Jerry could already see that something dreadful was about to occur by simply observing the massive contingent of troops. Because tanks and armored vehicles don’t need to be sent into this urban area, even if it’s a terrorist strike.

This implies that a significant number of red stars may be poised to arrive at the same moment. His red star reserve is insufficient as the cooldown period is about to expire, therefore this opportunity presents itself.

He had intended to stay with Haas to observe, but given the current circumstances, he was forced to depart with Mrs. Belle in the car because Haas would not let him stay.

He didn’t have a chance to covertly pull out his wand and whisper the Sleeping Charm until Mrs. Belle came to a stop.

He secured his guitar bag on his back and used a locking charm to secure the police car before slipping into the shadowy alley next to the road. Jerry sped and soared towards the location of the explosion in the distance while donning a wizard’s hat and broom.


Greyburn University.

A five-meter-tall behemoth leaped out of the lab building’s window. He was carrying the dead bodies of two soldiers, whose bones he had broken. He was changed into the Abomination by the infusion of Banner’s serum.


The Abomination hurled the corpse in his hand to the ground with a yell of pleasure before jumping more than ten meters and running toward the street outside the college.

When the soldiers along the road who hadn’t entirely fled saw this, they became so terrified that they picked up their rifles and began shooting at him.

These bullets felt like hitting a steel plate when it hits Abomination’s body, protecting him from all harm. However, as long as he passed gently close to those soldiers, neither would they die nor get significant injuries.

He could still bend and fling armored vehicles like tanks in one motion.

The Abomination was unafraid of the weaponry attack of the army thanks to its formidable strength and defensive capabilities. He had the impression that nothing bothered him anymore. He charged right through the troops and onto the street in front of the college.

Since Greyburn University is close to Broadway, there were still a lot of people outside even though it was momentarily blocked by the army and police. The college has been barricaded by the army and the police.

“How can we resist using our phone to snap a photo of the situation and share it on Facebook?” Even numerous journalists were stirred by the news and crammed outside the barrier, waiting for some major news for a while.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The massive corpse of The Abomination suddenly dropped from the sky and crashed on the roof of a cab in the street after a series of explosions and gunshots were heard. Immediately crushed, the taxi and its driver spilled blood onto the ground.

“Hulk, come out!” The Abomination’s eyes are filled with brutality and a craving for blood.

He let out a loud yell before picking up an automobile with one hand and ramming it into the onlookers. Screams and cries erupted out of nowhere.

“My God, what the hell is that!?”

Haas and the other policemen who were keeping the peace outside the barrier witnessed the Abomination’s appearance and were all startled and terrified.

But as soon as they noticed the Abomination starting to kill indiscriminately, they reacted and pulled their pistols to fire at the monster. Despite the Abomination being unaffected by the bullet, it could still give him some discomfort and draw his attention.

As expected, the Abomination ignored those helpless individuals and turned to face Haas and the other police officers. He grinned before grabbing the large bus next to him, lifting it into the air with both hands, and throwing it into Haas and the others.

“Not good, run!” Haas and the others saw the bus was coming in their direction.

They need to be hastily rolled to avoid being hit. The speed at which a bus is approaching them is much faster than the rate at which they roll over. After all, the bus’ size is not comparable to that of regular cars.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” erupted abruptly from high in the sky as Haas and the officers were going to be killed by the crashing bus.

The vehicle was momentarily fixed in the air after being exactly struck by a blue magic ray. Everyone glanced up and saw a youngster riding a broom who did not know when he was going to appear in the skies above them while wearing a wizard’s hat and robe.

It was the Wizard who was very famous during this time.

“Get out of the way, my magic is only temporary!” When Jerry noticed that Haas and the others had stopped moving, he quickly yelled.

He just used a spell that causes objects to float in the air. But with his current degree of magic, he can’t use the levitation spell to withstand anything as heavy as a bus for more than a few seconds.

After hearing the words, Haas and the others ran out of the bus’s coverage area without having time to say “thank you.”


Finally, the large bus slammed to the ground. Jerry was a little glad to see that Haas was okay before turning to face the adversary in front of him. He noticed Haas was in danger as soon as he got there. He didn’t have time to investigate the situation prior to his arrival.

“Ugh! What kind of monster is this? It doesn’t even resemble the Hulk at all!” Jerry likewise inhaled deeply as he saw the five-meter-tall, strong, and abhorrently ugly beast.

He resembles the Hulk from the Avengers a little because he is such a large man. However, he was able to recall that whereas this man’s entire body was ugly, the Hulk was green with the exception of his hair.

The Hulk must be on the side of justice because he is a member of the Avengers, and this one has a ferocious visage and a menacing demeanor. He doesn’t have the appearance of a heroic persona.

“What’s going on, Sheriff?” Jerry waited a moment before carefully asking Haas about the incident.

“We don’t know, we just witnessed that guy jump out of the university.” said Haas, who was similarly bewildered.

“Could it be that the monster emerged from a biological experiment that this university was running at the time?”

Actually, Jerry often has thoughts like that. Because, in his opinion, numerous monsters and villains in the Marvel universe were produced as a result of scientific or biological research.

For instance, he has seen every Spider-Man trilogy’s villains like Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, or Sandman are products of a failed experiment. The giant in front of him is most likely no different.

“Sheriff, lead people to leave the area and take the hurt to a secure location. I’ll draw his attention!”

“Okay, just take care! Dealing with that monster is difficult because it doesn’t fear gunshots!” After hearing the comments, Haas nodded before he and other officers of the law went toward the injured crowd.

Guns won’t harm the monster, therefore rushing forward would just be a burden. Why not attempt to aid the injured, which may also be helpful?

After Jerry had finished speaking, he sped up on his broomstick and raced in the direction of the Abomination.

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Published On: March 12, 2023

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