The “Weird Sisters” band played a melodious waltz. Under the audience’s warm applause, Jerry took Hermione’s hand to the center of the auditorium. Following the rhythm of the music, Jerry wrapped around Hermione’s waist and pulled her closer to his side.

“Let’s start.”

Hermione blushed and nodded.

Jerry didn’t study dancing. He has been too focused on studying the laws of the world, and he has gained a lot of new understanding of the laws. But recently, because of the ball, a magic called “Dance” was specially created.

The “Dance” magic principle is not much different from the “Fight” card that Jerry used before, but he has made an upgrade. The “Fight” card that Clow Reed originally made has all the fighting knowledge he needed. Once used, even a fighter who doesn’t understand anything can instantly become a master fighter.

The “Dance” magic created by Jerry’s fuses all knowledge related to “Dance” in the world. In essence, Once it is used, even if you can’t dance, you can instantly become the world’s top dance master.

As Jerry silently cast the “dance” magic on himself and Hermione, the two’s dance steps became smooth in an instant. He began to become more and more skilled, and even after a while, he attracted the attention of everyone in the audience.

“Oh, Merlin’s beard, they dance really good!”

“So beautiful!”

“Their dance is simply an art!”

“They’re really a good match!”

With Jerry’s arms around Hermione, under the blessing of the “dance” magic, he danced out extremely gorgeous, beautiful, and impeccable movements. Even Fleur and her partner, who were doing really well, were no match for them.

“Jerry, what’s going on? I feel like I have learned a lot about dancing, and my body has become a lot more flexible.” Hermione, who was dancing with Jerry, had surprised looks in their eyes.

Like Jerry, Hermione immersed herself in learning a lot. She doesn’t have much time to learn other things, such as dancing not until this ball.

However, after dancing for a while, she found that she suddenly had a lot of knowledge about dancing in her mind, and her body instantly became extremely flexible. As if, at this moment, she was born to dance.

Hermione knew very well about her dancing talent, so she immediately guessed that it was Jerry’s doing. Because only Jerry can always do a lot of things that she didn’t expect.

It was exactly as she thought when she asked. Jerry did not hide it from her and explained in a low voice with a smile.

“This is a magic that can help you dance. It was recently researched. If you want to learn it, I can teach you. Whenever you encounter such a situation, you will no longer have to worry about dancing if you use this magic.”

“Dance magic? I want to learn it.” Hearing Jerry’s explanation, Hermione was surprised that Jerry was worthy of being able to invent such magic, and at the same time, she was indeed interested in this magic.

She may not be able to learn a dance, but under Jerry’s guidance, maybe in a few days, she can master this magic that would help her later.

The opening dance ended as the organ played the last note, and the hall burst into warm applause again.

At the same time, Professor McGonagall’s slightly excited voice can be heard, “The ball has started.”

The organ sound that just ended sounded again. This time, the rhythm was obviously faster than the previous one.

This time, everyone got up, and even the principals and referees entered the arena. Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall formed a pair, Hagrid and Maxime, Flitwick and Sprout, and the atmosphere of the entire hall suddenly reached a climax.

Of course, there are exceptions, like Professor Snape, who just sat there drinking, his eyes wandering as if caught in some kind of thought. After the second music ended, the third music followed.

But this time, it’s no longer a waltz but rock music.

The lights of the entire hall suddenly began to flicker with the music, and the elegant waltz dance steps were instantly changed to rock dance steps. The Great Hall of Hogwarts was instantly transformed into a dance scene.

It can only be said that although wizards cannot accept Muggles’ technology, they still strongly accept Muggles’ musical influence.

After all, in the wizarding world, a large number of wizards born in Muggle families have emerged in the past few years, and Muggle families more or less influence them. Thereby bringing some Muggle world culture into the wizarding world, especially a culture like music that spreads easily.

In addition to Muggle technology, wizards are not so disgusted with other Muggle things. You will find that most wizards in the wizarding world, except for special occasions, don’t wear robes but suits. Because they sometimes blend in with Muggles.

It’s just that wizards who didn’t learn physics, chemistry, etc., have a hard time understanding the technological products of Muggles.

“Jerry, I can’t… I can’t…” After three or four songs in a row, Hermione’s body finally couldn’t hold it anymore. She hung on Jerry’s body and couldn’t move.

Wizards are indeed much stronger than normal people, but in terms of strength and speed, they are actually similar to ordinary people. Hermione has learned Jerry’s meditation technique, and her physical fitness is better than normal wizards.

However, she belongs to the type who immerses herself in books every day and doesn’t exercise at all. Her body can’t stand it when she suddenly moves all of them for a long time.

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