“Hermione, how old are you this year?” On the way to the hospital, Belle asked her.

Hermione withdrew her curiosity from looking at the tall buildings and various modern facilities outside the car window, “I just passed my fifteenth birthday more than three months ago.”

“Two years younger, but it’s okay.”

Belle sighed secretly in her heart and continued to ask, “Hermione, I don’t seem to listen to your accent as a local?”

“Yes, I am from London, England.” Hermione said truthfully.

Belle nodded and since she just listened to Hermione, she can roughly hear that she has a very obvious London accent.

“Do your parents also live here?”

“Oh no, they are in London. My father is a dentist, where he has his own clinic.” Hermione shook her head.

Belle smiled, “It must be very hard for a person to study and live from London to such a far place at such a young age.”

“Well, Jerry is here. He always takes care of me.” Hermione froze for a while before replying.

In this way, Belle got the answer she wanted to know from Hermione. She can basically be sure that Jerry and this Hermione are definitely not pure classmates, but probably have already been in love.

She just didn’t expect Jerry to hide her and never told them.

According to Hermione, the two had just met at university and the two knew each other. They often study together, enter and leave the library together, Jerry also guides her homework, and gives her gifts, etc.

At this time, Haas was driving but paying attention to the conversation behind, also silently stretched out a hand and gave a thumb to Jerry. He always thought that his didn’t expect to hide her from them.

Jerry can only laugh.

Although the current situation is not the same as he had expected before, he feels that it seems to be going in a good way. At least Haas and Belle have a good impression of Hermione.

Just when there was peace in the car, a loud noise suddenly came not far in front. Haas was busy stepping on the brakes as the car in front, and parked it.

They saw two strange figures in the distance through the window.

“Oh, what is that? A magical animal, and there are also magical animals in this world?” Hermione stared at her eyes and quickly pulled out his wand from her small bag.

In her eyes, they doesn’t look like a human. One is a red figure and then there are eight claws in the back, and it could shoot out spider silk. The other is figure with a pair of big wings on the back, flying in the air, with green light in the eyes.

“What animal? They are not animals. The man in red is called Spider-Man. He used to be active in Queens and likes to help others. I remember once my bag accidentally fell into the river, or he picked it up for me. I saw a report on the news some time ago saying that he seemed to have joined the Avengers. As for the one who seen him before, he should be fighting a criminal now.” Belle said to Hermione.

After listening to Belle’s explanation, Hermione is still confused. She didn’t understand what Belle was talking about. But she was clever and didn’t ask anything, because she knew it was not her world, and these questions could be asked when Jerry was alone.

“It seems that we are need to take a detour.” Seeing the situation in front, Haas immediately planned to turn around.

If he was alone, he would transform his car to help them. Although according to current regulations, criminals like this beyond normal conditions are generally resolved by members of the Avengers, and police only need to maintain order and evacuate the people.

Because he used Little Steel many times to handle some gangsters. Naturally, he attracted the attention of the Avengers. He was then found by Iron Man Tony Stark to have conversation.

After communicating with Tony, he became an avenger, and his identity was only known to Tony and very few Avengers.

He is still the chief of the police station and does not need to report to the Avengers. When the Avengers need him, he will also drive Little Steel to help.

However, today is different. He is not alone. Not only his son as and his daughter-in-law in the car, but also his wife who is about to give birth. Moreover, there is Spider-Man, if he can’t handle it and other Avengers will come to help him.

“Is that the Vulture?” At this time, Jerry, who was sitting in the passenger, squinted his eyes and immediately guessed the identity of the guy who was fighting Peter based on his memory.

Vulture, originally the leader of Bestman Salvage. Because of Stark Industries’ Department of Damage Control establishment, he was desperate to sign a contract with the US government to recover Chiaturi’s scientific and technological items, but he failed.

In order to attack the Avengers, and also to make money, he privately stole some of the Chitauri’s weapons and items previously recovered, modified them, and sold them to black market at high prices.

It is estimated that he was accidentally discovered by Peter who likes to wander in Queens.

However, looking at the current form. Peter is significantly more powerful than in the movie. He is skillfully using the new spider suit Tony made for him and constantly preventing the Vulture from fleeing.

Using Chitauri weapon in his hands, he might hurt the civilians below.

“Maybe I’ll help him a little, Expelliarmus.”

As soon as Jerry took out his hand, a blue magic light flew out of his hand, directly through the door of the car, and flew all the way. It precisely hit Vulture who was flying in the air that was too focused on dodging the spider silk.

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Published On: December 17, 2023

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