“She is about to give birth? Oh, it’s almost time.” Hearing Haas’ knock on the door, Jerry was stunned for a moment. He counted the time and it was as he predicted.

Because he is often in and out of the other world, if he does not deliberately calculate the time, he will lost track of time. Because sometimes he may stay in other world for a few years, even though the time in the main world does not move.

“Jerry, what’s the matter?” Hermione looked at Jerry suspiciously when she heard the knock on the door.

Jerry had talked about his family members in this world before, Hermione didn’t quite understand what was going on at this time.

“Well, it’s almost like I might have a younger brother or a younger sister soon.” Jerry smiled, then stepped forward and opened the door to the room.

“Jerry, Belle seems to be a week earlier than her due date. Come and help, this… looks familiar…”

Seeing Jerry opening the door, Haas was nervously preparing to help Belle into the car with him, when he suddenly saw Hermione standing next to Jerry.

Jerry’s spell does not include Haas and his family. It’s just that although he has always used the image of Hermione, most of the Wizard’s appearance that they can really see clearly is the one that was first taken in Manhattan. Hermione eleven years old’s appearance.

Now that Hermione was fifteen years old, she still looked a little different from when she was eleven. So, Haas felt a little bit familiar face when he saw Hermione, but he didn’t immediately think that she the Wizard.

Mainly, a famous figure suddenly appeared in his son’s room sounds unbelieveable.

It’s like you suddenly open the door and find that there is a girl in your son’s room, and that girl is so similar to an international supermodel. You will never think that this girl is the supermodel, but you just think that she may look like the supermodel.

After all, in this world, there are many ordinary people who look like celebrities.

“Actually, I can do it myself. You guys can continue…”

“This is Hermione. Let’s take Belle to the hospital first. I’ll explain to you later.” Jerry said helplessly, he knew that Haas must be thinking something else.

He decided to take Hermione to get used with the world first, so that Hermione had a general understanding of the world, and take her to know his family. But since this is the case, he can only briefly introduce them first.

“Hello, uncle.” Hermione hurriedly stepped forward a little nervously and said hello.

The first time she saw her future father-in-law, how could she not be nervous when she was not prepared at all?

“Okay, hello. You look good.” Haas looked Hermione up and down.

He felt that today was really a double blessing. One was that he was about to have another child soon, and the other was that his son finally knew got a girlfriend. If it develops smoothly like this, maybe in a few years, he will be able to become a grandfather.

After a few simple greetings, the three of them came to Haas’ bedroom together. Different from the scene Jerry imagined, Belle did not hold her stomach and scream, nor did it appear that the fluid came out. Instead, she sat there and watched TV calmly.

“Oh, Jerry is here. I think Haas is just a little too nervous, I just feel a little sagging in my lower abdomen and some pain in my stomach. He thinks it’s an omen of having a baby, and needed to call you here. Also, who is this lady? “

Seeing Jerry appear, Belle explained, saw Hermione who was pulling Jerry’s arm and followed Jerry with a puzzled look in her eyes.

“Hello Auntie, my name is Hermione Granger, and I’m Jerry’s classmate.” Hermione hurriedly stepped forward and introduced herself.

Hearing Hermione’s introduction that she was Jerry’s classmate, Haas and Belle looked at each other with a meaningful look on their faces at the same time. In their opinion, since Hermione was Jerry’s classmate, she must also be a top student at his college, and it seemed that Hermione was fifteen or sixteen years old.

It shows that she, like Jerry, is a genius that is rare in the world. Jerry can bring her home, the relationship between the two must be something.

Jerry was unclear about the thoughts of Haas and Belle at this time, but he still suggested that Belle should be sent to the hospital first. Because according to the situation, it seems that Belle is really about to give birth.

Although he does not understand medical skills, he can sense that a new life is about to be born in Belle’s body.

“My parents are Muggles, they don’t know I am a wizard. If they ask where you go to school, just say you were from Columbia University. ” After helping Belle to sit in the back seat, Jerry explained to Hermione in a low voice before she got into the car.

Hermione nodded immediately.

She understands this kind of thing very well. She is a wizard born in a Muggle family. Every time her relatives ask her about her school during the holiday, she can’t say that she is studying magic at Hogwarts, and she makes lied about where she studies.

She believed that if she said she was studying magic at Hogwarts, those relatives must have thought she had some kind of mental illness. She felt that Jerry was excusable not to tell his family that he was a wizard.

Belle was a pregnant woman who was about to give birth, and naturally couldn’t sit in the passenger, so she was placed in the back seat accompanied by Hermione.

So now Haas is driving and Jerry is in the passenger seat.

However, Belle’s physique is very good. Although it may not be long before she will have a baby, she still looks like nothing is happening in the back seat.

Instead, she took Hermione’s hand and started chatting with her enthusiastically.

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