“It’s time to go back.” In Leaky Cauldron, Jerry reached out and clicked the button to return.

He had debated before whether to take Hermione with him when he returned this time, but after thinking about it, he decided not to because he may be away for a long time.

The world of Harry Potter was the world where he first learned magic, and it was also the foundation of all his magic research. It took him nearly a year to master the low-level laws of this world, let alone other worlds.

By the time he has mastered all the low-level laws of all worlds, five or six years may needed to go through all that. He was used to the passage of time and didn’t care, but there was no need to let Hermione accompany him out of selfish motives.

Her parents, friends, and everything were here. It would not be good for him to suddenly take her away and not be able to see her parents and friends for five or six years. Hermione is only fifteen years old now, and it would be over 20 if she left with him and came back.

He felt that even if Hermione was really willing to leave this world with him for a long time, at least she would have to wait until she achieved immortality and could freely control her body’s appearance.

Five or six years later, when he has collected all the low-level laws, truly learned it all, and has his own dimension, the time will still be as he left when he returns to this world.

After returning to his own world again, Jerry felt the laws of the world and secretly began to formulate his next plan. The first time he began to understand the laws was through the Infinity Stones.

But he didn’t think too much about it at that time. At that time, he was thinking about improving magic with similar effects by analyzing the magic principles in the stones.

He was already learning the corresponding laws at that time. After all, the six Infinity Stones are the foundation of this world. The foundation that he first established in his ring world was the power of these laws that he learned at that time.

But now there are more stones, which he has not had much research at all. If he can understand it, he should be able to master most of the low-level laws of the main world.

The Space Stone and the Time Stone are not difficult. Considering his relationship with the Ancient One and Odin, borrowing them shouldn’t be a problem. At worst, he must stay in Asgard and Kamar Taj to learn it.

As for the Soul Stone, he has found a solution.

He knows the location of the Soul Stone and can directly open a portal to teleport there. Secondly, the condition for the Soul Stone is that he must sacrifice the soul of a person he loves very much to obtain it.

This is not a difficult task. Find a death row prisoner who absolutely deserves to die, and then find a person who loves him. Use the Imperius Curse to control and sacrifice the person who loves them.

After getting the Soul Stone, he then deletes their memory.

After understanding the level of laws in the Soul Son, he would go to other worlds to understand their laws.

Finally, use the Darkhold to pry into Chthon’s knowledge. It is estimated that he can almost completely transform the ring world into a complete dimensional world quickly.

“Let’s go find Odin first. The Time Stone is probably on Doctor Strange now.”

After making a rough calculation, Jerry opened a portal to Asgard directly. At the beginning of the year, not long after the Avengers were established, Stephen Strange found Tony through his connections.

He hopes to find Jerry through Tony and wants to ask Jerry to use magic to help him heal his hands, which can no longer be used due to a car accident.

Originally, Jerry had already informed this kind of request in advance and refused directly, saying that the Avengers could not find any trace of him.

There are so many disabled, sick, and people with various problems in the world. If everyone comes to him for help and he treats them all, there will be no time for him to do his research.

Although there will be a red star given for his deeds, but it’s not worth the effort.

However, Stephen is an exception. Not because Jerry knows that he is Doctor Strange in the future, but because before he found Tony, Ancient One found Jerry first, hoping that Jerry would do a little favor.

So, the day before Stephen approached Tony, Jerry told Tony something in advance.

The moment he was in person and told him that he was seeking Jerry to heal his hands, he had to go to Kamar Taj and give him the Kamar Taj address. Half a year has passed now, and it’s probably time for Stephen to get started with magic and start learning to control the Time Stone.

It is inconvenient to borrow the Time Stone at this time. Hence, it’s better to go to Asgard first.

“Long time no see, Heimdall!” After stepping out of the portal, Jerry greeted Heimdall, who was guarding.

Heimdall was constantly observing the nine realms and was startled by Jerry’s voice. After seeing him, he replied, “Welcome back, Master Carmen.”

In the past, when Jerry wanted to visit Asgard, he would call his name from the Earth. After he heard it, he would open the Rainbow Bridge to bring Jerry to Asgard. But this time, Jerry did not need to go through the Rainbow Bridge. He relied on his own magic to go to Asgard.

It can only show that Jerry’s power is much stronger than when he came last time. This is what surprised Heimdall.

“I’m going to find King Odin, and we’ll talk when we have time.” Waving towards Heimdall, Jerry opened three pairs of large white wings and flew towards Asgard.

He could open the portal directly into the palace, but that would be too impolite.

Appearing at the gate of Asgard, letting Heimdall know his arrival, and flying to Asgard are ways for him to show his respect for Asgard and Odin itself.

Besides, he came this time to borrow their Space Stone to understand the essence of it, so he had to be polite this time.

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