“It feels a bit chilly,” Jerry remarked with a grin.

Observing Hermione on the top floor, waving and shouting, “Let’s go!” Jerry extended his hand and lightly snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, countless beautiful flower petals materialized out of thin air, cascading down to the audience below.

The delightful scent of flowers wafted through the entire stadium.

Amid the awed silence of the crowd, a solitary red rose gently landed in Hermione’s outstretched hand as she reached for the petals.

“The game officially commences!”

Even though Jerry was bewildered by the impromptu petal shower, Minister Fudge initiated the game as scheduled, following the set opening sequence.

The match didn’t unfold as Jerry had anticipated, and the England team found themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

However, their home-field advantage and rigorous training in recent months meant the outcome was better than expected.

Just a moment before the release of the Snitch, the score stood at 110-40 in favor of Ireland, with a 70-point difference.

“Behold our referee today, Hassan Mustafa, the esteemed Chairman of the International Quidditch Federation, who has traveled thousands of miles from Egypt to oversee the match, has begun releasing the Snitch!”

Witnessing the point margin narrowing towards Ireland, England’s fans finally saw the Golden Snitch released and erupted into jubilant cheers.

They knew that England’s chances of victory hinged on whether the legendary Seeker, Jerry, could capture the Golden Snitch before the Irish Seeker did.

However, it couldn’t be a leisurely pursuit.

If the Irish and English teams ended up with a point gap exceeding 150, even if Jerry captured the Snitch, it wouldn’t secure a win, as the Golden Snitch was worth 150 points, thus concluding the game.

Faster, more agile, and smaller than the Quidditch matches at Hogwarts, the Golden Snitch was released from the referee’s box and swiftly vanished from view.

Jerry and his Irish counterpart locked eyes on the Snitch, rapidly scanning the pitch in pursuit.

“I’ve got it!” Jerry proudly remarked as he locked on the Golden Snitch, observing his Irish opponent.

Jerry’s superior vision pinpointed the Golden Snitch’s trajectory in just two seconds.

He spurred his Firebolt broomstick to full speed and charged toward the elusive prize.

The Irish Seeker on the opposite side, unable to locate the Snitch, astutely tailed Jerry, dashing in his direction.

Both rode Firebolt broomsticks at top speed, with the Irish Seeker lagging a fraction behind due to his delayed response.

Inside the auditorium, where panoramic telescopes provided a close view, spectators watched as Jerry and the Irish Seeker sprinted towards the elusive Golden Snitch.

The atmosphere surged to a climax.

The field was adorned with flags, clovers, and red crosses.

The names of Jerry and the Irish Seeker reverberated throughout the stadium.

Soon, one of them would seize the Golden Snitch and promptly conclude the game.

For now, the audience was ecstatic, replying to each other side’s cheers!

None were giving up showing their passionate support for the two Seekers.

Ten seconds before the Golden Snitch’s release, Jerry positioned himself on a broomstick just behind the Golden Snitch.

The Irish Seeker trailed half a meter behind Jerry.

With the finish line in sight, Jerry neared a point where he could reach out and grasp the Snitch.

But the Golden Snitch executed a sudden, sharp turn at that precise moment and plummeted vertically.

This maneuver was well within its capabilities; while swift, the Snitch couldn’t outpace a broomstick in full flight. Its unparalleled elusiveness arose from its diminutive size and nimbleness.

Ordinarily, a move like the Golden Snitch’s would have left the Seeker floundering, necessitating a return flight to reposition and recapture their target.

This process could extend games for days, especially when Seekers lacked refined skills.

However, this was no ordinary match.

Jerry had staked the reputation of England’s Quidditch team on the outcome.

This was his final Quidditch game, and he wasn’t about to let the Snitch slip through his fingers as in games past.

So, before the 100,000 spectators, they witnessed a feat that could be described as divine intervention.

In an unprecedented display, Jerry made a daring move, realizing that the Irish Seeker had left him no room to maneuver over his head.

He leaped off his broomstick at the very instant of descent. As he fell, he seized the broomstick’s tail and, leveraging his body’s weight, forced the broom to execute a mid-air 270-degree somersault.

The broom’s trajectory then aligned with the descending Golden Snitch. With his robust arm strength, Jerry maneuvered himself back onto the broomstick, aiming directly at the Golden Snitch.

The entire sequence flowed fluidly, keeping pace with the rapidly darting Golden Snitch.

Despite the Snitch’s desperate maneuvers to shake off Jerry, it made its descent to the stadium floor.

The Snitch continued to change direction abruptly, this time transitioning from a downward trajectory to a forward dash, all in a bid to elude Jerry.

However, Jerry had anticipated this scenario.

He didn’t attempt to change the broom’s direction when the Snitch made its move. Instead, he propelled himself off the broomstick, hurtling towards the Snitch.

He expertly snatched it from the air, executing an agile mid-air roll before landing gracefully.

“Fifteen seconds! Jerry Carmen has caught the Snitch in just fifteen seconds. It’s game over! Ireland versus England, the final score was 120 to 190. England has clinched the World Cup!”

The head of the Ministry of Magic’s Sports Department, responsible for overseeing and commenting on the game, excitedly proclaimed the results.

Fans who had rooted for the England team, and especially for Jerry, raised their flags and proudly displayed Jerry’s portraits. They erupted into joyful celebrations.

Some wizards even brandished their wands and released bursts of fire or illuminating spells.

A few were even poised to unleash arrow spells but were promptly halted by stern Aurors dispatched by the Ministry of Magic to maintain order.

Jerry’s incredible feat of capturing the Golden Snitch in a mere fifteen seconds, along with the divine series of maneuvers he executed, ensured that this year’s Quidditch World Cup would be etched into the annals of history.

It wasn’t luck; it was the skill and agility of Jerry’s Seeker abilities.

In the future, countless Seekers would strive to emulate Jerry’s techniques to contend with the Golden Snitch’s lightning-speed alterations.

Unfortunately, most of them would face injuries like fractured limbs and necks.

Without Jerry’s extraordinary physical prowess, such remarkable displays would likely result in countless tumbles and falls.

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Published On: November 25, 2023

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