When Jerry’s name resounded, initial disappointment swept through the crowd as it wasn’t them the one chosen.

Deep down, they know they don’t have much chance of winning, but still, they wish for their names to be called.

They, too, wanted to take the spotlight for once and be proud.

Nevertheless, the room burst into applause, a collective recognition that Jerry was truly deserving of being a Hogwarts champion.

The little wizards acknowledged not only his strength but also the indispensable role he played, enabling many to even contend for the title.

In the midst of cheers, Jerry gracefully rose, leaving the Slytherin long table, and entered the small room adjacent to the auditorium. Soon after, the Goblet of Fire spat out the second parchment with a fiery flourish.

“Durmstrong’s Champion – Victor Krum!”

Before the applause erupted, Karkaroff, Durmstrang’s principal, leaped to his feet, hailing Viktor’s selection with enthusiasm.

“Great, Viktor! I knew you were destined to be a Champion!”

Looking somewhat awkward, Krum stood and swiftly made his way across the aisle to join Jerry in the cabin.

As the applause subsided, Snape unfolded the last note.

“The Champion of Beauxbatons – Fleur Delacour!”

The entire auditorium rose to applaud Fleur, captivated by her enchanting presence.

However, not all Beauxbatons witches shared the joy, with a few shedding tears for not being chosen.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent hut:

Stern-faced Krum confronted Jerry, who leisurely sipped tea by the fire, and declared determinedly, “Jerry, I accepted my defeat in the last Quidditch World Cup, but I won’t be humiliated in the next one, four years from now!”

Having lost to Jerry in the Quidditch World Cup, Krum sought redemption, aiming to reclaim his glory in the next championship.

Krum has been training extraordinarily harder than his previous regime, only for him soon to be found disappointed…

Even Karkaroff, as his teacher, praised Jerry while training him.

Karkaroff said that Jerry was an exceptional wizard with lots of potential, considering he is only a fourth grader.

Not to count his talent on dark magic.

His pride is his last bastion for his sanity to stay sane.

Unfazed by Krum’s harsh words, Jerry calmly replied, “Oh, you may not know; I’ve voluntarily retired from the English Quidditch team. I find Quidditch unsuitable for me. Studying magic is more intriguing.”

Krum stood in disbelief. One of the world’s finest Quidditch Seekers, known for breaking records, claimed Quidditch wasn’t his calling.

This revelation left Krum stunned.

Despite aspiring to surpass Jerry in the upcoming World Cup, Jerry’s unexpected retirement suggested that no matter how hard Krum trained, he would never get the chance to redeem himself on the Quidditch field.

His whole world crumbles right before him…

“Excuse me? You are pulling a joke on me right now, right? There is no way someone like you would abandon his career in the blink of an eye and give a sorry of an excuse: ‘Studying magic is more intriguing’, right?”

After regaining composure, Krum clenched his teeth and directed a determined gaze at Jerry.

“Since you’ve abandoned Quidditch, then the only way for me to get back at you is by winning this tournament. You better watch your back, Carmen! I’ll be the true champion of this tournament.”

Unable to seek redemption in Quidditch, Krum saw this tournament as an alternative opportunity for revenge in the magical realm.

He held confidence in his proficiency with black magic, a skill well-praised at Durmstrang.

While Jerry had enhanced his flying skills and introduced portal magic, Krum believed that as a fourth-year student, Jerry lacked the practical experience to match his theoretical knowledge.

Additionally, rumors of Jerry’s feats against Dementors and Aurors during his third year were dismissed as exaggerated, baseless tales spun by Daily Prophet reporters.

“Then let’s get started!” Facing Krum’s serious demeanor, Jerry set down his tea cup and offered an encouraging gesture. “It’s not like you’ll get any chances like this in the future. I want to take it slow, but it seems like you’ll provide a challenge.”

Not inherently malicious but intensely competitive, Krum found Jerry’s nonchalant attitude intriguing.

It was unclear whether Jerry genuinely didn’t take him seriously or possessed exceptional character.

While the tense situation was brewing with their aura of rivalries, their attention shifted to the third person who entered the room.

She didn’t even pay attention to Krum, who was in the room with Jerry; her gaze was focused in one direction.

Jerry’s position…

Fleur entered the room, her silver hair cascading like a waterfall as she elegantly approached Jerry, extending her hand.

“We haven’t been formally introduced. Fleur Delacour, pleased to meet you.”

Her tone carried a hint of arrogance, justified by her beauty and Veela’s blood, making her a sought-after figure.

Accustomed to admirers, Fleur singled out Jerry as someone worthy of her attention.

Despite her seventh-grade status and numerous suitors, Fleur remained single, finding few wizards meeting her standards.

Jerry was one of those rare individuals with his handsomeness and legendary status.

While Krum, though skilled, didn’t meet Fleur’s criteria due to his appearance.

Taking the initiative, she greeted Jerry upon entering the room, marking the beginning of an intriguing dynamic among the Triwizard champions.

As Fleur greeted Jerry with a sense of superiority, Krum observed the interaction with a subtle frown.

His competitive spirit, once fueled by the desire for redemption, now faced a new layer of complexity.

Fleur’s acknowledgment of Jerry as a wizard worthy of attention struck a chord within him, creating an undercurrent of tension in the room.

As perceptive as ever, Jerry acknowledged Fleur’s greeting with a polite smile, maintaining an air of composure.

Despite being a few years younger, Jerry’s demeanor resonated with a maturity that surpassed his age.

It intrigued Krum, prompting a reassessment of the wizard he considered merely a schoolmate.

The upcoming Triwizard Tournament, already laden with the weight of rivalry and expectations, now bore the added complexity of personal dynamics among the champions.

Fleur’s interest in Jerry and Krum’s determination to prove himself set the stage for a tournament that promised not only magical challenges but also intricate relationships and shifting alliances.

In the quiet room adjoining the auditorium, the Triwizard champions found themselves on the precipice of an adventure that extended beyond the magical tasks that awaited them.

The intertwining threads of competition, camaraderie, and unspoken motivations wove a narrative that would shape their journey through the challenges yet to unfold.

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Published On: December 7, 2023

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