“So, you came to our world four years ago from New York, more than 20 years later in another world, and then got accepted to Hogwarts? Oh Jerry, have you been so tired of studying magic lately that you’re having some hallucinations?”

Hermione got up, came to Jerry, and hugged him in her arms with some distress. Obviously, she didn’t quite believe Jerry’s absurd remarks. Even though she trusted Jerry very much, what Jerry said had completely surpassed her understanding.

“I know you may not be able to accept what I said all of a sudden, but it’s true. I can take you back to my world now to see it if you want.” Feeling Hermione’s emotions, Jerry pulled out his head reluctantly and suggested.

Based on what he said, he felt it was normal for Hermione not to believe it. She could only completely believe what he said by letting her truly feel the difference between the two worlds. It just so happened that Aisha often asked him about his relationship with Hermione during that time, and taking Hermione back could help him later.

“Like now? What about here?”

Although Hermione still didn’t quite believe in the other world that Jerry said, when she heard Jerry suddenly say to take her there, she gave a thought about it.

Jerry got up and took Hermione’s hand, “It doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it. When we leave this world, the time of this world is frozen, and we will still be at this time when we come back.”

“Alright then.” Perhaps because Jerry’s tone was too convincing, Hermione suddenly believed his words.

Hearing Hermione’s agreement, Jerry didn’t waste any time. He opened the panel and clicked the button to return to the main world. The spatial fluctuations flashed in an instant, and in just a blink of an eye, the surrounding scene immediately began to change.

Roses, fairy lights, karst caves, hanging chairs, and other things suddenly disappeared and turned into a bedroom with a very modern decoration style.

What surprised Hermione even more was that it was already nine o’clock in the evening when they left the Great Hall, and the sky was full of stars outside the castle. But now sunlight was coming in from the bedroom window seemed to be noon.

“Jerry, where are we?” Hermione grabbed Jerry’s hand and looked at the bedroom and the buildings outside the window with a look of disbelief.

Jerry pointed to the calendar in his room, then replied with a smile, “This is my home in this world. Welcome to New York in 2016.”

Hermione walked up to the calendar hanging on the wall in disbelief and looked at the date displayed on it, which was August 12, 2016.

“Everything you said is true?”

At this time, Hermione’s heart was gradually inclined to trust Jerry’s side. Hermione lived in 1994, and Jerry is now in 2016 when technology is much more advanced than the normal world.

The decoration of the house and the furniture and appliances in the house are different, as well as the modern high-rise buildings outside the curtains and so on. Hermione was smart, and although she was a little overwhelmed by the change in her moment, she quickly discovered some details.

The most important thing is that Jerry didn’t use any magic just now, neither his portal magic nor Apparition.

The time difference between the United Kingdom and the United States is about five hours. They left the hall past nine o’clock, and they strolled in the cave for nearly an hour. If they simply moved, the time in New York should be five o’clock in the evening.

But it’s not dark in New York. At least it should be dusk, and currently, the sun is hanging high at noon now. Unless they’re not in New York right now, or Jerry uses some new magic to change the time.

However, she thought it was unlikely because Jerry didn’t have to lie to her like this. At this time, she already believed the things Jerry had said before. Jerry mentioned most of them are some terms, but she still doesn’t understand them very well.

“I’ll take you out for a walk.” Jerry knew that what he saw now wasn’t enough to convince Hermione that she was in another world.

However, he believes that when he takes Hermione for a walk in New York, she can truly experience New York in 2016 and many different places in the world. Then, she would no longer have any doubts.

Fortunately, he chose to leave this world at noon, not night.

“Okay‚Ķ I’ll change my clothes first.” Hermione reacted for a few seconds before nodding quickly.

She basically believes that this is another parallel world in New York in 2016. But now she is wearing a dress, which is unsuitable for going to the street.

Reaching out and sliding the bracelet, Hermione’s dress instantly turned into the t-shirt and jeans she often wears in the Muggle world. She squatted down and tapped twice with her wand on her shoes, which also turned into a pair of sneakers.

Just when Hermione changed her clothes with magic, Jerry began silently casting a special “Obliviate” magic. He created This new spell based on Kamar Taj’s highest-end spell, incorporating the laws he had learned during this time.

This spell is not directed at one individual but at the entire planet. He wants to directly modify the memory of the entire Earth so that the Earth will forget the Wizard, or more accurately, let the Earth forget the appearance of the Wizard.

After he casts this spell, all records of the Wizard’s appearance on Earth will disappear.

Those who know the Wizard will not forget the Wizard, but when they think of him, they will not remember that he looks like Hermione. Of course, this is not the case for everyone, such as Jerry’s family and his superhero friends, who are not within the scope of Jerry’s spell.

Jerry cast it on the civilians.

The purpose is simple: when Hermione appears in this world, she will not be directly recognized by ordinary people and cause unnecessary trouble.

However, just as Jerry was about to open a portal to take Hermione away, the door of the room was suddenly knocked, “Jerry, come out and help. Belle is about to give birth. We need to take her to the hospital!”

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Published On: December 16, 2023

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