“Let’s take a break.” Jerry nodded and helped her with confidence just because they went too hard.

“When you just danced, you should turn crystal shoes into sneakers, which would be much more comfortable.”

“But that doesn’t look very good.”

After eating some snacks and drinks, Jerry and Hermione did not go to the dance floor and jump with the others but left the hall and walked over to the cave. Neither of them is the kind of person who likes to do that. It’s good to have fun like that, but both of them aren’t used to that stuff.

Apart from some who especially like to dance and especially like joy, many students choose to leave the dance floor temporarily after one or two dances and then find a place with few people to chat.

The tradition of Christmas dances is to find opportunities for men and women students to exchange their feelings. Such things like this happen in schools for them.

Therefore, most students get along alone after dancing to see if being together in the future is possible.

Coming to the cave filled with the light of roses and fairies, walking on the decorative gorgeous twists and turns, Jerry and Hermione saw Fleur and Roger leaning on the statue and Harry and Ginny sitting on the bench. Later, they also saw Hagrid and Maxime.

“Huh, it’s really her.”

Passing by Hagrid and Maxime, Jerry noticed a beetle lying on a reindeer statue behind them. At a glance, he saw that it was not an ordinary beetle but an Animagus.

Obviously, Rita Skeeter, a reporter for the Prophet Daily, is using Animagus to eavesdrop on the conversation between Hagrid and Maxime. Since Rita discredited Fleur and Krum in the newspaper last time, the three principals issued a statement prohibiting Rita from stepping into Hogwarts and reporting on related news.

Unexpectedly, she used Animagus to sneak in.

A blue magic light as thin as a fish line popped out of Jerry’s hand and accurately hit Rita’s beetle. When passing by Hagrid and Maxime, he could clearly hear Hagrid telling the story between his mother and father.

Therefore, he understands that, based on Rita’s intention, it is estimated that tomorrow’s newspaper will immediately appear as a popular report by Hagrid, a mixed-race giant. This will cause great harm to Hagrid.

Because in many people’s eyes, they did not know Hagrid was mixed-race. They might have thought he was born with a tall body or misused some magic and magic drugs. In the eyes of the people, giants are an extremely brutal, cold-blooded, and dangerous race and once loyal to Voldemort.

So they are more afraid of most giants, and even when they encounter them, they will directly try to kill them.

Currently, there are no giants in the UK because they have been killed or transported to extremely remote areas by the Ministry of Magic. If Hagrid is exposed, it is estimated that many students’ parents will immediately write to Snape to expel him.

This is why she immediately changed her face when Maxime heard Hagrid asking if she was also a mixed-race giant. Not only did she deny it, but she immediately left Hagrid because Maxime knew that as the principal of Beauxbatons, she could not admit that she was a mixed-race giant.

Otherwise, her position as principal may be in trouble.

He glanced at Rita’s beetle, and Jerry continued to walk with Hermione. Just now, he reinforced Rita’s Animagus with magic, and Rita will no longer be able to lift the Animagus form after ten years.

This is Jerry’s punishment for this unscrupulous reporter who likes to make up and peep into the privacy of others.

In the depths of the cave, on a green vine hanging basket chair surrounded by roses, Jerry and Hermione sat side by side. The beautiful scenery, the romantic atmosphere, and the feeling are just perfect.

“Hermione, I always have a secret to tell you.” After formalizing the relationship, Jerry thought about it carefully and decided to tell Hermione about some of his real situations.

At present, there is nothing in this world that can threaten him, so he can tell some secrets without any trouble. However, he could not tell Hermione all at once. He was afraid she could not understand it.

Hermione smeared herself with pink lipstick and asked, “What’s that? Is it about you invented many more new magic?”

“No, more important than that.” Jerry shook his head, and his tone was serious.”

“I was not born in an orphanage. I have parents and a sister. Although they are not related to me, they are very important to me. I actually came to this world when I was eleven.”

With Jerry’s explanation, Hermione’s eyes also widened, and her face showed a confused expression that she couldn’t believe and understand. Hermione is smart, but she is only fifteen years old, and most of her time is spent studying magic.

She knows some of the knowledge from the Muggle world, even though not all of them.

As for what a parallel world is, she would not understand it. Even the scientists of this era couldn’t even explain that stuff.

As Jerry explained, her expression changed from confusion initially to worry.

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