His previous actions had already made everyone doubt his fairness, and since the result could not be changed, this can be regarded as a way to get his credibility back. He was unwilling. He still couldn’t believe that the student at Hogwarts was actually able to defeat the dragon.

“Congratulations to Mr. Carmen for winning the first event with a perfect score of 50!”

As the voice of Ludo’s final verdict fell, the audience fell into frantic cheers again. Their Hogwarts delegate got a perfect score.

In the tent, Fleur and Krum looked at Jerry, who came in and said with complicated eyes, “Congratulations.”

The two of them watched the whole process of Jerry’s competition just now, so they are both jealous even though it is admirable.

“Congratulations to you too.” Jerry smiled.

At this moment, the tent was opened, and a familiar figure rushed towards Jerry, screaming, “Jerry, you are amazing! Just looking at it makes me scared to death!”

“It’s okay, Hermione. I-“

Seeing Hermione running in, screaming with tears in the corners of her eyes, Jerry just wanted to comfort her, but before he finished speaking, he saw Hermione jumping towards him. He hurriedly caught Hermione and held her with his hands to prevent her from falling to the ground.

However, as soon as he held Hermione, his neck was wrapped by Hermione’s hands, and immediately, there was a wet feeling on his lips.

Facing the Dragon, Jerry’s whole body instantly stiffened, and even the dragon egg in his left hand fell to the ground without noticing it. Krum and Fleur were also shocked by this sudden scene.

Just when Jerry was having his first kiss in his life, the tent curtain was lifted again.

“Jerry. You’re amazing! Can you show us the egg tha-“

It turned out that Harry and Ron also ran over excitedly. Immediately after Harry and Ron, another large group burst into the tent. The Weasley twins, Jerry’s fellow classmates, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore, and other professors.

“Oh, how it reminds me of when I was young.” Seeing Hermione and Jerry hurriedly separating after hearing them coming, Dumbledore stroked his long beard and said with a smile.

At this moment, Dumbledore felt an unprecedented peace of mind in his heart and the trace of worry that had been hidden in his heart before dissipated.

Looking at Hermione, who was blushing and completely at a loss, Jerry picked up the dragon egg on the ground and threw it to Harry, then reached out and grabbed Hermione’s hand.

He didn’t care about everyone else. He laughed and rushed out of the tent with her.


Three weeks later, in the school library.

Jerry, Hermione, Harry, Ron, and this time Ginny were chatting while writing their homework.

Or rather, Harry, Ron, and Ginny were doing their homework while Jerry and Hermione were reading because their homework had already been done. In less than a week, the school will be closed, so the teachers of each class have begun to assign a lot of holiday homework in advance.

In order to have a smooth Christmas holiday and time to prepare for the upcoming Christmas ball, everyone wants to get all their homework done ahead of time. Therefore, there are obviously more students in the library than usual these days.

“Jerry, have you solved the mystery of the golden egg?” Ron was tortured by his homework for more than three hours and couldn’t help but drop the quill in his hand.

It turned out that the dragon egg used in the competition was not a real fire dragon egg but a golden egg made by the Ministry of Magic. Each golden egg contains the key information of the second game, but when Harry and Ron opened the golden egg that day, they heard a piercing howl and nothing useful was heard.

Later, Barty explained it. The Ministry of Magic set it up, and it tests the contestants’ intelligence.

If there are any contestants who can unlock the secret of the golden egg before the second game, which is February 24th, then they’ll have something to prepare beforehand.

“I think Karkaroff and Maxime will definitely not follow the rules. They will definitely find a way to help Fleur and Krum unlock the secret of the golden egg in private. Jerry, ask Snape for help. He must be willing to help you.” At this time, Ginny said.

Before Jerry could answer, Hermione proudly said, “He already tried to open it the night after the game.”

“What is the second game?” When Harry heard this, he was interested and temporarily put down his homework on Transfiguration.

Hermione didn’t think much and then started to explain, “You should have known that golden egg when you opened it. There will be a piercing howl inside, and you can’t hear what it is saying. But Jerry can see it at a glance. Jerry took me to the bathroom, and we soaked in the water together and opened the golden egg. Can you imagine what happened?”

“The piercing howl in the golden egg actually turned into a song in the water. Isn’t that cool?”

“Later, Jerry and I guessed, based on the lyrics of the song, that the location of the second game is likely to be in the Black Lake. The task is to retrieve something in the lake, so our goal is to find a way for him to move easier in the water.”

Fortunately, Jerry invented a magic that allowed him to walk freely in the water.

“Hey, why are you all looking at me with that kind of eyes? Did I say something wrong?”

When Hermione was talking, she suddenly found that Harry, Ron, and Ginny were all looking at her with a surprising and suspicious look in their eyes.

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