The last event of the Triwizard Tournament ended. Hogwarts won with absolute strength, proving that the oldest and most powerful magic school still lives up to its reputation.

Fudge was notified and rushed over. He was in the hall and presented the winning trophy to Jerry, the winner of the Triwizard Tournament.

At the same time, as a reward for becoming the champion, in addition to the bountiful of Galleons, Jerry was also awarded many things by Snape that made Fred and George jealous.

For example, he can wander around the castle at night without being bound by school rules and browse all the books in the restricted area without the professor’s permission.

The awarding and celebration ceremony was over, and it was almost midnight. The teachers and students of the three schools returned to their respective resting places.

Jerry’s powerful explosion spell made all the students understand what real magic is, which was enough for them to discuss it all night. Likewise, what happened today is enough to make it difficult for the professors at the Ministry of Magic, the three schools, and the reporters to digest what had happened.

After tomorrow, Jerry will be more than just a fourth-year student at Hogwarts, more than the greatest Quidditch Seeker in history, and more than just a genius who invents spells.

He is a powerful wizard who is only fourteen years old and is already as powerful as Dumbledore. He is a powerful person that the entire wizarding world should pay special attention to.

However, Jerry didn’t care about these. He participated in the Triwizard Tournament just to help his school and Professor Snape.

Honor has been something he has received too much, and he is used to it.

In his own world, some people even worshiped him as a god. Even in his ring world, he is really the God of all life living creatures there.

His goal is not the honor that he would get, but to become powerful, so powerful that all the Dimensional Gods in his own world cannot threaten him, and so powerful that he can break through the limits of the world.

The feats he is doing now in the eyes of other wizards are just some sideshows he did while understanding the world around him.

The next morning, after having breakfast in the hall, the students returned to their common room and started packing the clothes in their closets.

Because today, they are going home for summer vacation.

After breakfast, professors and students from the other two schools also said goodbye to the Hogwarts teachers and students.

At half past nine, the whistle of the Hogwarts Express sounded. The train, loaded with students, set off from Hogsmeade Station towards London. The entire Hogwarts castle suddenly became deserted.

After the train left, all the professors gathered in the principal’s office because Dumbledore was about to leave Hogwarts.

“Don’t be so sad. If you want to talk with an old guy like me, you can come to Nurmengard. If nothing happens in the future, I will live there.” Dumbledore looked at the sad professors before him, especially Hagrid, who was wiping away tears.

He has been at Hogwarts for more than sixty years, from being a professor to becoming the principal. He has single-handedly taught all the professors in the school. Many of them even came to school under his watch, went out to work after graduation, and returned to school to become professors.

In his heart, he could not bear to part with the school where he had stayed for most of his life, but after stepping down, he was more concerned about the regret that had always existed in his heart.

“Severus, McGonagall, you will be in charge of Hogwarts from now on.”

After saying goodbye, Dumbledore summoned his phoenix, turned it into a flame, and disappeared. After Dumbledore left, the professors dispersed. Snape stood alone in the principal’s office, finally feeling the heavy pressure on his shoulders as the principal.

Although Dumbledore had previously given him the position of principal, he has always been at the school, so he didn’t feel much about it. It was only now that Dumbledore had left that he truly felt the responsibility of being a principal.

“Severus, I plan to go back to New York for the holidays. Do you want to go to New York for a holiday?” Just when Snape looked at the scenery outside the window and felt that he had a heavy responsibility, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from behind.

It was Lily Foster.

Looking at Foster, Snape paused for a moment before revealing a smile, “I think that would be a great idea.”

Since Lily Evans was killed by Voldemort fourteen years ago, his life has been commuting between Hogwarts and Spinner’s End.

He would spend most of his time at Hogwarts and the holidays spent at Spinner’s End.

During this time together, Foster’s enthusiasm and generosity, as well as her ten years of traveling to various countries in search of rare herbs and research on potions, have gradually opened up his closed heart. His affection for Foster is no longer the same as Lily’s.

Fourteen years have passed. Maybe it’s time for him to come out.

In the afternoon, the Hogwarts Express slowly stopped at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters at King’s Cross Station. The students got out of the car one after another, said goodbye to their friends, and were then picked up by their families.

Harry, Ron and Hermione, Sirius, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Mr. and Mrs. Granger had also been waiting for a long time at the gate.

Different from things given by the Dursleys in previous years, when they walked out of the station this year, they saw several people chatting.

After Sirius became an Auror, he and Arthur also became colleagues. Arthur was very interested in Muggle affairs and chatted well with Mr. Granger, so they had a good time chatting while waiting for their children.

“Come to the Burrow when you have time during the holidays.” Ron, Ginny, and the Weasley twins got into Arthur’s car, turned on the stealth mode, and quietly disappeared into the sky.

Harry waved and left with Sirius.

“I’ll come find you later.” Hermione quietly left a word in Jerry’s ear and got into the car.

Now, she has learned a spell that Jerry taught her, which can block the Trace left by the Ministry of Magic in her body. She could open a portal anytime and appear directly in Jerry’s room at the Leaky Cauldron during the holidays.

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Published On: January 13, 2024

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