Jerry knew that Professor Snape’s current affection for Foster was mainly because Foster and Lily had the same appearance rather than because he really liked Foster. Professor Snape still loved Lily in his heart. At least, that is certainly the case for now.

But if nothing goes wrong and things go smoothly, Professor Snape is very likely to fall in love with Foster.

He felt that the reason why Professor Snape could not forget Lily and was unwilling to accept new feelings all these years was because sadness sealed his heart.

It’s not that he cannot accept new feelings after trying to get along with others, but that he is simply unwilling to open his heart and try to contact other women.

But the appearance of Foster, a person who looks exactly like Lily, has obviously broken Professor Snape’s closed heart and allowed him to open up. As long as Professor Snape is willing to reopen his heart and get along with Foster, Jerry believes that he will discover a lot of things together.

In addition, both of them have very deep knowledge of potions.

In the end, if the two really get together, then the person Professor Snape loves is no longer Lily Evans but Lily Foster. That result is what Jerry really wants to see.

“It’s up to you what’s next, Professor, and I can only help you so far.” Jerry Apparated and left the principal’s office.

Today, he promised to accompany Hermione to visit Hogsmeade, and it’s almost timeā€”the day before school starts during Christmas break, in the Hogwarts library.

Jerry and Hermione were reading a book leisurely and chatting. Opposite the two of them were Harry and Ron, who were writing rapidly with quills.

They spent a lot of time playing around during this Christmas vacation and didn’t do any homework. If they hadn’t finished some work in advance before the holiday, even if they didn’t sleep today, they wouldn’t have finished all the homework before class tomorrow.

“Why are you so relaxed when everyone is playing simultaneously?” Ron temporarily put down the quill in his hand, rubbed his sore wrist, and looked at Jerry and Hermione chatting leisurely.

During this Christmas holiday, he didn’t see Jerry and Hermione doing any homework. When they went to Hogsmeade to play, Jerry and Hermione also went together. When they went to Hagrid’s for tea, Jerry came with Hermione.

But now, when they are scratching their heads and catching up on their homework, they are just chilling.

“We finished all our homework before the holiday. Of course, we don’t have to make up for it like you do. If you had started making up your homework a few days earlier, you wouldn’t be in such a hurry today.” Facing Ron’s jealousy, Hermione made a sarcastic comment.

Jerry shrugged and gave Ron a sympathetic look.

“Ron, don’t you understand now? There are differences between people. Instead of spending time complaining, it’s better to do your homework quickly, or you’ll face a miserable day tomorrow.” Harry put down the quill in his hand and patted Ron on the shoulder.

Harry turned to Jerry and Hermione and smiled, “Well, the Potions homework assigned by Principal Snape last semester was too difficult. Can you give us your homework for reference?”

“We need some reference.” Ron was momentarily stunned by what Harry said and quickly understood what Harry meant.

According to the current progress of their homework, it is estimated that they will finish it by the early morning. But if Jerry and Hermione are willing to borrow their homework for reference, they can finish it before dinner.

“No, you have to complete your homework. What would you do when you face next year’s O.W.L exam?” Hermione refused the request without waiting for Jerry’s answer.

In the past, Harry and Ron reluctantly asked her notes when they had no time to finish their holiday homework. She agreed with it. But not this year. She felt that if this continued, Harry and Ron might not even be able to pass next year’s O.W.L exam.

“Hermione, O.W.L is for the fifth grade to consider. We are only in the fourth grade now.” Ron and Harry looked at Hermione in disbelief.

Hermione slowly raised her little fist and said viciously, “I said I won’t lend it. Do you have a problem with it?”

“No, no. Of course not!” Harry and Ron trembled when they saw Hermione raising her fists. A slightly frightened look appeared on their faces.

Jerry also smiled and shook his head when he saw this. Harry and Ron would not give up so easily when Hermione refused them before. The reason why this situation happened now stems from an incident that happened two days ago.

Hermione told him that Hermione was in the Gryffindor common room that night, speculating with Harry and Ron on the Potions Professor would be next term.

George and Fred suddenly appeared behind the three of them, trying to scare them with their newly made lion-head magic wands.

Lion Head Magic Wand, a magical item named by George and Fred that after using it, the head will turn into a lion within ten minutes.

At that time, Hermione had been influenced by Skye’s training in S.H.I.E.L.D. She subconsciously grabbed George and Fred’s arms when she felt something and threw them both over.

Hermione has been practicing the magic created by Jerry. Not only has her magic power been greatly increased, but the strength of her physical body has also been greatly enhanced.

Such a forceful throw over the shoulder broke both George’s and Fred’s arms, and even two human-shaped holes were made on the floor of the Gryffindor common room. Fortunately, everyone urgently sent them to Madam Pomfrey for treatment, and they were taken care of.

Ever since that night, everyone who saw Hermione felt frightened, even other students who liked Jerry, who had been sneering at Hermione before.

Now that they see Hermione, they no longer dare to provoke her. After all, no one wants to have their bones suddenly broken.

As the closest witnesses to that incident, Harry and Ron still have some fear in their hearts.

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