“Sleep!” Jerry was seeking for any and all blind spots in the Abomination’s field of vision. He was stunned for two seconds by a Sleeping Charm he had cast.

On the other hand, Hulk seized the chance to pound him over the head and subdue him. The Abomination was roused by the Hulk’s brutal thrashing, and he shoved the Hulk away while pushing him beneath him with all of his might.

“Sleep!” Jerry once more launched a Sleeping Charm, stunning the Abomination.

The Hulk pushed the Abomination under his weight and continued to hammer erratically. Abomination awakens, is suppressed by the Hulk, followed by Jerry Sleeping Charm, Abomination awakens, the Hulk punches again, and so forth.

The Abomination finally became immobile after numerous iterations of these infinite cycles, his eyes going blank, his limbs lying limp on the ground.

The Abomination was pummeled for more than ten minutes with almost little ability to resist under the united siege of Hulk and Jerry, two individuals who don’t talk to each other. His spirit and body were on the verge of giving out at this point.

“Who? Who am I? What am I doing? It would be best if I took the military supplies and went back home. Why must I be abused and humiliated while being forced to inject this serum?”

The Abomination finally woke up at this point. He won’t engage in combat ever again if he can survive.

“Never undervalue your allies, especially those who are skilled at maintaining control.”

Jerry put his wand aside after taking a few breaths. He had to rest to restore the magic power in his body right now and it is almost gone.

In fact, he could have killed the abomination by himself with just the Sleeping Curse and Sectumsempra if it weren’t for the fact that his Sectumsempra wasn’t strong enough to overcome the Abomination’s defense.

Even though the Abomination is extremely strong and has an excellent defense, it still pales in comparison to the Hulk. The Hulk appeared to have no upper limit in terms of strength as he became stronger and more enraged the more he battled.

However, it works the opposite for the Abomination. He gets weaker the more he struggles. His strength, endurance, and defense will decline as he would expect as the battle goes on.

In the end, all that Abomination injects is the flawed super soldier serum and the Hulk serum that was cloned from Dr. Banner’s body.

General Ross gave the helicopter permission to land slowly after observing that the Abomination was losing strength until it was entirely immobile.

General Ross waived his hand and ordered the remaining soldiers to put down their weapons and flee when they saw them encircling the Hulk with their guns raised. Ross’ opinion toward the Hulk at this point has undoubtedly significantly changed.

“Hey, good job!”

Jerry was laying on a broomstick at this point, having regained some of his magic strength. Jerry lifted his hand to give the Hulk the thumbs up as the dying Abomination who had been beaten glanced at him.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

“Hmph!” Hulk replied to Jerry, as if thanking him for his help just now.

Hulk has understanding even though he can be a little naive. Instead, he has a heart that is more sensitive than an average person.

He likes everyone who reaches out to help him and recognizes him. He could still feel Jerry’s tone of sincere praise just now.

General Ross and Dr. Betty then joined them in making their way over.


Dr. Betty caught Hulk’s eye as he turned to stare at the escalating number of armed helicopters in the sky. He leaped to his feet, and after a few powerful leaps, he vanished from view.

The police and most of the audience had fled by this point, but numerous troops who had recently engaged the Abomination were still around, laying in every corner and crying from their wounds.

“Quickly call the ambulances!” Ross called the others.

Jerry applied the Quick Healing Charm to the wounds of the severely wounded warriors using his meager magic might.

Based on the basic Healing Charm spell, the Quick Healing Charm is an improved version. In addition to curing wounds, it can also remove any residual curse.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Logistics Department agent who had been pursuing General Ross saw Jerry halt the bleeding and transport the badly injured soldiers to the hospital for surgery and rescue, albeit his Quick Healing Charm was restricted and he was unable to fully heal them.

“Thank you so much, I appreciate it!” Jerry’s Quick Healing Charm managed to stop the bleeding of a severely hurt sniper.

“It’s okay! Is this a sniper rifle, by the way?” Jerry took up the sniper rifle next to him after tending to the last critically injured person and inquired.

He was intrigued by Jerry’s sniper gun after seeing him being saved. He gave a hasty explanation right away, “Yes, but this is a tranquilizer sniper rifle, not a typical sniper rifle. It was originally used to deal with Hulk.”

Jerry’s eyes quickly lit up as he heard the tranquilizer sniper rifle, and he nodded before placing the weapon on his back.

“This is my gift to you for being saved.”


Jerry took the sniper rifle, waved his wand, and cast a summoning spell to call his broom without looking at the dumbfounded sniper.

“Okay, I’ll leave now since I don’t have anything to do. Tomorrow, I have a music lesson. Goodbye!”

He waved to General Ross and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Logistics Department agent as they approached as he was riding the broomstick. He turned his head and flew off before anyone had a chance to respond.

“General, my sniper gun is gone!” When the sniper saw General Ross coming, he reported helplessly.

“Let’s disregard it and consider it a gift for him. We would have been in danger if he hadn’t been on the straight body plane just now, and his, uh, magic is stronger than a tranquilizer sniper rifle!”

The Abomination is unaffected by the tranquilizer sniper rifle, yet it can be stunned by the power of that wizard.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent then silently crept to a location where no one else was present and said into the microphone tucked beneath his collar, “The target has left, the target has left!”

Agent Maria Hill, who was ten kilometers away in a different building, heard the report on her headset and gave the same S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform-clad staff member a directive.

“He should be followed by a drone. Keep in mind that despite he’s a child, the target is highly careful. Keep the monitoring drone from getting too close.”

When she was finished while turning to face another employee, she said, “What’s going on with the Hulk?”

“The Hulk has left the city and is currently in the forest, but our drone is still watching him.” The agent who was being questioned fixed her gaze intently on the screen before responding.

“Wait! Our drone was discovered and destroyed!”

The agent who had been given the command to launch the drone and locate Jerry gazed at the screen as it abruptly turned black.

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Published On: March 14, 2023

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