Fleur cast the Bubble Head Charm. After casting it, a transparent bubble immediately appeared on her head. This transparent bubble not only keeps the water out but also allows her to breathe air freely inside the water.

The Bubble Head Charm is an advanced spell, but it is not difficult for advanced wizards to learn. The difficult thing is how to maintain this spell in the water for more than an hour.

This is what Fleur has been working hard on during this period.

After successfully releasing the spell, Fleur jumped and was the first to enter the lake.

Following her was Krum. Krum did not use the Bubble Head Charm but a special method of the Transfiguration Charm called the Partial Transfiguration.

This is also an advanced magic spell, requiring an unusual talent for transfiguration skills.

He cannot completely transform his body into an animal like the Animagus. Still, he can transform part of his body into an animal while maintaining his mind from becoming animalized due to deformation.

Normal transfiguration will turn a person into an animal, and that person’s thinking will also become an animal’s thinking, and there is no way to finish the game if that happens. Only through Partial Transfiguration can anyone use animal abilities while maintaining sanity.

Krum has now transformed his upper body into a shark, allowing him to breathe in the water, swim quickly in the water, and have a certain degree of power.

After the two entered the water one after another, Jerry was the only one left on the tower.

He was not as anxious as the two of them. He looked leisurely, as if he was not worried at all that he would fall behind the two of them.

He drew out his wand, gestured gently toward the lake below, and then murmured, “I guess that’s where I will be going.”

Just when everyone was anxious about Jerry, Jerry finally cast his magic. However, everyone discovered that what he cast was the Freezing Spell, which everyone was familiar with.

A unique spell that turns water into ice, it is particularly popular in the African wizarding world. African wizards often use it to create ice cubes and put them in drinks. Professor Flitwick made the ice sculptures on the Yule Ball.

It’s just that the spell Jerry cast is different from the normal spell, or the effect of his spell looks extremely different.

A magical blue light spurted from Jerry’s wand and fell on the lake below. The water in the lake suddenly stopped, and a crystal and gorgeous ice escalator began to rise rapidly from the lake and finally settled firmly on the edge of the main tower.

Jerry waved his robe gently and walked slowly along the ice escalator.

It didn’t look like he was participating in a tense and exciting competition at all, but rather like a noble taking a leisurely walk. Compared with the two contestants in front, the way he’s doing it is way different.

The screams of the students on the towers on both sides pierced the sky at this moment, and some of the students even fainted due to being too excited.

“Dumbledore must’ve been excited to see this.” Jerry was walking on the ice escalator, listening to the screams of the students on both sides and thought to himself.

At the end of the ice escalator, Jerry raised his wand again. This time, he was going to cast the spell he invented. At the same time, the screaming students, the referees, and the professors in the tower also looked over.

They were all very curious about what Jerry’s spell would look like and whether it would be an upgraded version of the Bubble Head Charm.

They thought that the spell that only wrapped the head would be improved to wrap his entire body so that he could breathe in the water and ensure that the clothes would not get wet.

However, Jerry’s spell was completely different from what they imagined. To be more precise, it was completely different.

He raised the wand in his hand again, pointed towards the lake at his feet, and chanted.

Suddenly, a huge blue light beam shot out from his wand. Under the influence of the blue magic light, the lake under his feet seemed to be forcibly separated to both sides by force.

Jerry walked down along the divided lake, and the ice escalator automatically extended downwards. When Jerry reached the bottom of the lake, the ice escalator extended out into a gorgeous ice carpet with beautiful patterns.

He stood on the ice carpet, let the ice carpet spread it in the direction of the Hermione he had just sensed. The lake water in front of him also automatically separated to both sides under his spell.

In the meantime, he also met Fleur and Krum, who had jumped into the water early. The two were fighting the Grindylows and the mermaids while looking for their own treasures under the lake.

When Jerry passed by, the two people who were fighting with Grindylow were instantly washed to both sides. By the time they came to their senses in a daze, Jerry was nowhere to be seen.

At this time, all the students and audience on the towers looked at the lake that was gradually split into two halves as Jerry moved, and they were completely shocked.

They have one thought in their minds right now, “This is simply a mindblowing spell.”

The spell Jerry invented temporarily is based on the characteristics of the Impervius Charm. Its working principle is to make the nearby water flow automatically avoid the caster’s body.

If an ordinary student learns to cast this spell, when he enters the black lake, he will find that the water in the lake will automatically retreat half a meter away from their body.

It’s just that this spell is now cast by Jerry, someone with an extremely abnormal strength, so the effect is amplified a lot.

Everyone first thought it was something like Impervius Charm, but this seemed like something else.

Given Jerry’s strength, it might feel like a Sea-Parting Charm if he cast it into the sea.

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Published On: January 10, 2024

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