Looking at Hermione, who came forward with a wand, Jerry casually cast space magic, silently isolating Hermione from the space where the Hive and others were. It prevents their battle from spreading to the surrounding cabins and prevents the Hive and others from escaping.

“Perhaps it would be a good idea for Hermione to have some combat experience before returning to her world.” After performing the magic, Jerry suddenly had an idea in his mind.

Hermione’s goal is to become the Minister of Magic in the future so that wizards and Muggles can live in peace. Experiencing the life of an agent like S.H.I.E.L.D. agents should greatly help her achieve her goals in the future.

After all, most of the incidents handled by S.H.I.E.L.D. are not normal incidents; they are also connected with governments worldwide. This will allow Hermione to clearly understand the Muggle government’s attitude and treatment of people with special abilities, etc.

Hermione waved her wand. Ten huge fire dragons took shape in front of Hermione and hit directly towards the Inhumans and the Hive.

It was one of the magic that Jerry gave her.

In a situation where there are many enemies, it would be a good idea to cast a range-wide magic spell as soon as possible to suppress the opponent with powerful firepower.

Facing the ten huge fire dragons, the fastest enemy on the opposite side suddenly turned pale with fright and immediately turned around and ran back. The Inhumans behind him, with ice ability, slapped his hands on the ground and quickly built a huge ice wall in front of him.

The powerful fire collided hard with the ice wall. It was obviously no match for the fire. It only lasted for a few seconds before it completely melted.

To Hermione’s surprise, after the ice wall melted, only the Inhumans who had been working hard to maintain the ice wall were knocked away by her fire dragon. In contrast, the others, including The Hive, disappeared completely.

Without any hesitation, she immediately cast the flight spell Jerry taught her, flapped a pair of white wings on her back, and flew away.

The second thing taught by Jerry is that as soon as you find that the enemy has disappeared, do not stop and search for the hidden enemy. Instead, leave your position immediately.

Just less than a second after Hermione flew away, the ground where she was suddenly turned into waves, and the Hive and three other Inhumans quickly rushed out of the waves.

It turns out that just when the ice alien was building an ice wall to block the fire and block Hermione’s sight, another Inhumans took them and escaped through the ground.

They wanted to use the ice to attract Hermione’s attention and then sneak up from underground to kill her with one hit. They didn’t expect Hermione’s attack to be so powerful. The ice didn’t last more than a few seconds before completely collapsing.

Hermione’s figure flashed, and when she reappeared, she was already behind the four of them.

The third thing taught by Jerry is to be good at discovering the enemy’s weaknesses.

The four were stunned for a moment when they failed to launch a surprise attack from the ground. This was the flaw in their defense.


She cast a Stunning Charm on an Inhuman who can escape, causing him to fall to the ground instantly.

The fourth thing taught by Jerry is that when there are more than a dozen enemies, give priority to enemies that can move in space, fly, etc. so that they can at least be defeated easily later. After that one fell, the remaining three started to be vigilant.

The speed-type Inhumans had the fastest reaction time. He took a long dagger in his hand, moved as fast as possible, and moved toward Hermione.


A ray of blue light lit up, and when the dagger in his hand was thirty centimeters away from Hermione’s head, he was knocked away by the blue light. After that, the Inhumans turned into an afterimage and rushed toward Hermione.

Another blue light lit up, and halfway through, he suddenly found that his legs had lost control and were locked together. Then, he was hit by a powerful inertia and knocked out.

“Go to hell!” It turns out that while Hermione was fighting the speed-type Inhumans, The Hive had already controlled its own parasite and quietly sneaked up behind Hermione.

At this time, Hermione had just finished casting her spell, and before she could react, she was instantly enveloped by the parasite.

Coulson and others who were watching outside were suddenly startled. They were about to go up to help but were stopped by Jerry.

“I’m fine!”

When the parasites enveloped Hermione, she didn’t scream but disappeared like a phantom.

At this time, not far from Hermione’s location, a blue light hit the group of parasites, and the parasites were instantly frozen in the air. The most important practical skills taught by Jerry are safety first.

It turns out that before the battle started, Hermione cast the Images of Ikonn that Jerry taught her, created a clone, and then cast the Disillusionment Curse to hide aside. The one who just fought with Hive and others has always been her clone.

“You are not an Inhuman. It is impossible for you to have so many abilities at the same time. Who are you?” Seeing that Hermione had displayed several different abilities in just a short period of time, The Hive’s eyes changed.

But soon, he seemed to think of something. His body froze, and he exclaimed, “I know who you are. You are The Wizard!”

The spell Jerry casts on the Earth will make everyone forget the Wizard’s appearance except his colleagues and friends. But not the identity of the Wizard itself.

They know all the deeds of the Wizard very well, but when they think of his appearance, their minds go blank.

However, if they see a person using magic that they are familiar with, their memory will return to normal. But it was only for a moment. The Wizard’s appearance would disappear again in your mind soon.

The Hive thought this. Through the magic Hermione used, the image of the Wizard appeared in his memory.

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Published On: December 28, 2023

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