“Nothing is impossible, Severus, and you should be aware that the mysteries of magic are infinite. I’ve only scratched the surface of them,” Dumbledore remarked with an air of understanding.

“Thus, it’s entirely possible for someone to surpass me in power. The world is never short of geniuses.”

Dumbledore looked up, displaying no surprise at Snape’s incredulity. “But, it’s still unbelievable,” Snape muttered.

The world, after all, was populated with geniuses.

He was a genius himself, yet Dumbledore stood as the most formidable genius in the world.

“Headmaster, you’ve been investigating this for quite some time. Do you know who this wizard is?” Snape inquired, aware of Dumbledore’s efforts to look into the New York wizard, which included a visit to the U.S. Ministry of Magic.

“I have some leads, but I’m not entirely certain. I’ll need to arrange a meeting with him. However, it’s almost certain that he is the same individual as the wizard ‘J’ who sealed Voldemort’s soul,” Dumbledore responded with a smile.

Snape paused, then nodded in understanding.

Upon deeper reflection, it did seem incredible that the mysterious wizard ‘J’ managed to find and seal away all of Voldemort’s soul fragments.

After all, both Voldemort and Dumbledore were regarded as wizards of the same caliber.

Dumbledore, too, was unable to defeat Voldemort, yet this enigmatic wizard emerged from obscurity to successfully seal Voldemort’s soul, a feat which no one else could claim.

The prospect of a wizard surpassing Dumbledore’s power and accomplishing such a task was immensely unsettling.

The likelihood of two such wizards existing was remarkably slim.

Therefore, it seemed increasingly probable that these two wizards were, in fact, the same person.

“Headmaster, now that you have a rough idea of this individual’s identity, can you share who he is? I’m genuinely curious,” Snape inquired.

The thought of a wizard with the power to outmatch Dumbledore and completely seal away Voldemort intrigued him.

Dumbledore smiled as he spoke a name. “Jerry Carmen.”

Snape’s face registered a degree of doubt. “What’s going on with Jerry? He should be attending spell class now, so there’s no reason for him to be late.”

Dumbledore, however, remained serious. “I mean, the wizard is Jerry Carmen, your most promising fourth-year student in Slytherin.”

Snape, his expression gradually shifting, expressed his astonishment. “Headmaster, are you pulling my leg? It’s not April Fool’s Day, and this joke is anything but humorous!”

The idea that Jerry Carmen, his most highly regarded and cherished student, was a wizard more powerful than Dumbledore, the one who sealed Voldemort’s soul liberated, and all of Azkaban, including the Death Eaters and the dementors, was nothing short of preposterous.

Once again after hearing another unbelievable statement coming out from Dumbledore’s mouth made Snape doubt everything around him.

“Am I even awake?” Snape thought while staring at Dumbledore with a look of curiosity.

While Jerry undeniably possessed excellent magical abilities and a strong academic performance, he had learned through diligent effort.

Snape recalled the times he had mentored Jerry, helping him along the path of magical learning.

Dumbledore’s claim that Jerry was this enigmatic wizard ‘J’ seemed utterly unbelievable.

Dumbledore, seemingly prepared for Snape’s reaction, urged, “Please, Severus, do not let emotions take over. When you think about it, it is far from a jest. Currently, in the wizarding world, there are mighty wizards. We know that an unknown wizard does not emerge from thin air, reaching such a level of strength.”

It was highly probable that this wizard was not very old but possessed exceptional talent, strong learning capabilities, and a unique approach to the exploration and understanding of magic.

Such qualities would be essential for breaking free from traditional constraints and surpassing the older generation.

Reflecting on the individuals Dumbledore had encountered over the years, there were a few young wizards who embodied these characteristics, prompting Dumbledore to associate the enigmatic wizard ‘J’ with Jerry.

Furthermore, Dumbledore reminded Snape that it wasn’t easy for individuals from outside Hogwarts to enter the castle, especially the fourth floor.

He hinted that Jerry likely had his reasons for remaining concealed.

Listening to Dumbledore’s reasoning, Snape’s initial disbelief gradually gave way to contemplation.

Upon closer examination, it seemed that Dumbledore’s deduction held merit.

While Jerry was only a fourth-year student with just three years of magical education, his accomplishments over this short period were indeed remarkable.

For instance, at the beginning of the previous school year, Jerry had easily vanquished a dozen Dementors and a dozen Aurors, demonstrating strength that exceeded the average Auror, even though Jerry had been studying magic for only two years at that time.

In the year since no one could determine the extent of his current power. Notably, Jerry had authored two books on magic, both containing spells of his own creation, reflecting a high level of theoretical expertise.

Although it was not certain at present, most wizards viewed Jerry’s future as one that rivaled, if not surpassed, Dumbledore’s.

If a rational analysis were applied, Jerry indeed represented the most likely candidate for the elusive wizard ‘J.’

“If Jerry is indeed Wizard J, what are your plans, Headmaster?” Snape inquired, his expression serious.

Dumbledore responded with a smile, “I don’t intend to do anything, even if he is. There is, in fact, nothing wrong with him. He sealed Voldemort, alleviating the gravest concern in my heart, and he returned the Philosopher’s Stone. While some exaggeration may be involved, it’s characteristic of youth.

I called you here today simply to provide you with advance notice, so you are aware. Additionally, if all goes as planned, I will be announcing my retirement soon.”

Dumbledore’s decision to retain his position as Hogwarts’ Headmaster at a relatively young age was never motivated by a desire for power.

If power were his objective, he would not have declined the opportunity to become Minister of Magic.

Instead, he recognized that the Voldemort crisis was far from resolved and harbored concerns that Voldemort might return in the future.

His aim was to help Harry, the prophesied child, grow into a formidable wizard capable of defeating Voldemort.

However, now that Voldemort had been completely sealed away, Dumbledore could retire with a clear conscience, eventually residing in Nurmengard for the rest of his days.

But before doing so, he had to engage in a substantial conversation with Jerry to address any lingering uncertainties.

Having everything laid out before him, Dumbledore reminisces the old days of him talking with a particular partner…

Thinking about it, Jerry might even be stronger than they were, nor they will ever be.

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Published On: November 30, 2023

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