Soon, the student of Hogwarts ushered in their long-awaited Christmas break.

It’s just that this year, except for most of the first, second, and third-grade students who couldn’t attend the ball, all the other students chose to stay in school. As for the upcoming event, the school’s professors obviously attach great importance to it.

They wanted to impress the teachers and students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang and let them understand the strength of Hogwarts as the first school of magic.

Under the joint arrangement of all the professors, the entire castle has become unprecedentedly gorgeous. The beautiful decorations hung on every wall, even the handrails of the marble stairs have been transformed by spells. There are a variety of exquisite ice sculptures that will not melt.

There are many Christmas trees in the hall. Obviously, many more things are hanging than in previous years, such as shiny holly, golden little owls that keep chirping, and so on. Each corridor’s polished, reflective armors were also enchanted to sing Christmas songs whenever someone passed by.

This reminded Jerry of the large sculptures he had arranged in his own home. But they can’t sing. They just shove the weapons in their hands into the face of the enemy who dared to invade his villa.

He also heard from Hermione that Dumbledore ordered 800 barrels of flavored mead for the Christmas ball and also used his connections to invite the famous rock band in the wizarding world.

Although Dumbledore was no longer the headmaster at this time, he was not in a hurry to leave because of the Triwizard Tournament, and he also wanted to assist Snape to completely take over Hogwarts.

And just like that, it’s finally Christmas time.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Jerry, in black attire, walked out to the common room. When passing by the public rest area, he doesn’t see students in their robes anymore, but a variety of colorful dresses.

His roommate, Draco, was paired with his classmate Pansy, and the other two roommates, Crabbe and Goyle, were holding a pile of snacks and didn’t seem to be looking for their dance partner. At the same time, Daphne stood next to a sixth-grade Slytherin wizard.

“See you later!”

Seeing that he appeared, everyone’s eyes immediately focused on him. Jerry smiled, waved his hand, pushed the door, and quickly left the common room.

Greeting students in various attire along the way, he finally walked outside the Gryffindor common room. At four o’clock in the afternoon, Hermione came to him, saying that she needed to make some preparations for the dinner.

It was seven o’clock and an hour before the dance started, and Jerry felt that Hermione should be almost ready.

Because her main focus is on learning, Hermione is not like other students of the same age. Even after falling in love with Jerry later, she used magic to shrink her teeth and then used hair-smoothing magic to smooth her curly hair every time she went out.

Therefore, the usual Hermione does not look so beautiful. It can only be said to be ordinary, especially when she is always carrying a book.

They didn’t understand why Jerry rejected so many beautiful students in the school and only fell in love with Hermione. Jerry is Slytherin, Slytherin more or less values ​​blood, while Hermione is a wizard from a Muggle family.

Is it because of her good performance in school?

Jerry felt that there was nothing wrong with Hermione. He didn’t care about looks. Maybe he would also be amazed when he saw some particularly beautiful people of the opposite sex, and he would praise their beauty.

But that doesn’t mean that he would take an interest in them.

In his view of love, if a person is only together because of their appearance, it is difficult to last long in most cases. Because no matter how beautiful a person is, as long as you get along with her every day, from morning to night, after a few years, that will deteriorate.

It’s not that she’s not beautiful, but because you’re used to it.

Therefore, if a person is really beautiful at this time, they might not be later in the future, and they often change their partner because they are easily bored with their partner’s appearance.

In Jerry’s eyes, his partner doesn’t need to be looking so good. Hermione is very accustomed and comfortable to watch, especially when she is serious and studying hard. She exudes something charming to him.

“Jerry, are you waiting for Hermione?”

Just less than five minutes after standing in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady in front of the Gryffindor common room, Jerry met Harry and Ron, who pushed the door open.

Harry was holding Ginny in a pink dress, and Ron seemed to be Hermione’s roommate, Lavender Brown.

“Yeah, did you see Hermione?”

“She should be finishing soon. When I just came out, she was almost finished.” Lavender replied.

Just as she finished speaking, the door of the Gryffindor common room was pushed open again, and a beautiful girl in an elegant light purple-blue slim evening dress came out.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Jerry.” She shyly touched the hair she had rolled up with her hands and adjusted her evening dress a little as if looking whether there was anything else she had missed.

“No, I just arrived here. Hermione… you look very beautiful today.” Jerry looked at Hermione and praised her without hesitation.

Hermione’s facial features have always been pretty good-looking, but she usually devotes herself to studying and leaves everyone with a stereotyped nerd image.

Now that she is dressed so meticulously, it actually gives people the illusion of being gorgeous and overwhelming. Harry and Ron were also shocked to see how Hermione looked this time.

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Published On: December 13, 2023

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