At six o’clock in the evening, in the hospital.

Belle successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The process took less than half an hour to complete.

This is also thanks to the fact that during this period of daily life, Jerry always added some special physical-enhancing potions that he made from time to time into his family’s meals, little by little.

Although he currently has no way to allow his family to live forever, it can still be easily accomplished by simply strengthening their physique, extending their lifespan, and ensuring they are healthy and do not get sick.

For his second child, Haas named his Charlie, Charlie Witt.

The birth of a new member also diverted most of Aisha’s attention. Except for Jerry and Hermione, when they appeared again, they basically circled around Charlie.

A week later.

“Charlie, look here, smile!” In the villa’s living room, Aisha was holding a camera, happily filming Charlie in the cradle.

According to her, as a sister, she should record her brother’s growth from childhood to adulthood and show it to him when he grows up.

“Jerry, why haven’t you seen Hermione in the past few days?” At this time, Belle came out of the kitchen with a fruit plate and asked Jerry, who was sitting next to him and playing chess with Haas.

Because of Jerry’s potion, Belle’s physique is much stronger than normal people’s. So, on the second day after giving birth, she was able to get out of bed and move like a normal person.

According to her, although it was her first time giving birth to a child, she really felt that it was not much more difficult than laying an egg.

“Oh, she’s on vacation now and has something to do at home. So she went back to London for the time being.” Jerry looked up and explained.

Of course, Hermione has not returned to London. She is not from this world, and her home is not in this world. This is just an excuse that Jerry prepared in advance to deal with Haas and the others.

The cooldown time for traveling through the world is one month. If Hermione wants to return to the Harry Potter world, she needs to stay in this world with Jerry for a month. However, she can’t live in Jerry’s house forever, even though the two are partners.

After getting the bracelet back from Tony the next day, Jerry took Hermione on a trip around the world to help Hermione experience the development and changes of the world over the past twenty years. The body left at home now is not Jerry’s true body but just a clone of him.

At this moment, Charlie, who was in the cradle, suddenly started crying.

“Is Charlie hungry?” Aisha asked.

“He must be hungry. I’ll grab some milk.”

Belle quickly stood up and went to get the milk on the table, and Haas followed closely behind, “I’ll help.”

Because of the existence of the Avengers, the security environment in New York has always been very good. Haas’ work is lighter. In addition, after becoming the police chief, his work was much easier than when he was a normal police.

Now that Charlie was born, Haas spends most of his time at home.

Jerry looked at Haas and shook his head helplessly. After Belle prepared the milk powder, she put it in her mouth to test the temperature, then picked up Charlie and started feeding him milk.

With Belle’s body, she does not lack breast milk. However, when she and Haas visited a maternal and infant store two days ago, under the promotion of the store clerk, they bought a branded milk powder, which is now recognized as the best in the world.

According to the store clerk’s explanation, this milk powder can provide richer nutrients than breast milk, allowing the baby to develop stronger immunity.

After Jerry heard about this, he could only say that the two people were deceived.

No matter what kind of milk powder it is, it is definitely not as good as breast milk. As for why babies like to drink milk powder, it is because milk powder is sweeter, and the bottle makes it easier for the baby to suck. But it’s hard for Jerry to say anything about this kind of thing.

“Belle, Charlie, what’s going on?” Just as Jerry cleared the chessboard, Haas and Aisha’s voices suddenly came from behind.

He turned his head to look, and his eyes suddenly widened. It turned out that Belle and Charlie in her arms were instantly covered by a layer of stone film and turned into motionless stone statues.

This characteristic will appear when humans with Inhuman genes are activated by the Terrigen Crystal and evolve into Inhumans.

They are no different from ordinary humans under normal circumstances, but after being activated by the Terrigen Crystal, they will evolve into Inhumans and gain a special power.

Skye is an Inhuman whom the Terrigen Crystal awakened. She holds the name “Quake” because of it.

However, he remembered that he had told Coulson about these situations last year when Coulson led S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to contact the Inhuman organization.

Because Coulson also knew the situation of the aliens in advance, he successfully captured and imprisoned Skye’s mother and seized and sealed all the Terrigen Crystals in Skye’s mother’s hands.

So, why is this situation still happening? He fixed his gaze on the milk bottle in Belle’s hand. If he guessed correctly, the milk powder must have been mixed with Terrigen Crystals.

“Haas, Aisha, calm down first. Don’t touch them. Everything should be fine after a while.

Seeing Haas and Aisha, Jerry quickly stood up and began to comfort them.

The transformation process does not take long, and there is basically no danger. As long as you wait quietly for a while, the stone film on the surface will soon fall off.

“Looks like I need to ask Coulson what’s going on.”

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