“Hello, Jerry Carmen!” Fleur initiated a greeting, but Jerry responded with a polite handshake and continued sipping his black tea, showing no inclination to engage further.

Fleur, momentarily taken aback by his disinterest, marched away in a huff.

Despite Fleur’s positive impression of Jerry, his reserved response stemmed from a deliberate choice.

Jerry, mindful of Hermione and aware of Fleur’s future connection to Ron as a sister-in-law, wanted to avoid complications.

His straightforward approach to romantic feelings involved making intentions clear from the outset.

Jerry’s reluctance, driven by a commitment to avoid misunderstandings, wasn’t always foolproof.

Instances like Miss Daphne’s interest highlighted the occasional challenges.

Fortunately, his adept use of wizard shielding spells prevented him from getting entangled in awkward situations.

As Snape’s voice directed the prefects to lead students back to their dormitories,

Jerry, Fleur, and Krum prepared to join the assembly.

Soon after, Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore, and the other referees entered the room.

After brief words of encouragement from the principals, Dumbledore announced the commencement of the first Triwizard Tournament task, emphasizing the directors’ role in guiding the champions.

The Ministry of Magic kept the tournament’s specific details confidential, ensuring fairness.

“Ludo, it’s in your hands,” Dumbledore deferred to Mr. Crouch, positioning him to oversee the upcoming challenges.

Barty nodded, taking a step forward to address the three champions.

“Three Champions, I will guide the first project for you. This initial task is designed to test your mettle, and we won’t disclose its nature. Facing the unknown is a crucial quality for wizards—extremely crucial. I can share that the first challenge commences on November 24th, posing a significant danger. Carelessness may cost you your life. Additionally, you are restricted from carrying any magical items apart from your wand, and seeking help from others is prohibited; you must tackle this independently.”

After delivering this intimidating message, Barty noticed Krum and Fleur wearing solemn expressions while Jerry seemed somewhat aloof.

Despite Jerry’s rumored exploits from the previous year, Barty, as the head of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, understood that rumors might not always align with reality.

Jerry had indeed rescued Muggles from suspected Death Eaters two months prior, documented in Eucalyptus.

Jerry’s Patronus being a giant was another confirmed fact.

Providing relief, Barty said, “I have good news for you. Due to the extended duration of the Triwizard Tournament, none of you will need to take any exams this year.”

Fleur and Krum welcomed this news eagerly while Jerry appeared preoccupied, engrossed in deciphering a certain magical law.

After brief instructions, Barty, intending to return to the Ministry of Magic, was invited by Dumbledore to stay for a drink.

However, Barty declined, citing his busy schedule and leaving Dumbledore with the excuse of overseeing Percy Weasley, who, despite his enthusiasm, displayed a hint of arrogance.

Barty shot Jerry a resentful look, acknowledging his role in the increased workload of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange.

“Thanks to Mr. Carmen, his invention of portal magic has allowed our Ministry to collaborate with personnel from over 100 countries,” Barty explained.

Originally a relatively leisurely department, the sudden surge in responsibilities directly resulted from Jerry’s revolutionary magical innovation.

Jerry’s portal magic enabled unrestricted travel between countries, prompting Ministry of Magic representatives from various nations to convene in Britain.

Their discussions ranged from formulating laws to regulating the portal’s use, especially concerning dark wizards.

Jerry’s proficiency in all national languages was indispensable for this global wizarding cooperation.

Barty’s resentful gaze lingered on Jerry, who remained somewhat evasive.

Both Krum and Fleur, witnessing this interaction, were surprised. While they acknowledged the power of Jerry’s invention, they hadn’t realized its profound impact.

Countless wizards aspire to create new spells in the magical world, yet Jerry’s magic has influenced Ministries of Magic worldwide.

After Barty’s departure, Dumbledore led the remaining dignitaries to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade for drinks.

Krum and Fleur returned to their respective accommodations, the ghost ship and rune carriage.

Engrossed in comprehending magical laws, Jerry was escorted back to Slytherin’s dormitory by his ethereal companion.

Engrossed in deciphering magical laws, Jerry found himself in a unique state of concentration.

His innovative mind was actively probing into the depths of arcane knowledge, making connections that eluded most wizards.

The ethereal companion that accompanied him, a manifestation of his magical prowess, seemed to share in his contemplative focus.

As Jerry delved deeper into the intricacies of magical laws, he couldn’t help but reflect on the consequences of his inventions.

Portal magic, initially conceived for convenience, had rippled across the wizarding world, altering the landscape of international cooperation.

The unintended impact on the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange had turned it from a placid workplace into a bustling hub of activity.

Barty’s resentful gaze hinted at the burdens Jerry’s brilliance had imposed on the Ministry of Magic.

The young wizard’s invention had become a catalyst for extensive global discussions.

Jerry’s proficiency in all languages became a linchpin for effective communication, a crucial element in shaping laws and regulations for this newfound magical avenue.

However, Jerry’s detached demeanor in response to Barty’s resentful look stemmed from more than just a nonchalant attitude.

He was navigating a delicate balance between magical pursuits and the responsibilities thrust upon him.

Jerry was keenly aware of his role as a wizard who had contributed significantly to the magical community.

The ethereal companion beside him, a testament to his magical proficiency, served as a reminder of the uniqueness of his abilities.

Unlike other wizards, Jerry’s comprehension of magic extended beyond the conventional, allowing him to forge connections and unlock the secrets of magical laws that remained hidden from most.

While Barty’s departure signaled a momentary respite for Jerry, the weight of his contributions lingered.

The increased workload in the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange would continue, fueled by the repercussions of Jerry’s groundbreaking invention.

The Portal magic, initially a product of curiosity and innovation, had become a cornerstone of international magical collaboration.

As the night progressed, Jerry’s musings on magical laws transformed into a quiet determination.

He recognized the responsibilities that accompanied his exceptional talents.

The interconnectedness of magical realms and his unique insights fueled a sense of purpose.

His creations’ intended and unintended impact underscored the transformative power of magic and its potential to shape the wizarding world.

In the dormitory, Jerry continued his exploration of magical laws, his focus undeterred by the external world. The little spirit companion, a silent witness to his endeavors, echoed the resonance of magical energies that surrounded the young wizard.

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