You must know that when Zarathos was at his most powerful state, he was not much weaker than Mephisto. When these Ghost Riders come to find him, it will be quite troublesome to deal with them.

So, Jerry temporarily expelled the soul from Robbie’s body so that he could not attack him.

Robbie’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw that the soul in his body was forcibly expelled from his body by Jerry with just one attack.

“Can you help me terminate the pact I made?”

After transforming into Ghost Rider, he can gain powerful power and help him take revenge, but that does not mean he is willing to live as the Ghost Rider for the rest of his life.

Every time he transforms into the Ghost Rider, his flesh and blood will be burned away by the flames of hell. Even though he is used to that kind of pain now, it would be best for him not to experience that.

In addition to this, every time he transforms into the Ghost Rider, his emotions will be out of control, and he will have a strong desire to kill people. He wants to kill those who are judged guilty and send their souls to hell.

He is a sane person but not a murderer. He is not that happy that he has to kill people every day. So, if he could terminate the pact now and become a normal person, it would be nice.

“Your pact was signed with Mephisto. I can only temporarily remove it from your body for some time, but I cannot help you erase it wholly. However, if you are willing to hand over the book in your hand to me, I can give you a bottle of magic potion to restore your brother’s legs to normal.”

Jerry took out a bottle of magic potion that could regenerate severed limbs. The pact that Robbie and Mephisto signed is not easy to deal with. Besides, he will definitely not do such an extremely offending thing for someone who has nothing to do with it.

“You said you could make Gabe’s legs go back to normal?” Hearing Jerry’s words, Robbie no longer cared about terminating the pact but fixed his eyes on the potion in Jerry’s hand.

If there is anyone in this world whose life is more important than his own, it may be his younger brother.

He drove his uncle’s car and took his younger brother to participate in racing that gangs chased him. Later, although he signed a pact with Mephisto and became the Ghost Rider, he was resurrected. But his younger brother became disabled for life.

So, if it could restore his brother to normal, he would be willing to do so, even if it meant becoming a Ghost Rider forever, let alone a book.

“Why should I trust you?”

“I can get it from you now, but I wanted to trade with you since I’m the Wizard.” Jerry said in a calm tone.

His Forgetfulness Charm has a special function. As long as he personally says that he is the Wizard, the Wizard’s appearance in everyone’s memory will immediately become his usual appearance. After a while, this memory will gradually fade away.

Therefore, when Jerry reveals his identity as the Wizard to Robbie, Jerry changes how he looks in his vision.

After confirming, he suddenly realized that it was no wonder that he could expel the soul from his body so easily and that he could make a potion that restored a limb.

At this time, he had no doubts anymore, handed the Darkhold to Jerry, and happily took away the bottle of potion that could save his brother.

“Glad to cooperate with you.”

After Jerry got the Darkhold, he didn’t stay long. After Jerry disappears, the soul that was expelled by Jerry and imprisoned in place returns to normal and rushes into Robbie’s body again.

“Mephisto won’t be happy if you hand over the Darkhold like this.” The soul said in a disdainful tone.

But Robbie doesn’t care:

“The pact I signed with him is only to kill those guilty people and give their souls to him. It does not include helping him get the Darkhold. Since he is unwilling to help Gabe recover, I can only do what I can.”

Although Ghost Rider originated from the pact with Mephisto, that does not mean that Mephisto can completely command Ghost Rider to do anything.


At the same time, somewhere in hell.

Countless flames can be seen. Sitting on the throne, Mephisto withdrew the power he projected onto the Earth to communicate with the soul with a treacherous look.

“Who is this person? Why has he never been seen before? Why did the Sorcerer Supreme allow him to live normally on Earth?”

Due to the Sorcerer Supreme protecting the Earth, he does not dare to come directly to the Earth in his true form. Furthermore, his strength will be greatly weakened after leaving his own territory. If another Dimensional God attacked his territory, it would be easily overtaken.

However, he is smart and not na├»ve like Dormammu. He only knows how to plan one thing. Every time the Sorcerer Supreme beats him, he has to return to his dimension to gain more power, but he still doesn’t know how to adapt to the situation.

If you can’t even defeat the Sorcerer Supreme, how would you go against Vishanti?

Vishanti is comprised of the three oldest ancient gods, whose strength can’t be measured.

He was different. He cleverly signed a pact with humans, bypassed the rules set by the Sorcerer Supreme and Vishanti, and created Ghost Riders to serve him.

Although the Ghost Rider has the power of hell, he is still essentially human, so the Sorcerer, Supreme, and Vishanti can’t do anything to them.

Besides, the ones the Ghost Rider judges are the guilty ones.

Over the years, he has taken many human souls through the hands of the Ghost Rider to strengthen his own power.

He occasionally projects himself into the human world. Still, in order to prevent being discovered by Vishanti and the Sorcerer Supreme, he projects it onto his followers and disguises himself as an ordinary human being.

He actually didn’t pay much attention to the Wizard before. In his eyes, the Wizards are like other superheroes. They were like ants and had nothing to do with him.

It wasn’t until the Wizard transformed came into his contact indirectly that he attracted his attention for the first time.

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