“There is no one who can fight, come out Hulk!”

The troops’ rockets from the military jeep were launched at him, caught it, squeezed it hard, and the rockets detonated. He was unharmed by the rocket’s detonation though. He sprinted toward the vehicle, shoved aside the automobile that was in his way, and roared.

“Petrificus Totalus!”

An abrupt blue magic light that was coming from above blasted at his back. His entire body was covered in a peculiar magical power that swiftly fixed him in place. It was discovered that Jerry had covertly placed a Full Body Binding Curse on him after sneaking away behind him from a great height.


It’s unfortunate that there was only a little pause before the Abomination shouted once more, escaped the enchantment, and mercilessly charged Jerry in the air.

“So close!”

Jerry also activated his “Refreshing” at this point, and his five senses were quite sharp. He swiftly raised the broomstick and narrowly escaped the Abomination’s jumping strike. Even in his present condition, the Abomination will unquestionably kill him with a slap given their current level of power.

He merely wasn’t prepared for the fact that his spell could only hold the opponent for a fraction of a second before he was totally released. However, it makes sense when you think about it.

He was aware that, in accordance with the “Study of Magic Theory,” the essential idea behind the Full Body Binding Curse is to use magic to constrain the target’s body so that their limbs cannot move.

However, the strength of the magic is based on the wizard’s magic level. Of all, for average people, there is no huge issue with Jerry’s current level of magic.

It can essentially be frozen for a long time even if it is cast on regular adult wizards because their physical strength isn’t all that different from that of regular people.

However, it is generally challenging to use the Full Body Binding Curse to control massive magical creatures like fire dragons and giants.

They have a high magic resistance on one hand, and powerful physical strength on the other. With the magical might of the Full Body Binding Curse, ordinary wizards cannot restrain them fully.

The current Abomination is identical to giants in the wizarding realm, with the exception that the Abomination’s power and defense are obviously several classes stronger.

“Damn it” Jerry swooped around once more and cast a Sleeping Charm on the rear of the Abomination after realizing that the spell was ineffective.

The Abomination that was affected by the Sleeping Charm did not immediately fall asleep like Mrs. Belle and Aisha did just now, but instead experienced brief vertigo before shaking his head and waking up.

Although the Sleeping Charm targets spirits more directly than the Full Body Binding Curse does, it is still highly challenging to directly stun spirits as one might do with human beings.

Maybe it knew about Jerry’s attacks. He was more dangerous to himself than the army. The soldiers who were shooting at him were quickly abandoned by the Abomination, who then jumped back toward Jerry.

“It is not that easy!” Jerry launched the Severing Charm at the Abomination after dodging its strike while speeding along on his broom.

However, it’s possible that the Abomination’s bulk and his Severing Charm’s ineffectiveness were the reasons it had no effect.

Jerry continued to annoy the Abomination with various forms of magic in this way, totally distracting the Abomination so that it had no chance to hurt the fleeing crowd due to his small size and quick reaction time.

Jerry conducted several tests and discovered that the majority of magic had trouble working on the Abomination.

The Curse of the Bogies, Sectumsempra, Toenail Growing Hex, and Sleeping Charm are now effective.

The Sleeping Charm temporarily blinds the Abomination for two seconds while attacking it with Sectumsempra in its eyes, ears, mouth, nose, genitalia, and butt. Although it cannot overcome the defense, it can nevertheless hurt him.

His toenails may lengthen because of the toenail-growing hex, which would restrict his movement.

The Abomination lacks obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness, therefore the hindering impact is not as strong as it may be from the Curse of the Bogies, which can cause the nose to drip continuously while in combat, which is similar to giving a debuff.

In conclusion, none of these spells can actually injure the Abomination directly. At most, it can be considered to annoy him, allowing him to channel his rage against himself rather than harming others.

Although, Jerry was unable to hurt the Abomination, but the Abomination found it extremely challenging to harm Jerry in any way.

The broomstick has been used for a while and has essentially developed a combination of human and sweeping reflexes due to Jerry’s size. The attitude is also fairly coquettish with the blessing of the five senses in his “Refreshing.” The Abomination can jump as high as he wants, but he cannot catch him.

Jerry is like a small bird, and The Abomination is similar to King Kong. Although king Kong can slap the bird to death, it is powerless to harm it as long as it is not struck. Even while it can shoot stones at birds, it is essentially impossible to hit the flying birds.

However, the small bird has the ability to soar over its head for a moment and throw a lump of bird poop, which enrages him.

Good times don’t endure forever because Abomination is not a King Kong. The Abomination is a result of the half-perfect serum, and his IQ has not yet totally fallen below that of King Kong.

After initial confusion, he immediately came up with a strategy to deal with Jerry. When Jerry fired magic at him, he held a car in each hand and used one of them as a shield to deflect the light so that it did not strike him.

When Jerry wanted to come closer to more precisely cast magic, he utilized another car as a weapon to strike or throw. It’s difficult to dodge the car because of its enormous attack area. It came close to Jerry’s body a few times.

So much so that he was compelled to re-open the distance and suspend in midair because he dared not approach too closely to unleash a magic assault. Jerry has already used up more than half of his magic power.

“Come down, little bird, I’ll turn you into meatloaf!”

The Abomination yelled violently when he saw Jerry dangling high in the sky and the few cars he was throwing flashing nimbly by him.

Jerry wouldn’t be so stupid as to quickly seek death after being provoked by the Abomination, and furthermore, he no longer has any magical power left.

He cast a quick glimpse at the area that had just been destroyed by the Abomination out of the corner of his eye. Haas and a few police officers risked their lives by transporting each injured person who was unable to walk to a safe location in the distance while the Abomination was distracted by Jerry.

He glanced at his panel once more and noticed that the number of red stars was rising like a rocket.

“It appears I must deal with the Abomination!” Jerry’s eyes shone brightly.

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Published On: March 12, 2023

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