In the Los Angeles Hospital ward, a patient named Joseph screamed crazily. His face distorted as if he had seen something extremely terrifying.

The nearby doctors and nurses worked hard to press down on his body to prevent him from harming himself.

At this moment, a ring of fire suddenly appeared in the room, and a man stepped out of it, surprising the doctors and nurses present.

“Please get out for a moment.” The man smiled and waved his hand, and something suddenly enveloped the entire ward.

In an instant, all the doctors and nurses seemed to have become puppets and lined up to leave the ward. The patient named Joseph also stopped his behavior.

The man walked up to Joseph, put his hand on his head, and murmured, “It seems to be here.”

He disappeared on the spot. This person is none other than Jerry.

Although he knew that the Darkhold existed in Los Angeles, the specific location needed to be obtained through a man named Joseph.

Just now, Joseph was forced by his wife, who turned into a ghost, to find out where the Darkhold was hidden.

From a magic point of view, an illusion has been cast. From a scientific point of view, just like Gemma’s diagnosis report, something had happened in his brain, allowing it to see and remember horrifying scenes all the time.

However, for Jerry, this is just a child’s play. It can be cured with a little adjustment.

After curing Joseph and finding the location where he hid the Darkhold from Joseph’s memory, he directly apparated there.

“Looks like someone arrived earlier than me.”

In front of a very old-looking house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Jerry appeared and saw a flaming skull, squeezing the neck of a female ghost with one hand and shouting loudly, “Tell me what happened back then. Why did you hire gangsters to kill me and my brother?”

“No, we don’t want to kill you. We just want to kill your uncle Eli. He knows the secret of the Darkhold. He wants to get the book and become God. We just want to stop him!”

“That year, after years of searching, my husband Joseph and I finally found the Darkhold in the basement of this old house. By learning the knowledge of the Darkhold, they have created a quantum state energy machine that can create anything out of nothing. “

Hearing this, Jerry had to sigh that science and magic are indeed the same in nature. The principles involved in the quantum energy machine are the same as his spell. It’s just that one expressed it through science, and the other expressed it through magic.

But it cannot be regarded as something created out of nothing. It is just a conversion between energies. The quantum state energy machine draws the energy of the Earth while Jerry uses the magic power in his own body.

“But later, your uncle discovered this. He wanted to get the Darkhold and permanently solidify the machine’s power on his body and become a god who can create all things.”

“In order to protect ourselves, we hired gangsters to kill him. Unexpectedly, we accidentally your brother in the end.”

“Later, Eli used a machine to transform all of us who participated in the research into a ghostly appearance like now. He attacked Joseph into a vegetative state just to suppress the whereabouts of the Darkhold. I just want to use the book to change back to my original appearance!”

Looking at the pleading female ghost in his hand, the flame-covered skeleton showed no mercy at all. The powerful flames emitted from its body instantly burned the female ghost to ashes.

“You are guilty and cannot be forgiven.”

After burning the female ghost, the skull turned to look at Jerry, who had been standing there watching the whole scene.

“I don’t care who you are. I advise you not to interfere.”

After saying that, he walked towards his 1969 Dodge Charger.

However, Jerry apparated and stood between him and the car, “Ghost Rider, leave the book in your hand, and I will not interfere in your affairs.”

When Jerry saw the flaming skeleton and the Dodge Charger next to him, he already knew that the guy in front of him was the Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes.

Robbie heard Jerry asking for the Darkhold in his hand and stretched out his hand to pull out his iron chain with flames, “I’m sorry, although I don’t mind giving you this book, but this book needs to be sent back its world.”

“World? it seems that Mephisto is interested in the Darkhold.” Jerry had a look of understanding on his face.

Mephisto had borrowed Chthon’s power, so he was naturally interested in the Darkhold that concentrated all of Chthon’s magical knowledge.

As a Dimensional God, although he is not as powerful as Chthon, there is still no problem dealing with him in his territory.

But Mephisto did not dare to appear on Earth because of the protection of Ancient One and Kamar Taj, so he could only rely on his spokesperson, the Ghost Rider, to complete this task.

Jerry appeared in front of the Ghost Rider with a single step and then hit him in the chest. A soul was knocked out of Robbie’s body by Jerry’s palm.

Robbie also returned to his normal human appearance.

Ghost Rider is a combination of a spirit of vengeance and a human being, mixed with the power of Mephisto, so it can be considered immortal.

Even with all Jerry’s methods, he can’t kill him. At most, he can only seal him. But that would only delay the problem.

Although Mephisto does not dare to come to Earth, Robbie is not the only Ghost Rider with whom he has signed a pact. There are other Ghost Riders.

The most powerful among them is Johnny Blaze, whose body was made by the Ancient Spirits of Vengeance, Zarathos.

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Published On: January 4, 2024

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