“You’re asking for trouble, aren’t you?”

Revealing their true identities was not an option.

The only solution was to silence Jerry permanently.

Without a moment’s discussion, the group raised their wands, preparing to unleash their most potent spells.

But as their wands were raised, a swift blue streak of light emanated from Jerry, disarming them all at an impossible speed.

It was Jerry who had cast Expelliarmus preemptively, knocking their wands out of their hands before they could react.

Witnessing their wands flying out of their grasp, the masked individuals were left in a state of shock.

What just happened? No wands in Jerry’s hands, no spells chanted, yet the disarming spell was executed.

Did this young wizard master silent spellcasting without a wand at such a tender age?

Moreover, how was the disarming spell so unbelievably fast, disarming over a dozen of them at once? It was unheard of.

While they were still contemplating these baffling questions, Jerry waved his hand, removing the masks from their faces exposing their true identities.

“Ah, so it’s you,” Jerry taunted, snapping a few more photographs with his magic camera.

The images captured more than a dozen Ministry of Magic officials, including Malfoy, cloaked and masked, wearing bewildered and terrified expressions.

“It seemed like Death Eaters, but nope, it’s you guys. By the way, what do you think will happen if the rest of the

Ministry of Magic gets their hands on these photos I’ve taken?” Jerry mused, shaking his head in mock disbelief.

On the other side, Malfoy and the others were furious and flushed with anger.

It was evident that the opposition had come prepared, ready with a magic camera and a trap.

Now, disarmed and facing a much more powerful opponent, they could only seethe with frustration, unable to put up any resistance.

“Mr. Carmen, I wonder what you desire?” Malfoy inquired, regaining his composure and shifting to a friendly tone as he examined Jerry.

He understood that the photos Jerry had taken if submitted to the Ministry of Magic, would spell doom for all of them.

He sensed that Jerry might have certain conditions to discuss.

Jerry met Lucius’s gaze and approached him with a smile, reassuringly touching his shoulder. “Just call me Jerry. Draco and I are classmates, and we share the same dormitory. Don’t worry, Mr. Malfoy. I won’t hand these photos over to the Ministry of Magic, at least… not yet.”

Despite Jerry’s words, Lucius couldn’t relax.

He felt a growing sense of unease.

It would be manageable if Jerry were to lay out specific conditions at this point, such as requesting money or assistance with some task.

After fulfilling those terms, the trouble might be resolved.

But Jerry didn’t present any conditions, destroy the magic camera, or suggest any intentions, leaving Lucius perplexed.

This meant that Jerry retained this leverage to use against them whenever he pleased, potentially forcing them into actions they might not desire unless they wished to face imprisonment as Death Eaters.

Without further words, Jerry smiled and waved to the group. In an instant, he vanished from their sight.

Once Jerry was gone, the group retrieved their wands.

Goyle, who had been standing behind Lucius, suggested in a loud voice, “Lucius, why don’t we find an opportunity to eliminate him?”

“Don’t be a fool, don’t act recklessly!” Lucius swiftly dismissed the ill-advised notion.

It was clear that Jerry’s power was even more formidable than rumors suggested.

During their encounter, they hadn’t even launched an attack; they had been on high alert from the start.

Even without resorting to their legendary giant guardian, they were unable to hold their ground.

With such strength, defeating Jerry was an implausible endeavor.

Risking a confrontation might result in Jerry sharing the incriminating photos with the Ministry of Magic out of spite, which would be catastrophic.

The realization that Jerry was just a student at Hogwarts, a school overseen by Dumbledore himself, compounded the situation.

The prospect of harming a student within Dumbledore’s purview was nothing short of foolish.

“Let’s return for now and devise a plan,” Lucius proposed after a moment of contemplation, the weight of the situation bearing down on him.

On the other side, having merged with his clone, Jerry conferred with the Auror who had Apparated at his side.

They exchanged information, and Jerry took some notes for future reference.

Afterward, he returned to Diagon Alley, where Hermione and the others were located.

Jerry recognized the importance of planning for the future.

Yet, if he could obtain incriminating evidence against these pure-blood supporters, they could be turned from obstacles into allies.

He firmly believed that each person had their own dreams and unique path in life. His commitment was to offer discreet support when needed.

Taking Aisha, for example, he believed she could live a peaceful life akin to a little princess, free from worries and the dangers of the Avengers.

But Aisha’s dreams were grander; she aspired to be a superhero, a magician.

Jerry never tried to dissuade her; instead, he supported her wholeheartedly in achieving her dreams.

For Hermione, Jerry adopted a similar stance.

He knew her dream was to become the Minister of Magic, dedicated to the betterment of the wizarding world. He stood ready to provide the assistance she might require.

Jerry always held the belief that love should not equate to imposing one’s beliefs or choices on another.

No one should be compelled to follow a path dictated by someone else, and he cherished the importance of individual choice.

In his view, forcing one’s will upon another under the guise of love was an act of terrible transgression.

In taking photographs of high-ranking pure-blood officials like Malfoy, Jerry had more than convenience in mind. His purpose was clear: to anticipate the future.

He foresaw Hermione’s ascent in the Ministry of Magic following her graduation and eventually her path to the position of Minister.

However, remnants of Voldemort’s influence lingered among the pure-blood supporters within the Ministry, likely to hinder Hermione’s rise.

By obtaining incriminating evidence against these figures, Jerry aimed to turn these obstacles into allies, securing a smooth path for Hermione’s future.

It was all part of planning for the days ahead.

Jerry respected the dreams and aspirations of those he held dear.

He didn’t want to impose his own ideas or choices on them.

Instead, he provided supportive assistance.

Just as he allowed Aisha to pursue her dreams of becoming a superhero and a magician, he shared a similar outlook regarding Hermione.

Hermione’s vision was to become the Minister of Magic and work tirelessly to improve the wizarding world.

In alignment with his principle of not coercing his loved ones, Jerry was ready to offer support from the sidelines.

He believed that everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices rather than compelling them to adhere to his perspective in the name of love.

Depriving others of their right to choose was a practice he found abhorrent.

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Published On: November 28, 2023

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