“Now, let’s invite the second contestant, Mr. Krum, to enter as I count down to three.” The one-minute interval was about to end, so Ludo immediately prepared to let Krum enter the maze.

Hearing Ludo’s voice, the students from the three schools reacted and stood up to applaud enthusiastically. In their opinion, the loud noise just now may have been caused by Jerry triggering a magic trap in the maze or using magic to fight magical animals.

Only the wizards from the Ministry of Magic and the professors from the school looked very strange.

Because they knew that to prevent the audience’s sound from affecting the contestants in the maze, the entire maze was equipped with a soundproof spell, and the sound inside should not be transmitted.

Unless the sound is really loud and has exceeded the limits of the soundproof spell can isolate the sound. So now they are all curious about what Jerry did in the maze to make such a loud noise.

Just as Ludo’s whistle sounded and Krum was holding his wand and preparing to rush to the maze, the maze entrance where Jerry originally entered suddenly opened.

Immediately afterward, they saw Jerry carrying a crystal trophy that exuded beautiful, magical light and walking out with a smile on his face. That crystal cup is the ultimate goal of this competition.

This also means that Jerry won the Triwizard Tournament, and the game is over.

“I guess with this, the game is over, right?” Looking at everyone as if they were under a Stunning Charm, looking at him with their mouths wide open, Jerry slowly raised the trophy above his head.

In an instant, everyone reacted, and then they all stood up and gave out roaring cheers and enthusiastic applause, especially the Hogwarts students.

After the cheers and applause subsided a little, Ludo announced loudly in his unique host voice full of passion, “Mr. Jerry Carmen from Hogwarts passed the maze in one minute and won the tournament!”

“Wait, I don’t agree!”

Just when Ludo was about to announce the final result, Karkaroff suddenly stood up from the referee’s seat with an angry look on his face and raised his voice with the Amplifying Charm.

“I don’t believe he passed the maze in one minute and got the trophy. He must be cheating. He must have used the portal magic he made, a forbidden magic violating the game’s rules. I demand that he be disqualified from the competition and restart the game!”

It was a maze designed by the Ministry of Magic and three school professors. Even if they knew the terrain of the entire maze, it was impossible to find it in one minute.

This is possible only by using space magic, and before the game, he and Maxime proposed to ban the use of this kind of magic.

Hearing Karkaroff’s words, everyone was stunned for a moment.

If you think about it, Karkaroff’s words seem to be correct. The maze is big. How can you get the trophy in one minute? It will take at least ten minutes for someone to get it.

Jerry suddenly came out with the trophy, and they were so excited that they didn’t notice it. Now, after Karkaroff’s words, everyone looked at Jerry.

A question also arose in their minds at the same time. Is what Karkaroff said true?

They couldn’t see everything that happened in the maze. Could it be that Jerry was dissatisfied with the Ministry of Magic’s targeting him, so he secretly used portal magic to get the trophy directly in the center of the maze?

Because he feels that it is unfair for the Ministry of Magic to ban his magic.

Even many students from Hogwarts have shouted directly at Karkaroff, asking him to accept defeat and not to accuse him without any proof.

Some students secretly said that Jerry could do it better. If he secretly obtained the trophy using the portal, he could still wait until half an hour later and come out so that no one would suspect him.

Some students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons also stood up and began to quarrel with other students from Hogwarts, demanding that the game be restarted, and the current result would not count.

Although many students in Durmstrang and Beauxbatons are fans of Jerry, in competitions involving school honors, they still have to prioritize supporting their own schools.

“Mr. Carmen, please answer honestly. Did you use space magic prohibited by the competition in the maze?”

He saw that the students from the three schools were making more and more noise, and they were gradually getting out of control. Some students even began to silently take out their wands as if planning to make gestures in the audience.

Sure enough, Ludo’s question made everyone quiet down instantly, and their eyes were fixed on Jerry again, waiting for his answer.

“No, I didn’t use any space magic in the maze.” Jerry replied nonchalantly.

“Impossible! I ask Jerry Carmen to hand over his wand to be inspected by our judging panel!” As soon as Jerry finished speaking, Karkaroff immediately denied it and put forward his own opinion.

Among high-level spells, there is a very special spell that can test what kind of spells the wand has released before. As long as Jerry’s wand is shown to them for inspection, they will immediately know whether Jerry has cast the portal magic.

Karkaroff felt that Jerry must not know that this kind of spell existed, so he secretly used the portal, thinking that even if the referees guessed it without evidence, there would be nothing they could do against him.

“No need for that. I just used an explosion spell to blast a passage directly to the center of the maze. That’s why I can get to the trophy quickly.” Jerry smiled after hearing this, waved his wand, and the magic plants that had been closed after he came out spread out again.

Everyone looked along the maze passage that Jerry came out of, and a long path could be seen. The walls of the maze were blown out, creating a passage for him to go through.

Looking at this, the audience was dumbfounded by what they saw.

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