The green grass of the Quidditch Stadium has now been replaced with hard boulders, and at this time, a huge Hungarian Horntail dragon is being tied to a boulder by a long chain.

Below, there are some golden eggs. Jerry’s task is to steal at least one fire dragon egg from the dragon.

Waving toward several Hermione and other classmates on the audience column, Jerry did not approach the line of sight of the dragon along the gap between the boulders like Krum and Fleur.

Instead, he took a step and walked above the boulder where the dragon was located.

“Oh, am I seeing wrong? Our student from Hogwarts, Mr. Carmen, actually chose to challenge the dragon directly and face to face. That’s the Hungarian Horntail dragon, the most dangerous dragon ever. Is this a brave or stupid move? Are we about to meet the fall of the first contestant?”

As the Director of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, the famous national Quidditch player when he was young, and the royal interpreter of various large-scale competitions, Ludo is obviously very good at invoking the emotions of the audience.

As several of his sentences fell, all the audience present showed shouts and worries. Not all wizards know about fire dragons. Many of them think that although the dragons are different types, they should have similar strengths.

Hearing Ludo’s explanation, they realized that the dragon Jerry faced was the world’s most dangerous and powerful dragon.

With the sharp eyesight of the dragon, Jerry was sighted by the dragon. So it immediately stood up and made a roar.

At this time, the audience finally discovered that the dragon’s size was obviously much larger than the previous Welsh Green Dragon and the Chinese Fireball Dragon, and it looked scary.

Watching Jerry face such a brutal dragon while being so calm is mesmerizing. Although the audience pinched cold sweat for him, they had to admire it. This is the bravest person they have ever seen.

At a distance of 20 meters from the dragon, Jerry finally stopped.

He saw that he waved the wand in his hand calmly, a small portal suddenly appeared over his left hand, and the egg under the dragon immediately fell through it. In this way, the golden eggs fell on Jerry’s left hand.

The whole process seems so simple and random.

“Oh, this is incredible. Mr. Carmen used his portal magic to take away the dragon egg and complete the task easily. The portal can actually be used in this way.”

At the same time, the wizards in the auditorium saw Jerry get the dragon egg and got up and cheered. However, as soon as their cheers rose, they immediately turned into screams.

After discovering that his egg was stolen, the dragon immediately rushed towards Jerry angrily, intending to swallow the thief who dared to steal its egg into its stomach.

“Run!” A student stood up in horror and reminded Jerry below loudly.

However, obviously, their worries are superfluous. When Jerry, standing below, saw the dragon rushing towards himself, there was still a smile on his face.

They saw that his wand was swinging again, he had six pairs of white wings behind him, flicked lightly, and he disappeared. At this moment, the audience who saw Jerry disappear and looked around suddenly discovered that Jerry actually appeared in the audience column.

It seemed like he had just teleported, mainly because the speed was too fast, and the eyes of normal humans could no longer capture his moving trajectory.

For Jerry, it’s too simple to take the egg. He can do it easily with the portal without entering the field, but that is obviously what Dumbledore wants, so he deliberately uses this spell only for show.

“Mr. Carmen is all well. He escaped the attack of Hungarian Horntail with his spell. I have to admit that this is really a very good response. Now that Mr. Carmen got the egg and escaped the fire dragon attack.”

Seeing Jerry flying into the air with the dragon egg, Ludo was about to announce Jerry’s mission. The dragon was tied to the chain. It let an angry dragon roar and moved toward Jerry.

A magic chain is tied to the neck of the dragon used in each game to prevent the fire dragon from escaping or flying too high to hurt the audience.

Therefore, the attack range of the dragon will not hit the audience. As long as the contestant gets the dragon egg and escapes from the attack range of the fire dragon, it can be determined to complete the task.

Unfortunately, what everyone didn’t expect was that this dragon was obviously stronger than they thought. After flying, he struggled with brute force and broke the chain that tied it.

Another dragon roared. In the screams of everyone in the audience, the dragon sprayed a huge flame at Jerry in the air.

The dragon trainers, originally hidden in the surrounding stadium, quickly pulled out their wands and wanted to stop the dragon. But the dragon was too far from them, and they couldn’t simply attack it.

On the surface, they thought there would be no problem, and they hid to test the courage of the three contestants.

But they prepared many dragon trainers hidden in the stadium to be always ready to stop the dragon and save them when any of the contestants were in danger or anything.

But when they saw Jerry fly, they put away their wand and did not expect the dragon to break the magic chain.

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Published On: December 10, 2023

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