“Found it!”

Just when his spell separated two-thirds of the entire lake, Jerry finally saw Hermione’s figure. It was a small village built by the mermaid tribe with stones under the Black Lake. In the central square of the small village stood a huge mermaid statue.

There are three people tied with ropes to the tail of the statue. There are Hermione, Fleur’s sister Gabrielle, and Krum’s partner at the Yule Ball, a seventh-year Slytherin girl.

At this time, the three of them were under a spell by Dumbledore. They were sleeping deeply, with bubbles coming out of their mouths from time to time. As for the mermaid holding weapons guarding the three, they fell to the ground because the water in the square was divided to both sides.

The mermaids have a human upper body and a fish tail on the lower body, they don’t have legs like humans. Once there is no water, it will be a problem for them to stand still.

With that, Jerry easily came to Hermione’s side, reached out to untie the rope that bound her, and untied Dumbledore’s magic on her body. Hermione also opened her eyes in a daze.


Seeing the divided lake, the mermaid falling, and Jerry standing in front of him and extending his hand to her.

Hermione suddenly had a romantic feeling of a princess being kidnapped and the prince going through many difficulties to rescue the princess. Fortunately, Dumbledore had just asked her to be a hostage for this event, and she agreed.

“Time to go back.”

Jerry tidied up Hermione’s hair, which was a little messy due to the lake water. He used magic to dry the wet clothes on her body. He took her hand and returned to the ice carpet.

The ice blanket quickly retreated in the direction the two of them came from, and the lakes separated by the spell started to merge with Jerry’s departure, returning to their original appearance.

Jerry did not save Fleur’s and Krum’s treasure because he knew that even if Fleur and Krum could not find them, they would not be in any danger.

Besides, there was an obvious route for them just now. It was impossible for Klum and Fleur not to find their location. It was just a matter of time.

On the towers, all the students couldn’t help but be amazed as they watched Jerry leading Hermione up the ice escalator step by step. Most of the students looked at Hermione with deep envy.

“Jerry Carmen was the first to return. After six minutes, the five referees unanimously decided to give him a full score of 50 points and ranked first!” When Jerry and Hermione set foot on the main tower again, Ludo reported the scores the five referees gave.

Jerry’s performance was too eye-catching. Whether it was the ice spell or the water-parting spell, it was far beyond the imagination of several referees.

Among these six minutes, only two minutes were spent by Jerry going back and forth to find Hermione. The other four minutes were spent on the tower, untying Hermione and helping her to dry her clothes. So even if Karkaroff didn’t give him a full score, he would be considered weird.

Hearing Ludo’s announcement, the students in the towers on both sides suddenly burst into enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Fifty minutes after the start of the game, Krum finally returned to the tower with the seventh-grade Slytherin girl, scoring forty-five points and ranking second.

At the last minute, before the end of the game, Fleur appeared on the lake with her sister and finally scored 40 points, ranking third.

The second game has since come to an end. Jerry’s score is ahead of the other contestants, making Hogwarts to be in the lead right now.

After the game, Ludo announced the competition time for the third game. They will be held on June 24th. After that, Hogwarts will be on holiday.

In the blink of an eye, the time has come to the last week of May.

“The laws of this world are becoming increasingly difficult to understand. Maybe it’s time to consider taking a few trips to other worlds.”

In Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class, Jerry listened to the class with a little concentration while trying his best to understand the laws of this world. At this point, he has fully understood all the rules in the Harry Potter world that are easier to understand and integrated into his own ring world.

After this vacation, he has decided to go to other worlds and understand their laws.

Just like he thought before, instead of spending years, decades, or even hundreds of years striving for a difficult rule, it is better to go to other worlds and collect those easier laws that can be understood in a few days or ten days.

Finally, quantitative changes produce qualitative changes, and different low-level laws are integrated to create high-level laws. This is much more efficient than understanding one high-level law.

This kind of thing can only be done by people like him who can travel between different worlds.

After he left, time in the world of Harry Potter stood still. No matter how long he stayed in other worlds, in Hermione’s eyes, he never left.

“Mr. Carmen, at nine o’clock tonight, you must go to the Quidditch field, where Mr. Bagman will tell the contestants what the third game is.” After the class was over, Professor McGonagall spoke to Jerry alone.

So, at 8:30 in the evening. Jerry and Hermione separated and walked alone to the Quidditch field outside the castle.

As he approached the field, Jerry discovered that the Quidditch field had been transformed into a stadium and undergone tremendous changes.

There were many wizards from the Ministry of Magic appearing in the field. They were using magic wands to perform magic and built high walls. The whole thing looked like a maze.

Jerry knew it was a maze because the third game of the Triwizard Tournament is a maze in the original plot.

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