Midnight had descended, and after a day brimming with excitement, exhaustion gradually claimed all the wizards.

Many of the foreign wizards had already departed, courtesy of Portkeys provided by the Ministry of Magic at the carnival’s conclusion.

Although wizards’ societal structure differed from Muggles’s, the essence was fundamentally similar.

Adult wizards held down adult responsibilities and had to earn a living to provide for their families.

Younger wizards had their own commitments and needed to make arrangements for the start of the new school year.

It was simply not feasible for them to remain at the camp indefinitely.

By midnight, those who remained in the camp were primarily British wizards, as most could Apparate to work come the following morning.

This included many Aurors and Ministry of Magic employees who had wrapped up their duties early due to the tournament’s conclusion and the departure of foreign wizards.

A few Ministry staff members remained in the camp overnight to attend to the final details of the event.

In the Weasley’s tent, it was a similar scenario.

The majority had already retired to the comforts of their luxurious rooms, drifting into peaceful slumber.

However, Jerry was not among them. He understood that this night wouldn’t pass so serenely.

While Voldemort had been vanquished long ago, there remained a lingering threat of mischief, particularly from Death Eaters like Malfoy, those who were not unwaveringly loyal to the Dark Lord.

In the wake of most of the Ministry’s personnel departing the camp in high spirits, the Death Eaters aimed to make their presence known.

They didn’t intend to prove their allegiance to Voldemort; instead, they sought to capture Muggles, subjecting them to torture.

Their objective was to remind the entire wizarding world that despite Voldemort’s absence, pure-blood supporters endured.

This behavior paralleled Muggle demonstrations and protests, albeit considerably more radical and cruel in nature.

Jerry sensed the magic fluctuations outside, signifying the beginning of the Death Eaters’ activities under Malfoy’s lead.

Knowing that the night wouldn’t remain peaceful, he exclaimed to himself, “As expected, they’ve arrived.”

Suddenly, Arthur’s voice sounded from the hallway, rousing Harry, Ron, Jerry, and the others from their beds.

They rushed to the door, pushed it open, and stepped into the hallway, anxious to understand the situation outside.

Harry, rubbing his eyes from the next room, inquired, “What’s going on? What’s happening out there?”

“I don’t have time to explain. Get dressed and gather your essentials,” Arthur urged anxiously.

In a flurry, everyone hastily packed their belongings under the watchful eyes of Arthur, Charlie, and Bill.

Together, they exited the magic tent.

Outside, chaos reigned. The vicinity of their tents was illuminated by flames and punctuated with screams.

A group of masked and cloaked wizards had appeared nearby, some of whom were sending forth magical flames, setting the magic tents ablaze.

Another faction had captured Muggle villagers from neighboring villages, suspending them in mid-air with magic, then flipping their bodies up and down, eliciting terrified screams for their own amusement.

Several young women in pajamas were dumped, causing their attire to hang down and reveal colorful undergarments.

“When a person dons a mask, their true nature often emerges,” Jerry remarked, recognizing that one of the wizards laughing at the Muggle women was Lucius Malfoy, a figure typically known for his elegance.

“We need to assist the Ministry of Magic in restoring order. You should hide in the woods over there. When we’re finished, we’ll come find you,” Arthur directed Bill and Charlie, who were ready with their wands, to accompany Jerry and the others.

The masked individuals ahead were evidently no ordinary opponents.

A few Ministry of Magic personnel who had stayed behind to intervene had been brought down swiftly.

The dire situation was causing panic.

Presently, it was akin to a grand party suddenly disrupted by armed assailants, and several of the policemen who attempted to intervene were incapacitated.

In such circumstances, even with greater numbers, ordinary individuals would be frightened and disoriented.

The remaining Ministry of Magic members focused on maintaining order, evacuating the ordinary wizards, awaiting reinforcements, and then confronting the masked dark wizards to rescue the unfortunate Muggles.

“Sir, perhaps I can be of assistance,” Jerry suggested.

Witnessing the chaos, he conjured a ring of fire over ten meters high, with the opposite side of the flames revealing Diagon Alley in London.

“The woods over there might not be safe. Everyone, make your way to Diagon Alley to find refuge!”

Arthur and the others were struck by awe as they beheld the vast portal Jerry had conjured.

They knew that Jerry had the ability to create portals, having seen him utilize one to send Daily Prophet reporter Rita to the African savannah.

However, the sheer size of this portal exceeded their expectations.

“Can this portal truly be opened this large?” Arthur inquired, his astonishment evident.

Arthur and the others gaped in sheer astonishment as they beheld the colossal portal Jerry had conjured.

While they were aware of Jerry’s ability to create portals, they were taken aback by the sheer magnitude of the one he had produced.

Hermione had attested to his capacity to manifest portals, and they had witnessed him employ this magic to send Daily Prophet reporter Rita to the African savannah.

In truth, they had not anticipated the sheer grandeur of Jerry’s portal.

Arthur, realizing that now was not the time for amazement, acted swiftly.

He casted a Sonorus on himself and urgently addressed the disoriented wizards who were scurrying about in panic.

“Listen, everyone, I’m Arthur Weasley from the Ministry of Magic, and Mr. Jerry Carmen has opened a portal to Diagon Alley. I implore you all to evacuate through it!”

Understanding that the urgency of the situation overshadowed any astonishment, Arthur called out to the panicked wizards who had been rushing about.

Understanding that the situation did not allow for amazement, Arthur quickly enchanted himself with a loudspeaker spell and then began directing the bewildered and panicked wizards.

In the camp, a few Ministry of Magic employees were on standby.

Nonetheless, Arthur was a well-known figure at the Ministry, an experienced worker, and a member of the esteemed Weasley family. Additionally, he was the author of the “Muggle Protection Act,” adding to his renown.

Upon revealing his identity, the disoriented wizards who had been scurrying about instinctively halted their movements.

They grasped the situation as Arthur narrated their situation and emphasized Jerry’s involvement and the commotion in the wizarding world.

They rushed towards the monumental portal, its other end revealing the familiar Diagon Alley.

The portal’s immense size and the name of Jerry Carmen, the day’s victorious champion, confirmed their salvation.

Several wizards had already apparated to safety when the masked individuals first appeared.

Those who remained had varying reasons, including a lack of proficiency in Apparating due to poor school grades at the time and a commitment to ensuring their families’ safety.

Jerry’s portal was a game-changer.

It allowed him to transport all the wizards present to a secure location.

This was a feat that no other magical spell in the contemporary wizarding world could replicate.

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Published On: November 26, 2023

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