In the evening, Queens Police Department, New York, USA.

Sheriff John Foster had just returned from his duty, parked his car in the yard of the police station, and was about to clock out at the station. Suddenly he saw a little girl lying there.

“Hey, wake up. You can’t lie here like this. You’ll catch a cold. Where are your family?”

The girl was shaken awake by John, with a confused look on her face.

John said softly, “What’s your name? Why are you here? Are you lost? Where do you live? I’ll take you back.”

“I think my name is Lily, uncle. I don’t know why I’m here, and I don’t remember where my home is, let alone my family.”

Lily opened her eyes, looked at the policeman in front of her, and tried to recall the memories in her mind. Except that she was called Lily and that she was eleven years old and couldn’t remember anything else.

John was stunned for a moment, then helped Lily up and said gently, “It doesn’t matter, let’s go in and take a rest first. It’s a bit cold here. I will help you find your family.”

Just like that, John took Lily to the police station.

Half a month later, John and his wife Mary said nervously to Lily sitting on the chair.

“Sorry Lily, we checked all the records and couldn’t find your family. If you are willing, Mary and I would like to adopt you as our daughter.”

Ever since John picked up the girl named Lily at the police station that day, he could not find her family and took her home for temporary care.

He wanted to wait until her parents were found and return her.

However, after half a month of investigation, and even calling all the surveillance cameras near the police station, no information was found. Lily seemed to have fallen from the sky.

According to this situation, Lily would have been sent to a suitable family for adoption. However, after half a month of getting along, John and his wife both developed feelings for her.

In addition, due to physical reasons, the two of them were unable to have another child. They felt that this might be a daughter that God gave them, so they wanted to officially adopt Lily as their daughter.

Looking at John and Mary, Lily nodded in agreement without thinking too much.

The first person she saw was John, and her memory of the past was blank. John and Mary were also very kind to her during this time, so of course she was willing to have such a pair of parents.

So the next day, John and his wife took Lily to complete all the adoption procedures.

Another half month later, Lily was helping Mary clean the house at home. An owl suddenly landed on the balcony of the house, dropped a letter, and flew away.

Lily picked up the letter with some curiosity.

The envelope is made of parchment and contains the following words.

[Miss Lily Foster, 277 Grand Street, Queens, New York City.]

“A letter for me?” Lily saw that the recipient of the letter was herself, and a look of confusion suddenly appeared on her face.

She knew no one except her adoptive parents and neighbors.

Turning the letter over, a striking wax seal appeared in front of her eyes. Around the wax seal were drawn a snake with long horns, a strange bird, a six-legged cat, and a gnome.

Tearing open the envelope, Lily began to read the contents of the letter inside.

[From Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Dear Miss Lily Foster,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Below is a list of required books and equipment.

The semester is scheduled to start on September 1st. I will personally visit your home at nine o’clock tomorrow morning and get your reply.

Vice-Headmaster, Danielle Peck]

“Mom, I received a letter from an owl. There is a magic school that wants to accept me.” Just when Lily was shocked to receive an admission letter from a magic school, Jerry nodded with satisfaction.

“After so much effort, most of it is finally completed. The next step is to modify the law of time.”

Jerry created the clone Lily and sent her to the United States to attend a magic school, just to allow her to grow freely into a truly complete human being.

The Lily Snape meets in the future is not Lily Evans but Lily Foster, she is a real witch with her own emotions and experiences. But to prevent Lily Foster from falling in love with someone else before meeting Snape, he deliberately leaves two inner hints in Lily’s mind.

The first hint is that Lily will not fall in love with anyone before she is thirty-four, and the second is that she needs to receive specific information at thirty-four to be triggered.

Of course, none of this is difficult for Jerry. What is more difficult is what impact he would have on the law of time and the future world by inserting one more person out of thin air.

The butterfly effect may be big here. Not to mention that he added a living person to it.

Although it is said that it was imposed in the United States rather than the United Kingdom, it may still have a great impact on the world. According to the laws of time in this world, history is not allowed to change. Once changes do occur, it will cause some disastrous consequences and powerful backlash.

Just as Jerry once read from a book, there was once a wizard who had a very in-depth study of time magic by himself.

Some things were forcibly changed during the process, resulting in a series of chain reactions. Some people disappeared inexplicably, and some people appeared inexplicably, including the wizard himself, who disappeared from the world directly due to a backlash after everything was restored.

However, with Jerry’s current understanding of the laws of this world, he can minimize this. In the end, relying on his strength, he can easily resist the aftermath.

He uses the laws he comprehended to connect with the world, and simply adjusts the laws of time, using his powerful ability to correct some of the butterfly effects caused by Lily’s appearance.

After that, he let the trajectory of the world continue as before.

This process is very complicated. For example, if Lily did not exist, John and his wife would adopt another child. Now because of Lily’s appearance, that child will be adopted by someone else.

In this way, history has changed.

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Published On: January 6, 2024

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