The Extension Charm and the Item Making Technique refined Jerry’s current ringworld.

But in essence, his ringworld is not Jerry’s own world alone.

At most, it can only be used as a huge storage space, but it cannot become a dimensional world that can greatly enhance its strength like those dimensional demons.

This is what has always been a headache for him.

But now, he seems to have gradually thought of how to build the ringworld into a world of his own dimension.

First, fill in the rules of the world you have learned about and replace the original rules in the ringworld.

Then, the entire ringworld is isolated from the outside world, and enough energy is injected to allow it to operate independently without needing the external world.

In this way, the ringworld can truly become a completely independent and his own dimensional world.

And according to his calculations, there is no need to replace all the laws in the ringworld. As long as more than 50% of the laws are manipulated, the effect he wants can be achieved.

Perhaps the law he replaced was not as powerful as the law of the outside world, but it was the law he comprehended and could be completely controlled by him.

In this way, when fighting the enemy, as long as the enemy is pulled into the ringworld, his strength will also be greatly enhanced due to the world’s laws.

At that level, his hard power should be similar to the likes of Dormammu.

No, it should be stronger than the level of Dormammu.

Because Dormammu’s Dark Dimension was not created by him but originally existed.

He only discovered and fused himself with it to become a powerful Interdimensional God.

In fact, his control over the Dark Dimension is not that potent.

And after leaving the Dark Dimension, his strength has also declined greatly.

Otherwise, The Ancient One would not be able to knock it back to the Dark Dimension many times by relying on the three Sanctums.

Of course, these are not things that can be done in a short time.

There are so many laws in the outside world.

It will take a long time, even if it is only to replace 50%, and it is still the weakest 50%.

There is also the issue of energy.

The energy that can support a small world’s operation is huge.

His little red star can be converted into energy to use, but relying on the amount of little red star he has now, it is estimated that if it is fully converted, it is not enough.

So, Jerry still has to find a way to do it.

In this regard, he also has some thoughts in his mind.

However, these ideas can only be realized when he has almost completed the transformation of the ringworld and then goes to the main world of Marvel.

In everyday life activities, going to school, going to work, even when you are fighting against Demons.

Laws are everywhere.

If Jerry comprehends them carefully, they are everywhere in everyday life.

It is difficult to understand powerful laws, so he should understand those simple laws first.

This will be more efficient.

Seeing Hogwarts Castle again, Jerry’s mood was still a little turbulent.

But his determination is strong. He quickly calmed down after remembering his purpose.

Getting off the carriage and entering the castle, he then waits in the great hall for the annual opening banquet and sorting ceremony.

The first-year wizard entered, and Professor McGonagall took out the sorting hat.

After a year of writing, the Sorting Hat has released its latest Sorting Song.

Soon, the sorting ceremony ended with the applause and cheers of the wizards of the four academies.

Because Voldemort was sealed by Jerry, his curse naturally expired, so this year’s Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is still Professor Lupin.

But now Professor Lupin is no longer wearing shabby clothes but wearing a very decent and good robe.

Obviously, the two years of teaching career have given him a fixed income, and his life is no longer as poor as before.

The sorting ceremony is over, and the opening dinner officially begins.

Halfway through the dinner, Professor Dumbledore got up and came to the podium, officially announcing that the Triwizard Tournament would be held at Hogwarts this year.

And this news also pushed the atmosphere of the entire dinner party to a real climax.

At the same time, Ron also got his wish to see the super depressed expression of his two brothers when they could not participate in the selection because they were four months away.

After the dinner, everyone went back to their dormitories.

“Jerry, how come do you know of my Father?”

Draco entered the dormitory and saw Jerry, who was already sitting by the bed and asked curiously.

Jerry smiled smugly before giving his reply, “Simply an acquaintance of mine, what’s the matter?”

“Father has asked me to give this to you as a little thought to congratulate you on winning the Quidditch World Cup!”

With a slightly jealous expression, Draco took a small box from his arms and handed it to Jerry.

In fact, after getting along in the past few years, under the dazzling light of Jerry, Draco no longer hated Jerry as much as he did in the first grade and regarded him as a friend.

However, he was still a little jealous today.

Because his Father actually spent five thousand gold Galleons to buy a top-of-the-line magic pocket watch made by Goblins.

It was a gift he had wanted for a long time, and his Father was unwilling to buy him a gift.

Moreover, before getting on the train today, his Father urged him to get along well with Jerry at school and never make him angry. Jerry will do whatever he asks him to do.

This is completely different from what his Father said before.

When he came back from school last term, his Father was still berating him for not getting first place in the year.

As a result, after a holiday, the attitude suddenly turned 180 degrees, which was incredible.

Jerry took the box that Malfoy handed over, opened it, and saw the valuable magic pocket watch inside, knowing that it was a gesture of favor from Lucius, who was afraid that he would send the photo to the Ministry of Magic.

“I got it, but I’m not used to wearing a pocket watch, so I’ll give it to you!”

Reaching out and taking out the magic pocket watch from the box, Jerry threw it to Draco without hesitation.

Draco took the pocket watch and was stunned for a moment, then immediately showed a surprised expression.

“This… that’s unexpected.”

Jerry waved his hand, indicating that it was all right.

It’s just a magic pocket watch, which is too insignificant for him.

Under his leadership in the past two years, Slytherin’s atmosphere has greatly improved, and Draco has become less annoying.

Although Draco still looked down on the other students who didn’t hail from the Pure-blooded lineage, his hate toward them was not as absurd.

The same with his relationship with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

At most, they just don’t like each other a little bit.

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Published On: November 29, 2023

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