Jerry’s surprise was evident.

“Professor Snape is becoming the Headmaster!”

He had not anticipated Snape’s ascension to the role of Headmaster.

It turned out that Snape would assume the position of Headmaster, as he was a double agent capable of safeguarding the school more effectively during Voldemort’s reign.

With Voldemort’s defeat, it was unexpected that Dumbledore chose Snape over McGonagall.

Nonetheless, Jerry saw this as a positive development.

Snape had been a significant help to him, and he genuinely hoped that Snape would be the Headmaster.

“Jerry, would you be willing to do your Head a favor?”

Observing Jerry’s surprise at Snape’s appointment as Headmaster, Dumbledore couldn’t help but smile. He rolled his eyes and promptly asked.

Jerry was momentarily taken aback:

“Of course, I’m more than willing. How can I assist you, Professor?”

“I think Severus is too embarrassed to ask, so I’ll relay it for him.” Dumbledore jokingly answered while looking at Snape, who was still trying to make sense of the whole thing.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and continued, “I’d like you to represent Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament, act as a champion, and help the school secure the Goblet of Fire.”

“I am sorry, but what? Did my ears fail on me, Professor? Did you actually just ask me to participate in that tournament?” Jerry was puzzled.

He couldn’t quite grasp the situation at first and was left wondering. Like the new Headmaster, he too is confused with Dumbledore’s intention.

Dumbledore’s smile revealed his intention:

“The Triwizard Tournament, which is being reinstated after a century, is set to capture the attention of the entire wizarding world. If Hogwarts can secure the championship with a clear advantage, it would provide great support for Severus as the new Headmaster.”

He took a deep breath before continuing, “Moreover, you are Severus’ most accomplished student, and it would be even more of an achievement if your name is put forward!”

With Dumbledore’s explanation, Jerry comprehended the plan.

It was akin to historical accounts where Emperor Qianlong appointed corrupt official Heshen’s son, Jiaqing, to succeed him while instructing him to duplicate Heshen’s assets and promptly eliminate him upon ascending the throne.

The objective was to replenish the treasury and demonstrate efficiency.

Jerry truly is once again dumbfounded upon hearing the wits of Dumbledore…

There is a reason why he stands at the top of Wizarding World.

By relinquishing the position of Headmaster to Snape prior to the Triwizard Tournament, any achievements Snape acquired as Headmaster would be particularly striking, rendering him secure in the position of Headmaster and preempting potential opposition.

“However, the Triwizard Tournament typically requires participants to be at least seventeen, which I don’t meet.”

Jerry raised a valid point.

Even though he was technically over seventeen, Dumbledore perceived him as fourteen, far below the requirement for participation.

However, Dumbledore had a clever response to this question:

“At the time, the judges will implement a robust age-restricting charm around the Goblet of Fire, preventing anyone below the age of seventeen from submitting their names.

But if someone manages to circumvent this charm, places their name in the Goblet, and is subsequently chosen, the judges, including us, cannot change the champion’s identity. This adheres to the Triwizard Tournament’s tradition.”

Dumbledore’s implication was clear. If Jerry could bypass the age-restricting charm and place his name in the Goblet of Fire, age would no longer be an issue.

In previous Triwizard Tournaments, there were no age restrictions.

Even first-year students could participate if they were selected as champions.

The introduction of the age limit was a recent change, primarily influenced by the Ministry of Magic, to minimize fatalities in the aftermath of the Triwizard Tournament’s reinstatement.

Dumbledore believed that Jerry’s ability to overcome the age-restricting charm was quite plausible.

“Alright, I’m on board!”

Jerry eventually nodded, accepting Dumbledore’s request.

Assisting Snape aiding Hogwarts in attaining glory – these were causes he was more than willing to support.

Ten days had passed since Jerry’s last conversation with Dumbledore.

During this time, Jerry’s life mirrored that of a typical Hogwarts student.

He attended classes, enjoyed breaks, dined, slept, and diligently completed his assignments.

Furthermore, he spent time reading books with Hermione in the library when they could, sat by the Black Lake to soak up the sun, and delved into discussions on magic.

Their relationship had transitioned from a not-so-pure friendship to something deeper and more intimate.

Any existing barriers between them had gradually disappeared, and their mutual affection had become evident.

However, Jerry had to contend with one ongoing issue: his remarkable visibility.

Whenever they were alone, they often faced interruptions from Jerry’s admirers.

As a result, he had invested time in enhancing the Muggle Shielding Charm, ensuring it was more effective.

The Muggle Shielding Charm functioned by diverting the attention of Muggles, who lacked magical abilities when they encountered the charm’s emanations, causing them to unconsciously ignore the presence of the charm.

Jerry had improved this charm, extending its influence to magical users as well, although he imposed a specific threshold. Magical users who exceeded a certain level of magical power or those he designated remained unaffected.

Consequently, the charm wouldn’t affect professors from other schools or Hermione and Harry.

“Here, it’s for you!”

On a Sunday afternoon in the Hogwarts library, Jerry retrieved a small box from his pocket and handed it to Hermione, who was engrossed in reading about the history of House-elves.

Hermione had recently become interested in the wizarding world’s system of House-elf slavery.

“Oh, by the way, it’s my birthday today. I almost forgot. Thank you, Jerry!”

Hermione said, picking up the small box, which held a delicate pair of silver bracelets.

“Do you like it?”

Jerry asked with a smile, setting aside the magic book he had been reading. “I hope you do!”

Hermione reached for the bracelets inside the box, but Jerry’s hand stopped her.

“These are no ordinary bracelets. They’re magical ones created through alchemy. Wearing them will bring about some wonderful changes. However, it might not be suitable to try them here.” Jerry explained while looking at Hermione’s eyes deeply.

“Then I’ll give them a try later when I get back to the dorm,” Hermione replied with a bright smile.

Hermione’s eyes sparkled with curiosity, and she eagerly nodded her head before gently closing the box and carefully placing it inside her small school bag.

She knew Jerry was highly skilled in alchemy, and the necklace she wore around her neck that improved her study efficiency had been a gift from Jerry the previous year.

She held high expectations for this beautiful, magical bracelet.

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Published On: December 1, 2023

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