suddenly sneezed.

“What’s wrong, Thor? Did you catch a cold?” Jane stopped.

Thor waved his hand in confusion, “How can my body catch a cold? I don’t know why I keep sneezing lately.”

More than three months later, Jerry learned all the knowledge about creating a world from Odin and returned to Earth with the Tesseract and the Eternal Flame. After spending Christmas with his family, he quickly entered the small world of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Two years later, in the world of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Jerry looked at the bright sun in the sky of his own world and nodded with satisfaction.

In the past two years, in addition to understanding the laws of this world every day. He has devoted himself to adjusting some mistakes in the previously created laws based on the experience he gained from Odin.

At the same time, he is analyzing the Eternal Flame and integrating it into his world.

Eternal Flame is the core of Surtur’s power. In addition to huge energy, it also contains many laws regarding fire. It cannot be directly used by throwing it into his world. He needs to spend a lot of time figuring out nature and creating something bit by bit so that it will be a stable creation.

When doing this, it is also necessary to reserve a place for the laws that need to be embedded in the future. This is also a very important thing he learned from Odin.

All in all, the process is very complicated.

According to the speed at which he was doing now, one year would have been enough for him to integrate all the low-level laws of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice World, but now it took him two full years.

However, it is precisely because of the experience learned from Odin that the basic framework of the fundamental laws of the world took this long.

In the future, the speed at which he will go to other worlds to understand the laws will be greatly accelerated, and the speed at which he improves his world will also be greatly accelerated.

Finally, thanks to the Eternal Flame, his body’s energy accumulation has been greatly strengthened, and his strength has been completely increased. After years of development, with good weather, abundant food, and the ability to make babies, the population has exploded.

So naturally, the number of followers Jerry has also greatly increased, and the number of priests who provide him with magic power has also increased.

The large number of priests also resulted in Jerry having more magic power borrowed from his body, and he was always in a state where his strength was not at its peak. But the appearance of the Eternal Flame made Jerry think of a solution.

Because the law of the Eternal Flame is very special, it can quickly absorb energy from the outside world, so it will never be exhausted.

So Jerry directly integrated his energy channel into the Eternal Flame.

It is expected that every time the priests cast magic, the energy borrowed is no longer the magic power in his body, but the energy converted by the Eternal Flame and the energy they returned will be given to his body.

Now, his strength can always remain at its peak, and a large number of

priests are constantly giving him more and more energy to make him stronger.

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